Okay this actually affects me.
Entire family is junkies.
Have no money.
And now he's attacking low income families abilities to get the pell grant.
I supported this dude all the way through his campaign and shilled for him every day and this is what he does to us?

You think Trump actually gives a fuck about poor people? He only sees them as consumers of his TV shows and purchasers of his neck-ties.

Only about 1/10 of the pell grant budget is being cut, don't worry, you'll have your gibs

Cutting funding for Genderstudies is actually not a bad thing

You don't need a pell grant, you need a job.

So, 4 billion worth of less gender studies.

Sounds good to me.

This is what you get for taking part of jewish brainwashing.


This right here.

>Low income college students
So, AA niggers?

oh FUCK he sells neckties now!?

I want a fuckin MAGA necktie, faggot!

Go to a trade school, it's magnitudes cheaper and leads to gainful employment in a much shorter timespan.

White people don't use pell grants, this is great fucking news. Colleges are about to be a whole lot whiter.if you're white and need pell grants you're no better than a nigger

Wtf I'm going to be a teacher

>That comes down down to Congress, which has the ability to approving or reject the budget

it's going to be rejected. it's too popular and wide spread for it to be gutted


He's barely cutting pell grants, maybe you should read the article.

Say hello to lower tuition rates, dumbass. Colleges will actually have to compete for students if they can't get that sweet nectar from the government's teat.

best way to create more Trump voters, make people stupider.

Good, you don't deserve federal money for being such a waste on society. Go be something useful like a garbage man.

Maybe this'll get some of the leftist propaganda teachers out of our already shit education.



Kinda fucking sucks, but oh well. Less niggers the better

best way to know if someone is a shareblue shill is if they post faggot like posts

Omfg trump is cutting my GIBSMEDAT!!! Hes lliterally hitler

If you're from a poor family, you won't be rich.

Best you can hope for is to make enough to have a family and make sure your kids can get to university.

It took immigrants 3 generations to produce a doctor.

ahahaha humanities blown the fuck out

>I supported this dude all the way through his campaign and shilled for him every day and this is what he does to us?

Dude, I hate to say it, but you're not exactly college material if you didn't understand this article.

>Live in Texas
>Still get the Texas grant
>not stupid and have a high gpa
>about to turn 24 so now I can get other grants
Why are most college kids so stupid?

yes goy, go to a trade school. don't worry about these robots goy.

fuck off commie

no more gibs for you lmao

read about what is really being cut. Dont believe the news. They're also acting like meals on wheels is getting the axe when it's only a small part of it's budget and the guy who runs it himself says the thing is a total waste of tax dollars.

They're literally making shit up, like those twitter trolls who go

Well he did say he loves the poorly educated. He wants more?

>I have been shilling for Trump all the way through
>Was all the way with him

>uses "USAToday" as a source

I might be making a mistake in telling shills how we all can identify them, but seeing as none of them have ever learned from this anyway, I'm just gonna do it and call you out for any potential new/pol/tards to learn.

>still in college at 24

fuck off Trudeau

fuck off commie

post by this ID

>Go to college later in life
>get government grants
Have fun with your debt~

>i read the headline and it sounds bad Sup Forums!
fuck off. niggers abuse the fuck out of the pell grant system, there are other loans you can get to pay for school.

i pitty people who were unable to anticipate trumps actions. His behaviour makes perfect sense.


>when it affects me its bad


You need to get a job. Seriously.

it's posts like these that make this site embarrassing to look at

Niggers get full ride to Ivy Universities faggot, i guess is only the rural and suburban folk getting rammed again.

Don't go to college then . get a job faggot


Isn't your education system a mess in spite of money being thrown at it though

thx shareblue i just bought myself a trump neck tie MAGA!

Get a fucking job, you filthy disgrace to the white race. You people make me fucking sick. You hate niggers and spics, but you are just as bad, if not worse. Instead of crack or coca leaves, you do meth and smoke the pot. Instead of robbing liquor stores, you're parking shitbox vehicles all over your fucking yard. Instead of getting your hair, toes, and nails did with welfare money, you're letting your teeth rot out of your fucking skull even though you have free fucking Obamacare. You should tie a noose out of that fire hazard extension cord that your Christmas lights are STILL fucking plugged into, take it out back to that rusted out semi trailer that doubles as your lab/distillery/grow house/rape shack, send a goodbye text to Mary Beth Ellen Ray on your brand fucking new iPhone 7 you can somehow fucking afford, and do God a favor and hang yourself by your ICP-tattooed, dirty red neck until you're dead.

>Not being a AP student in high school
>Not having close to a 4.0 GPA
>Not getting any scholarships for state colleges
>Not taking advantage of the ridiculously easy Texas public school system

have fun being the old guy in college

Well that or litterally own them through reliance on magic money and constantly holding the threat of deportation over their heads while promising you might be a little more leniant than the other candidate.

The whole education system needs to be rethought because some retards ruined it in the 60's.

fake news

>want lower federal deficit
>whinge and bitch every time POTUS trims fat off bloated federal programs

How about a little faith, anons. You really don't think crumb knows how to recognize wasteful spending when he sees it? Let him go about his business, complain when it fails. Until then shut up and be patient. He's already dropped the deficit by 100 BIL in 2 months, and still faggots won't believe.


*hugs his Post 9/11 GI Bill*
Probably the only good thing that came from sandniggers.

