Why are STEM majors such assholes?

Why are STEM majors such assholes?

That is a huge file size. Way to suck ass.

Why is everyone else losers?

So the kindergartener said geometry and the light and electromagnetic spectrum...Who's the smart one now?

How is this politics?

Because STEM + Medicine + Law are the only things in universities that matter

Because the way everyone hypes stem gives students a false sense of success as if they are actual engineers.

In fact graduating with a stem degree is not that big of an accomplishment, now when you get that big job and start making money that's when you can be a dick about it because you're actually an engineer.

As a graduate from an engineering school I know a lot of people who would shit talk liberal arts, now they have a degree working at Krogers because they can't find work.

You can't really get a job with that, unless you get a Ph.D.

STEM is superior in every way.

However it shouldn't be because of job success. Thinking STEM is superior because it gives you a potential for a better job is retarded. It's a desecration of science really, judging the value of something by how much money it will make you. STEM draws its value from its purity, the search for truth via the hypothetico-deductive scientific method.

I used to think that there were some relatively difficult subjects which deserve respect due to various reasons e.g. I used to think economics deserved a lot of respect because I didn't understand it much 10 years ago and I remember some of the advanced classes being almost identical to some of the applied mathematics courses I took e.g. in optimization, game / decision theory etc. Anyway, over the past few years I've really been studying economics in my own spare time and while microeconomics is okay, it is completely divorced from reality. Macroeconomics is the real topic which studies the economy and it is pure garbage. No matter how many "proofs" or mathiness they involve in macro, it will always be a toilet subject, completely and utterly garbage. If anyone has not studied macroeconomics properly, it is one of the biggest joke subjects in existence, it's basically a subject held together by a bunch of unconnected models which have little proof. It's a joke... the entire basis of our economics understanding is based on macro and it's pure garbage. Admittedly, a lot of the new research is experimental/quasi-experimental and there has been an empirical turn lately, but so much of what is taught is 100% garbage.

So if not economics what else? Economics is without doubt the most difficult and technical non-STEM subject. What else is worth studying which cannot be done in your spare time? Politics? Philosophy?

It's understandable that STEM majors are so arrogant. It's because every other subject is a joke compared to STEM. If not in difficulty, then in value.

Is it implying that feminists are children?

I'm an "asshole" because I know my hard work and dedication is what's feeding all you lazy arts majors.

Because I get my ass kicked trying to solve quantum mechanics while people studying political science and economy talk about how hard life is trying to read a good night story before bed

That is mainly the TE part of STEM. People studying pure science or pure mathematics generally care more about the subject they study then the jobs they can get with it.

Americans have a weird definition of "engineer".

Here it's a title you earn ("ir.") by graduating from some specific universities.
It's a little harder than master of science ("drs."), but easier than a PHD ("dr.").

This is very true. Although I know quite a few engineers, almost entirely electrical engineers who are purists and went for the academic route. Their research is extremely technical, things like dynamical systems theory and control theory which would sometimes look more at home in an applied math journal.

>+ Law

lol no.

Why? I know that branch which deals with divorces is a fucking joke, but the rest of it sounds ok

Why study shitty laws made my man when you can study the laws of the universe?

learning shapes and colors has far more value than a psychology degree

Fuck stem, be a good salesperson

Because law is way over saturated
Unless you are in the top of your class or know people dont bother

It's all interrelated. I have a bachelor's in psychology, a master's in illustration, and an associate's in automotive technology. I got them in that order, and prior to that I was a computer guy with a bunch of computer certs.

I build custom cars for clients and flip regular cars weekly. In a four person shop, which I run, I personally take home $3000 per week.

The art degree plays into my custom airbrush work. The basic automotive tech degree formed the foundation for my love of cars. The computer background allows me to understand how to troubleshoot a system - any system. It doesn't matter whether it's an engine or a server, a system is just a set of components that are supposed to work in a certain way together. My psychology background helped me not only with the human part of the business - negotiation especially - but allowed me to synthesize that knowledge beyond just "I can do cars" or "I can paint pictures" or "I can fix your email" and create a syncretic union of all of it.

My point is, none of this exists in a bubble. Without my arts and "soft" science background, I wouldn't have the degree of flexibility and adaptability I do now, but without the plain old "how to actually do something practical and not solely in the ivory tower" training from my associate's, I wouldn't be directly applying it all.

Some of my classmates for my AA are changing oil for $10 an hour. Some of my art classmates are working at Starbucks. Most of my psych classmates are working at call centers. It's all about how you use it, not about where the piece of paper guarantees you a slot (protip: nowhere).


It is the easiest subject there is.
Literally you just read some books.

And chances of landing a relevant job are very slim.
Most law graduates end up doing some administration/accounting job.

The only reason it gets any respect is becasue of some 0.01% who end up becoming a highly payed lawyer.
But for them getting a law degree was just the first baby step, their real education starts at a law firm.

Are you posting from your yurt, Dilshod?

>comparing non-STEM fields to kindergarden schooling

sounds about right

>master's in illustration

How is that a thing?
What was your dissertation about?

Sup Dmitri?

Because they can afford to be :DDDD


Typically visual art theses are visual art. Mine was an exhibit of various interrelated pieces on how the oversaturation of technology subtly strips away humanity, which focused on a few similar subjects first presented digitally (i.e. on a computer), followed by a foray into airbrush-on-aluminum-panel, and finally concluding with hand-ground pigment on wood.

