Choose Africafu

Choose Africafu

obviously white africa

the asian one

>a wild white woman appears

They legit all look like trannies

>no qt3.14 Egyptian gril
>into the trash it goes

The Moroccan one.

Tanzania for the African experience

Kenya for a more long term thing

south africa or namibia

Are we choosing which one to lynch?

Definitely Kenya

Kenya is a qt 3.14

Nigeria or Burundi

namibia is hot
SA is passable
the others are varying degrees of monkeys

South Africa Nigeria sandwich please.

>>im the meat.

A little white and wheat bread is good for you.



I'd marry on the spot.


South Africa or Nambia. The rest are ugly.

Why is Kenya wearing a beach towel?


south africa

Because she knows the value of bringing a dry towel when you go to the beach.

same deal as south africa pretty much it had a much smaller european community though


that's correct, we used to be tribals and stuff

Which one is dead? The only good nigger is the dead one.

Cancer get out.