Swedish Paper Gives Migrant Crime Whistleblower Cop New Column

Whistleblower police officer Peter Springare, who exposed the extent of migrant crime in Sweden, has been given a new column by newspaper Nyheter Idag.

>Springare’s revelations that most criminals he dealt with were from migrant backgrounds were met with backlash from the government and the police. Now, Springare is getting a platform in the form of a column in newspaper Nyheter Idag to inform Swedes and the outside world of the real situation when it comes to migrant crime in the Scandinavian country.

>Sweden’s police force was against Springare from the beginning and along with the government attempted to charge him with “inciting racial hatred”. The charges were later dismissed. Undeterred, the police have now launched an investigation into Springare’s use of police computers saying he “hacked” their database to produce figures for an article he wrote.

>Despite the resistance, Springare has continued to post on Facebook and even revealed a riot at a school that saw police and journalists attacked earlier this month had been largely perpetrated by young migrant men. Of the 11 participants in the riot, Springare alleged that 10 of them came from migrant backgrounds.

>In his newest Facebook post, Springare declared war on “left extremist journalists” which lawyer Mårten Schultz said on Saturday could be used against him by his employer. The article spurred Chang Frick of Nyheter Idag to offer Springare a platform from which he could be protected under law as the newspaper, and not him personally, would be responsible for what is published.

Is the wheel finally turning to our side? Is this Kek signaling to us our next Front of War?

And if yes, how to proceed?


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Eh.. people have to still read and care about it for it to change anything.
But better than nothing I guess.

No. Remember that ALL newspapers in Sweden are owned by leftist Jews. The most likely explanation for this is that they are trying to buy him and/or trick him into doing something to discredit himself.

Sweden has a hell of a mountain to climb to get out of their current mess.

It's still going to get worse in sweden before it gets better. I don't expect anything to seriously turn around until riots are so severe that the country becomes completely destabilized and requires martial law / (((international intervention))).

My thoughts were it's a setup

Brave man, good on him.

Hope it pans out well for him. Maybe we can help broaden his voice Sup Forums.

We should influence law enforcment establish an organization of American and European cops that fight bureaucracy.

looks like capitalism isn't entirely dead in Sweden

Well, if he was just posting on his Facebok and got enough attention from the midia to get a colunm for himself, I would guess he is at least being read by a sizable portion of ppl.

But it has to be subtle enough to not conect him with our activities. See

Not all newspapers. Fria tider, avpixlat and Svenska Dagbladet for example is not. I usually read SvD because it's unbiased and I like it

>I usually read SvD because it's unbiased and I like it
There is no newspaper that is unbiased anymore dude. What there it is are newspaper that dont tell you upfront what is their political affiliation and you assume they are unbiased.

Nyheter Idag is independent though, and one of the more successful ones that aren't owned by (((Bonnier))) too. Most newspapers here are though, and at least half openly call for Springare's head on a plate. But these guys are pretty clean though.

there is a group of 200 000 people on facebook supporting him

facebook com/groups/279528999133185/?fref=ts

>Nyheter Idag to offer Springare a platform from which he could be protected under law as the newspaper, and not him personally, would be responsible for what is published.
God bless those brave men and women

A respectable number of ppl if you ask me.

Keep up the good fight snownigger. Im chearing for you.

How long before this man gets cucked out of his newpaper column and they give the space to a migrant to write?

wtf i hate sweden now

I don't think Nyheter Idag is in a need to attract Canadian readers, Leaf

incredible, that's a lot for sweden


a little too little, a little too late

Not at all.
The timming is perfect.

Merkel is weaker than ever. Le Pen is doing well. One of the Roschild just kicked the bucked.

2017 is indeed the year of Kek.

It's not legacy media. They haven't caught on. (((they))) are still doubling down. We're in the clear.

Excerpt from his 2nd long post.
>Mitt motiv är just detta att försöka göra Sverige bättre att leva och utvecklas i för alla, både infödda "svenskar" och invandrare. Och därigenom också förinta alla de vänsterextrema journalister som förpestar debatten med sina abnorma agendor.

>My motive is just this; to try and make Sweden develop and be better to live in for all, both native "swedes" and immigrants. And thereby also destroy all the left-extremist journalists who plague the debate with their abnormal agendas.
>native "swedes"
Shit. Can't bring myself to like him after that.

At least he's doing good work. Very active, always posting things about crime or how people in the public sector are being worked to the bone, understaffed and underpaid, unable to handle the volume.
>hint: fucking welfare niggers

Racist faggot


I don't see it. Our media and political discourse is (was) completely ridiculous but it's backfired. Alternative media is skyrocketing, legacy media down on their knees, and we've maybe the biggest political support of the European nations as well. We're not as far gone demographically as the US, or continental former colonial powers like the UK or France, nor almost-countries like Belgium or the netherlands.

Could you please elaborate.

>SvD unbiased
Stupidest shit I've ever heard.

As people have said, all the papers are just jew vomit. All of it. There's no joke nor exaggeration, it's disgusting. We have a very healthy alternative media now thanks to it. This is part of that alternative.

Ok, but is the goverment crackin up on this alternative midia saying its "hate speech" like Germany is doing it?

Not yet. I don't think they will have time to. Election 2018. Our guys are the next political hegemon.

Less biased than DN. Ivar Arpi is also pretty based. It depends on who writes the article.

It's disgusting how naive and uninformed swedes are. Don't even feel sorry for those retards just let them serve as an example to better countries exactly what not to do