Any Africans or Blacks on Sup Forums?

Any Africans or Blacks on Sup Forums?
Generally curious.
Pic of moot is unrelated.

Who's moot?

yh this get's asked a lot.
it's not offensive, sometime sit's humorous sometimes it's boring ut there's a lot of issues on here that dont relate to one specific group so it stands to reason thatd we'd still browse here

Who is moot?

The lad who made Sup Forums and then handed it over to Gook Moot.
Far Right is Gook Moot.

True story: moot was practicing his fellatio skills on the neck of that guinness bottle before sucking off the guy behind him

around snax, never relax.

A faggot.

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Isn't that the creator of my little pony?

The new owner is much worse.
He barely checks on Sup Forums and always takes trips to Africa or some random place.
He also has 0 social skills.

Enough questions about Moot.
Anyone here an African or Black or Diaspora?

I present to you, /nu/ pol


Literally nothing wrong with them for asking who Moot is.
/nu/pop actually asks some good questions anyway.
Blacks and Africans are generally insulted on Sup Forums but I know that there are those who are lurking and whatnot.

I think he's the creator of Giga Online

What did he saw?

a guy that made shitty apps

Didn't know new age pop music had so many questions.

Moot's true form.

It was a spelling error I meant nu/pol/


Moving on.
Is anyone that uses Sup Forums black or African?

Explained here mostly.

This place is inhospitable to non whites.

Half Blacks are also allowed to post here.

It is but you'll be surprised about the amount of minorities lurking here.

I mostly lurk once every so often.

What did Monaco mean by this?
Rare flag.


dude behind BLACKED

Most memes were started by the eternal Australian.
It's the reason why most of Sup Forums hates Canadians.

Nope African American

Yes. I'm a black American and have been frequenting /pol for a year.

You actually look pretty light-skinned.

I don't know what happened to Sup Forums
If I made this thread a month ago then I'd be called a kike/shill or a nigger-lover.

I don't lurk. I shitpost like everybody else does. And no, the daily nigger hate threads don't bother me.

Only if you have a psychological need for approval from whites. I honestly don't care...

That's what the CHI's do too but I'm sure it bothers some of you.


Nope, its probably my phone camera and all the natural light in my room.

Don't do that.
It's a scam.

> not saying pic is moot

He said that it was unrelated kek.

Have a bump.

I generally don't have a problem with the nigger threads and I've been posting for around 2 years.

American Negro here.

Yes, I come here to troll trumptrads

(ps: fuck you /pol)

That's kinda light-skinned.
What's your ethnicity?

Is that a young moot?

Holy shit there's Snacks in the background, it is him. Huh

lotta people for one hotel room....

West African Here

That pic is from when Sup Forums was good.

What's your ethnicity?

interesting that images tend to be much more salient than the text, despite OP claiming pic unrelated.

>That's kinda light-skinned.

So? I'm all black.

Great taste in keyboards

>Sup Forums was ever good

Probably in its first few years of existence.

Yup one drop and all that

it was shit. ironic shittiness is better than unironic shittiness.


>he doesn't like hook moot.


> one drop

hmm? More like 9 pints of black blood.

It's noticeable but not that much.

I'm Dominican which makes me part part African but I'm not dark skinned

He's playing dumb, he knows English well enough and lives in France, not Japan.

>Blacks and Africans are generally insulted on Sup Forums
Pretty sure everyone gets insulted on Sup Forums

Africans and Blacks take the majority.
Sometimes there'll be a thread about Chinks or Flips or Irishmen.

What's it like being on Sup Forums?

damn moot looks like a chad from a 80s highschool movie