Its not racist to find black women ugly, its just taste


it's also not racist to find fish unattractive

can you refrain from posting them in the future?

yeah, and? You're kinda preaching to the choir buddy

It's not racist
similarly I find asians ugly

Ive always had a hard on for that guy and his feminine penis


How do people honestly find girls like this unattractive? I mean not liking nigresses because they divorce a lot is one thing but how couldn't you want to fuck this??

Fuck niggers also tho

>Click image
>Look at face
>This looks like a tranny...
>Scroll down

This. It's actually unnatural to be attracted to someone outside your race and produce mongrel children.

I've seen too many whites who act like niggers and try to fuck any hole, only to toss their genes into the biological garbage bin.

>thin noses
>flat faces
No wonder they're beautiful, they have white girl facial traits. No fat booty could save a truly negress face

they are ok but again they are modified, have roids n surgery done to fix em up, im talking avg unmodified black gal

Maybe cause I don't like apes who can only produce niglet children? And I'm not a fucking nigger getting ravenous at the sight of any mediocre woman, much less one outside my race. Faggot.

according to the alt-right this is more beautiful than

Sup Forums has always been Aestheticist

Fake hair.
Fake eyebrows.
Fake lashes.
Excessive make-up.
Lingerie as clothes.
Fat, unshapely bodies.

It's not hard. And the fact that their black makes it worse.

I don't find black women sexually attractive. Them, or jews, or vietnamese.

>How do people honestly find girls like this (pic of untypical, above average in looks, mulatto girls) unattractive?

Your pic shows sluts with probably 20-40% White ancestry.

>Lack typical black physiognomy in facial features
>Instead White features i.e. long thin noses
>Lighter skin colour
>Straightened (immitating White/Asian) hair

You can push your fantasies and strawman arguments all you like but Black Women are undeniably the least feminine, hence least attractive, as repeated studies have shown.

The most desired women are White, East Asian, other Asian, and 'Hispanic' (i.e. Mestizo with more White than Amerind ancestry). Almost all notably beautiful 'black' women have had significant White ancestry.


As if the "average" white girl is something other than average.
Cherry picking etc. "Black women and white men are 44% LESS likely to divorce than same race white couples. "

Omg tastism! You're a certified tastist

actually it's truth