Anyone here want a Gab invite? Got like 87 or so to hand out

Anyone here want a Gab invite? Got like 87 or so to hand out

k send to [email protected]

>giving your info to this datamining kike

I gotchu senpai

Gab's actually pretty decent m8

[email protected] pls

What is gab?

Fuck off nigger lover.

wtf is it?


Why tf not,
[email protected]

[email protected]
Fellow bong

Ill take one please

[email protected]

>another honeypot


What is it

This better not be your official email or with your real name m8. If it is, you can bet it's gonna bite you in the ass.

bongs unite!

free-speech alternative to twatter

[email protected]

Please send BongMan

[email protected]

[email protected]

an obvious honeypot

bongman is here to help!

[email protected]
Secret mail for secret stuff

[email protected]

[email protected]

yes pls

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Yes pls! email is [email protected]

Thanks, tho I checked what is after posting and i'm not interested actually

Please send one to [email protected], thanks

i've got some too---

email anon322 @ protonmail

this method sucks

>social network you need to be invited to use


Yah but why do it over Sup Forums? Still I doubt every single suspicious bread is "datamining" as the relevant orgs must already have any data they want on us.

Maybe datamining by cucks like Shareblue etc, but who cares about them as they are incompetetent anyway.

[email protected]


[email protected]

Thank you fellow channer

I feel like this is a trap

Fuck off with your honeypot OP. "Limited invites", yeah, right.

I've already opened the invitations on my Facebook and Twitter, so I thought why not Sup Forums?

Awesome, thank you.

So is the entire GAB population right wing or is it automatically trending stuff because of who sent the invite. Seems like a small community of nothing but Sup Forums

[email protected]

yeah it's right wing because obviously those who have no problem with Twitter would stay on it - this is why I'm trying to get my leftie/centrist/moderate friends to join it too

send pls
[email protected]

see senpai I'm not bullshitting you

a little while ago it was only 5 invites per person but they expanded it to 100 to get more in

Cool. Any full community needs dissent and (our favorite word) diversity or it becomes just as much a detached echo chamber as the other side.

What you say makes sense, though. The only people who would migrate now are people who see Twitter's manipulation and early adopter tech geeks looking to explore.