After 14 years of drinking bourbon and smoking cigarettes and hashish every single day without exception I finally said "NO MORE!".

It's been 3 months since I made that decision and I feel like hatred is my new drug. I never felt so alert and so confident in myself.

I stopped doing drugs because my self-destruction only benefits the Jew.

Anyone else stopped all drugs since turning right-wing?

And I mean RIGHT-WING, not "Rebel Media" semitic right-Wing. If you don't hate jews, you are NOT right-wing. At most you're a fiscal cuckservative.

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You're like a woman who got tired of riding the cock carousel and is now looking for the perfect husband.

Once a degenerate always a degenerate.

I stopped doing drugs and became right-wing in that order.

Drug & booze =/= cock carousel

Do you honestly believe I will judge a woman who refuses me for my degenerate past?

On the contrary, I'll respect her even more.

The world owes me NOTHING.

Goddamnit, I'm sick of the lies... every fucking day indoctrination. "Donald Trump antichrist, Brexit holocaust 2.0, Marine le Pen Satan!!!"


I did, except I don't give a shit really, caring too much about politics that you identify as your politics makes you a cuck.
You are sullying mgtow with your amateur analogy's and lack of critical thinking.
Do yourself a favor and use your brain to think instead of reading a meme and misunderstanding things in such massive ways as you just did,

I was right wing already and noticed what a degenerate I was. So I stopped being a degenerate.

You can't make me think.

I have 2 years 23 days clean and sober myself. Congrats OP on your 90 days! The first 90 are the hardest. Just remember when the going gets tough rely on your Higher Power, and your recovery family. Once more congratulations from Yuma Arizona and a brother in recovery.

Drinking and smoking?

I was gonna call you white trash, but Portuguese aren't even white.

>he doesn't get black out drunk at least once a week


>t. Paradigm of virtue

>only le virgin meme
>on Sup Forums

>and I feel like hatred is my new drug

shit nigga you shoulda stuck to the hashis and bourbon

submit to your hate and they still win

Good on you brother.

Stay strong and focused on your own development.

If the happening, the race war, judgement day or whatever you call it ever comes, you will be ready.

You're in the wrong neighborhood, Jedi

Thanks for words of support, brother!

Stay strong!

>the group you belong to isn't even white

You're a retard if you think that's an insult. Lurk moar.

u would be meme'd the same, but only with a white scarf puto gabacho

what happened to this girl? her twitter got taken down

Binge drinking is even worse than drinking everyday, you moron.

I'm sick of waking up full of anxiety, cold, trying to remember last night and that empty feeling in the pit of the stomach when I do remember.

Fuck booze.

Alcohol never got in the way of my hatred, but I did give up drinking recently so I could focus more time on hate. Best decision I've ever made

Why the hate? France still has whites, I have yet to see a white Portuguese...they don't get fairer than Mourinho...

Stopped IV'ing buprenorphin right after prison where I even IV'd it. No other drugs. Alcohol maybe once a month. Gym 3 times a week, jogging few and badmintton once. Rerolled in to school and eat healthy and shit ton of supplements. Hate keeps me going, that and struggling is what make life worth living.

y tho lol

lmao another degenerate piece of shit larping as a redpilled alpha male
just give up the charade you loser

On Sat my mom came over and cried to me about how she wants me to stop drinking. I have a good job and show up sober but like to get a buzzing after work. I rarely get rowdy or puke or anything like that. But I'm considering stopping g because I spend about $600 a month on it and i hardly eat but I'm fat because I drink like 2500 Cal's worth a day.

When I speak of hatred I mean I no longer care about recycling, or poverty, or the future of the planet or any of that.

I feel like Hitler lost so I don't give a fuck about anything. I prefer Islam to democracy.

I want well-adjust "omg like it's the 21st century?!" people to burn alive. I've seen shit on Liveleak I should have never have seen.

Does anyone remember that drugged up blond preteen having bottles stuck up her vagina and "refugees" calling her a white slut and then they went to court and the judge release all 3 of them because... and I quote... "they did not have a pro-social upbringing".

When I say hatred I don't mean I became a nazi. I just fully agree with them and want them to win. But caring? As in being concerned about shit... nah! I feel like white people are too fucking stupid for their own good sometimes. SICK OF PATHOLOGICAL ALTRUISM!

Other way around for me. After gradually becoming more right wing I decided to stop doing drugs. I'll still have a few drinks with friends or family and watch a movie or something like once a week though.

>trade relaxing substances for stress, because it's better to go to an early grave sober
Shut the fuck up, retard.

Well you did it mate, congrats.

I've never being addict to drugs or other things like that, i tried weed once and it didn't work for me, probably low quality idk.

I quit smoking with the help of a vape (it was cheap at this time before the government jump on to tax it), but without the will that goes along with it's easy to fall back into it.

All drugs should be legal but they are degenerate regardless.

What?? Shit... I just saw that.

Banned from Youtube, banned from Facebook, banned from Twitter....

and those left-wing cunts have the audacity to think of themselves as rebels and a danger to the establishment.


Just in case anyone doesn't know that OP's girl is not /ourgirl/

do u have more of her senpai? i am on a new pc feels bad man



>I'm considering stopping g because I spend about $600 a month on it

I'm assuming you tend to drink alone and never have women over to fall asleep together?

If your mother thinks you have a problem with booze chances are you have. I don't know if 600$ on booze a month is a lot but it sounds like a shit ton of money on booze. You still haven't reached the point where you'll be drinking cheap wine... right now you still have the excuse that you just like to have a drink after work, to relax... but you're actually addicted to that.

You just have to realize that you're sad as fuck and booze is a way for you to forget about it. In your head, you're this charming classy guy who likes to have a scotch but that's only in your mind... in real life you're a bum with no friends and no wife.