Keep it up germanon

Be me to poor for school so i join the Marines. Get out go to school apply for a fuck ton of scholarships get them all and laugh at people.


is he even aware of these things? I feel like he's oblivious and everyone around him is manipulating him into signing off and terrible policy that only benefits the top .01%

I was home schooled through out high school.
But I have a nice plush scholarship from ConocoPhillips and the state.
Besides, you can get away with a lot of shit as an old man.

Trade is the last things automation will take over considering unpredictable client environment.


>I was home schooled through out high school.

ah okay that makes more sense. I was thinking you couldn't cut it in high school(lets be honest you really have to go out of your way to fail in Texas)


Not bad. I'm guessing you go to UH then?

>Besides, you can get away with a lot of shit as an old man.

in some ways yeah lol.

you can just pay them off when you start working after a year , if you are not in some shit job that pays less than 50 k

>it's not my fault i'm poor so someone else pay for my school

save up, cunt. nowhere in the constitution does it say people get the right to post-secondary in their early adult years

good. less niggers propping up jewish social studies departments.

hope the riots were worth it yale and berkley, you kike niggers.

>entire family junkies
>Gibs me dat moneys fo dem programs

Already graduated and my parents paid for it.

>Wahh but i wanted free shit

Should have shilled for bernie then, faggot

>Tfw low income college studen just graduating in a month

>Entire family is junkies.
>Have no money.

>gets redeployed in the middle of the semester, loses all credits
>credit loss nullifies grants
>government laughs in your face when you ask for me
>get shot in Afghanistan by a 12 year old mudslime that's still better at math than you

You Jarheads always think you're so smart and tough, even when they're lowering all of your best friends into the ground.

Good. I actually needed the fucking Pell Grant but since my "parents made too much money" AKA regular fucking white people, they wouldn't give me shit.

You know who got PELL? Fucking niggers, Mexicans, and white trash that had every other form of benefit known to man. One lady was getting $4k per month in benefits and she didn't even want an education; she just did it to get PELL money every quarter.

I hope they fucking do away with the shit. Those spics and niggers can go to college in Mexico.

>oh no tax payers won't pay for my gender studies degree


fuck off

get a job

robots can't do steam fitting


or fix a carburetor



Also now there will be less money to refurbish bathrooms for all the sexually confused fuckheads. And that's a very great thing.
Besides as you can see till now that extra 4 billion dollars spent on education did nothing for majority of black apes to pull themselves from the gutters,
95% of them are super resistant to knowledge, so the money will be used for better things.

You know you get the GI bill when you get out right? That only happens with the national guard and you dont lose your credits.

Fucking civilian.

>And now he's attacking low income families abilities to get the pell grant.
Maybe families that consist entirely of junkies shouldn't be able to afford college.

Pell grant is hardly a large amount of money, just get a job. Mine is like $1000

>was getting $4k per month in benefits and she didn't even want an education; she just did it to get PELL money every quarter.

You don't just get it. You have to be going a little beyond full time to be earning that much. I really doubt she didn't want to education when she's killing herself in hours

>somebody didn't read his 'exigencies of wartime service clause'

You Marines sure go out of your way to look stupid as fuck. I've seen hundreds of you idiots get fucked out of your college tuition, and the government is VERY efficient at it.

You better go career with the military if you want any kind of real benefits out of them.

My old man stayed as a tradie and is now a developer. If I didn't hate the outdoors I would've done a trade instead.

Unless you're working at McDonald's you should need less than 40 hours

let him have his delusions.

After all every society needs it's share of retards.

>Cutting spending
>10% in increase in military budget even though he's getting lower prices on everything.

Happening soon lads.
He knows we'll have to fight them.

Can you explain this a little bit more? I'm 24 and applying to colleges in the fall.

We need mo money for dem shipz

So much this. How the fuck does OP not realize the primary cause of rising tuition is federal money. That, and the increased demand for amenities unrelated to education. Seriously, if you want a pool join a fucking gym or a country club so the rest of us don't have to pay for your shit.

Why are Americans homeschooling children?
Sounds to me like a perfect scenario to turn your kid into an autist.

He just cut the communist propaganda from the schools... Obama put 4 billion on that agenda

noice pali m8

The danger with handouts is its hard to get people to adhere to self reliance.

let me explain trump's strategy. its not even 4D chess or whatever meme you wanna call it. what trump is doing is forcing people to go out into the real world at an earlier age. he is specifically targeting leftists in gated communities. so this school example in the OPs picture; if you have to pay extra fees you now have to work to pay them. no more being so dependent on someone's tax dollars. so youre forced to find work. obviously you wont start out in some office, youll have to work customer service. first of all, you realize its damn near impossible to find a job. second of all, you have to work with minorities, no longer in your safe suburb. instant redpill on minorities for some. now youre more aware of how shit the job market it, how unfair diversity hires are and how shitty immigrants are. great, so you go to hire education and take is more seriously now, no longer aspiring to be a gay painter-- you need a real career. so no more loan money wasted on african studies degrees. while in college you notice your brown friends got a free ride despite being dumb. and on top of that, for the few who believed immigrants would better themselves since you last saw them in your early teens, you find out its not true. the same faggots are still in the exact same street with the exact same clothes, still as mean and entitled as ever. the reason europeans are so ignorant is because the government provides them with everything so they never have to go out and deal with migrants much, and never understood how hard their ancestors had to work to provide such a rich, safe system... only to see immigrants ruin it all. trump is forcing the new generation to understand the reality of things

>Entire family is junkies.
>Have no money.
I think I see a way out of this.

Education spending is not correlated to attainment.

i agree, we should destroy borders, since it unjust welfare to our working class.

Nobody cares about poor people.

>let me explain