Serious question

What would Trump have to do to get the GOP Congress to impeach him? I can name a dozen things he should be impeached for and not a word from Republicans. Partisanship and party loyalty is the reason this country is going down the shitter.

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Lie under oath. They can't defend him then

He didn't lie under oath, but he did lie about Obama spying on him. That may not be impeachable, but it's pretty fucking close.

A good lawyer could argue that due to the data collection by intelligence agencies technically everyone is being surveiled at all times.

Obama didn't tapp him tho

>I can name a dozen things he should be impeached for and not a word from Republicans
Do it.

Fuck off reddit, you need to break the law to be impeached, which he obviously hasn't done, not so obviously if you've been brainwashed by corporate media

It's only lying if you know you're wrong when you say it

fuck off, david brock

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its actually not even remotely close

you're right. It was McMullen.

It's. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Name one

Obama literally signed the bill that made spying on US citizens by the NSA legal.

He wiretapped trump even if trump is full of shit.

Trump's campaign manager took money from the Kremlin

Just a matter of time until more is known

You're writing like a mindless liberal. Please don't do that.

What's wrong with you libs? Haven't you been saying if you haven't done anything wrong you have nothing to fear for a decade now?

Prove it.

pretty sure Bush signed the Patriot Act

Google it

Obama is a fraud, a con, a criminal, a murderer and a fucking communist. The level of respect he deserves is precisely zero.

OP you and everyone who stands with you is going to die if you do this.

t: Army major.

He doesn't have to prove it. He's brainwashed and suffers from mental illness. That's a free pass in our society! The burden of truth are on the capable.

This is true. This is why even if it would be nice to tell them 'I told you so' it also means WE are dead. So fuck...guess we've got to fix this shit and be men.

>I can name a dozen things he should be impeached for

Go on then. Where has he broken the law?

them losing most seats in 2018 because of Trump fuck ups