When your mother looks at you she doesn't see a misunderstood genius, she sees a kid with wasted potential.

If you love her, make her happy. If you don't love her, do it for you.

one thing left to do: abandon Sup Forums for good

>relaxing substances

You're a fool if you think booze, tobacco and hashish "relaxes" you...

It eases the dependence. That's all.

Good job friend, stay strong and keep preaching personal freedom and responsibility

What's the story behind this? Some user convinced her to punch herself? She's doing that thing where she clearly doesn't want to hurt herself... She's also dressed like a slut but that's nothing new for a camwhore.

I like the shape of the bottle. Makes me feel like I'm a old western salon.

if you don't hate jews, you aren't right wing? So I guess Israel is one giant leftist utopia then OH WAIT THERE'S A LITTLE BIT OF A PROBLEM HOUSTIN IT APPEARS THAT ISRAEL IS IN FACT RIGHT WING AS FUCK AND SO ARE ALL RELIGIOUS JEWS.....Hitler was a filthy commy



pew pew pew

I am still degenerate sadly, drink a lot.

Who's mikey?

Of course she is crazy, she is an antisemite.

>white young healthy woman in traditional garment

hey its the nordic inbred everybody

Evalion actually looks very nice here.

There's your problem. Corn is for feeding hogs. Good whiskey is made of rye or barley.

What a babe.


What's going on here?

>Anyone else stopped all drugs since turning right-wing?
No because i enjoy drugs.

>Non semitic right wing
>Posts picture of a Jewess
What did OP mean by this?

i thought this woman's video about evalion was pretty funny


Sixty days totaly sober at the end of this month bro!


I was filled with hatred and anger for as long as I can remember and I almost went insane also I am furious all the time , I advice you to calm the fuck down if hatred is your new drug. You might not notice it but your brain becomes adapted to anger and hatred after a while and shifts your perception and brings you into a state of fight or flight perpetually. You slowly go insane and lose the ability to do anything. Do drink or do something tho. Recrational substances might give you a different angle. This might not be the case for everyone

>After 14 years of drinking bourbon and smoking cigarettes and hashish every single day without exception I finally said "NO MORE!".
>every single day without exception

why would you do that? i drink once every 2 weeks maybe and light drugs once every 3 months or so.

everything in moderation my friend

I quit smoking pot but having trouble putting down the booze. I need to do it. Can't drink responsibly. Good job, user.

My problem is smoking hash, which "forces me" to smoke tobacco.

I can deal with no booze, though. Most of my friends are like you though. They can avoid the joints but not the liquor. I have 12 beers in my fridge, they've been sitting there for months, in case visits come.

Hash and tobacco is different. If I have it with me, it will be smoked. No ifs, no buts...

A part of me would be okay with smoking only joints but no cigarettes and no booze. But it's a thin line to walk.

Das it, mane. Moderation rocks... but we all started using in moderation. How old are you?

Fuck, bring back 2012.

Lol! Exactly what I was thinking!

Don't do it in moderation. I fell for that trap.
>start smoking weed
>it's okay it's only in moderation
>start doing coke
>it's okay it's only in moderation
>start doing ketamine, MD, pills, etc
You get the idea.

Stone cold sober it is from now on.

Is there a webm with sound?

I like sobriety. It forces you to rely on god instead of relying on your drug of choice.

Did you just quit or did you go to meetings? I have strong willpower in other places in my life....I eat right, work out regularly, hold down a good job, etc.....but I have none at all when it comes to drinking.

How do I watch these videos? New to Sup Forums and I can never get these videos to work.

They are only unlocked after 200 hours of lurking.

you should log in bruv

Retard alert.

Try clicking the image...

You guys are funny.

Saucy minx.

LOL! Post moar!

All I have from her is this old pic.


someone post her nude.

Sup Forums seems to have a collective hate on for her. I don't know shit about her other than she's cute.

I found the best tactics are the ones where you basically play tricks on your mind/body until you've broken the habit somewhat. Start by controlling your intake when alone. That was majority of mine.

I tried different replacements and finally settled, after juices, teas, and non alcohol beers (some of which are actually pretty good, and lo-cal) just carbonated water.

No sugars, additives, caffeine etc. Very cheap, filling thanks to carbonation. Carbonation actually helps it's 'texture', for want of better word, feel a bit more like beer.

Force yourself to drink 1/1 water/beer. It just leaves less space for booze, makes you feel more full. Same principle if you overeat. Eat a load of calorie free stuff like rice-cakes or fresh veg before your meal. Becomes harder to overeat and leaves no room for desert.

Next, don't let it feel like a failure if you 'fall off'. If you drink 14/14 days, but you manage 13/14 days, that's a success. If you drink 7/7 usually, 5/7 one week, 7/7 the next, that is not a failure. You've still improved your average, so pat yourself on the back and build on it.


I'm sick of being arbitrarily banned.

That's the first time I look at her and instinctively think "That's a jew", then I take a step back and I'm like "Yup! That's definitely a jew!".

Why does she hate herself so much? Is she just crazy? Or is this some next-level Andy Kaufman shit?

fukken checked

here you go

it's worth it, post squat pic nao

also what happened to this obviously fetal alcohol syndrome whore after being kicked off youtube?


Post to imgur.


youre right drugs and booze are much worse for your mind and body

I made it 1 minute. What'd I win?

Her eyes are big as fuck. She's like a real life anime girl.

The inclinations may always be there, but it's the man's resolve to overcome them that makes the ubermensch.

Isn't Portugal just some kind of Euro-poor nigger place?
>asking for a freind



>stopped doing drugs
>hatred is my new drug

I actually think this is a set up by that other jewess Sinead and her ilk.

Haha...pathological altruism...the ultimate societal curse of most first world western countries