Take the Autism Test

How autistic are you Sup Forums?

Post your results in the thread.


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I can live with this.

I was diagnosed at 8 year old.

Phoneposter autism

I scored a 34.


Solid 30. I can live with that.

29 should i go get an actual test ?

>Got a 21
Not bad, not being treated for ADHD when I was younger worsened the autism symptoms of ADHD. Fun times.

lowest score so far
who /normie/ here

I've been always autistic I guess

I once cried in my birthday when I was 6-7 because I didn't know what to do with a bunch of people sitting around in a table when the cake was about to be served

22, I am truly blessed

Forgot muh pic

got a 27

thread theme

I'm not going to take that test but at the age of 39 I went to a shrink on the advice of my family physician because I was getting depressed and having trouble at work. Note that I'm married, have three kids, own a house and have a middle class career.

The shrink told me I have autism.

Best $300 I ever spent.


I'm not happy

(((mental illness)))

>I can remember when autism was for people who never learned to talk, were completely shut into their own mind and had more in common with an actual rainman character, rather than people who are just a little socially awkward.

above 10 and you should kys

Am I blessed?

Yes....If you think liking communism and sonic is a good thing.



>he didn't even get the perfect score

Seriously, though, I got a 24. I like to think I'm well adjusted, but I don't tolerate peoples' bullshit.

Which is good. I honestly think it's just being treated for ADHD with ritalin as a child.

or the vaccines.

Daily reminder that pic related happened.


Tough crowd.

35. Fiance was at 24. At least she is a voice of reason.

Feels good.




I got a 6. I'm actually a little surprised at my lack of autism, I feel like this site has infected me.

I did one of those tests a while back, found out I'm the exact opposite of autistic, as far from autism as it's possible to get in fact, which was nice.

That sounds like exactly the type of thing an astoundingly autistic person would say to convince people they aren't autistic.


I guess I'll leave this site then.

It was a facial expression test, apparently autistic people have a hard time gauging emotion from subtle facial cues, but I got em all right, just sayin.