College is an extremely inefficient way to learn skills
It only has value providing certification

>Geometry and optics
How is Kindergarten not considered STEM?

>Nursing, Education and Business don't matter

Almost every degree at University matters to society

The problem is that some of them are ultrasaturated

Psychology is an important field and Psychologists are important to society. It matters. The reason the degree is worthless is because It's got x10 as many people in it that it demands.

Knowledge acquired alone is the only thing that matters. Certifications are simply an arbitrary measurement set in stone by companies with "renewals" so they can line their pockets. If you really want to learn something, learn it. Wikipedia and YouTube.

My bachelor's was a full-tuition scholarship, my master's gave me a stipend (i.e. paid me), and my associate's cost me $8000 plus $8000 of tools I already had in my shop. So it was worth the investment for me. Could I have learned the same elsewhere? Absolutely. Did I like my process? Definitely. Does it qualify me more than someone with the same knowledge and skills? Nope.


>Psychology is an important field and Psychologists are important to society.

0.000000003% of psychology graduates end up becoming important psychologists.
Rest are only in University to land a nice husband.

The fact my university has thousands enrolling in psychology each year but only a few hundred in STEM subjects is exactly what's wrong with universities today.



>Psychology is an important field and Psychologists are important to society.

Reminder to sage

A psychology curriculum places a huge emphasis on research methods, i.e. scientific integrity, the scientific method, how to interpret results through statistical analysis, and how to test a hypothesis. It's not "Freud thinks you were sexually attracted to your mother as a child because you dream about cigars," as much as TV would have you think.

Hate to break it to you, but it's squarely in the "S" box.

people got problems

Who else is going to tell women to divorce?

And how does psychology fix them?
How can they even define what is a problem?

t. 'king of the jews runs the universe'
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Sheshh, don't talk our jew secrets with the goyim.

That's an over generalization. But mostly because if not government funded STEM fields are ridiculofuck expensive + the amount of information you learn and suicidal thoughts make you an edgy and bitter person.

t. Studying medfag.

I know medicine is not technically STEM but it incorporates a lot of things from such fields.

>A psychology curriculum places a huge emphasis on research methods, i.e. scientific integrity, the scientific method
Weren't something like half of all psychology studies found not to be repeatable?

Why shouldn't the rub their superior intelegence in others faces? Other degrees are jokes.

I agree it's science.

But all the girls doing it just aren't going to make a career in science.

Nice view though.
We always used to hang out near the psychology faculty during summer to look at all the pretty girls.

>summer to look at all the pretty girls.
And the reason 90% of them get into it is because they are crazy

Stem programmer here. Because he make good money and actually have skills while everyone else i know that isnt in stem would be glad just to make some shitty 40k salary job

All the engineers my age are unemployed or part time high school math teachers.

It implies that the arts and humanities are comparable to kindergarten, which is pretty true. Grade inflation is insane in the arts and humanities.

So it is the same in your country as well? Interesting I thought it only was a Lithuanian meme.

that is because you live in a shitty socialist country

Because only EE get jobs, not loser mechanical and civil

>STEM is superior! Good luck not getting a job!
>Job gets replaced by a Foreign H1B1 VISA Holder who does the job for 30K less than what you think you deserve
>End up working at the bowling alley shining shoes with 40K student loan debts

It's different when you major in shapes and colors
Fucking art students

Because the average stem major has taught their two year old more than public schools teach through 1st grade.
And enrolled their children in private school from their first day.
Because they want to give their children every advantage and guarantee their success and legacy.

You can just replace kindergartener with liberals arts student for the exact same

Psychology is the major all the pre-med and biology majors go to when they fail their respective majors because they'll still be treated the same as a hard science major when applying to med school

>Almost every degree at University matters to society

>Nigger history matters to society

No, psychology in Canada is for women to find a fat cock to ride. I know because I dated psy majors and humanities. My ex girlfriend didn't even try to do the LSAT or get into graduate school, she just settled for being an administrative assistant. Degeneracy.

Holy shit, tell me about your country.

Honestly I think the STEM boostering meme is just part of that.

It was all a dog-and-pony show so Silicon Valley could say, "We'd love to hire Americans, but there's no qualified workers to hire!"

Which is a giant crock of shit.

It was all propaganda to cover for yet again more outsourcing cheap labor.

>>Almost every degree at University matters to society
>>Nigger history matters to society

Notice how I said almost

If some Pajeet can do your job you're utter shit at it.

Anyone with decent skills will ask for similar pay.

>Which is a giant crock of shit.
but its true
You dont even need a degree to get into web development

Yes, mentally they are kindergarteners, they have mental disabilities.

Yeah, but that's not why they aren't hiring Americans.

It's the fact that they can pay Indians shitty wages.

I had to hire software engineers in America (for an American client).

It was hard as shit.
Ended up with a nigger who turned out unreliable and got fired soon after and a Latino who was alright.

It's hard here in the Netherlands too.

But they are hiring Americans
I am not disagreeing the H1bs dont drive wages down but you you know how to code you can find work

"Scandinavian socialism" is largely a myth. We had loads and loads of engineer jobs before the oil crisis. All of them got laid off and those who got lured into engineering degrees now feel betrayed.

The people shilling for the oil industry in Norwegian high schools should be put to the gallows desu. When I went to high school only five years ago representatives from oil companies flooded schools and career days to tell us about the fantastic opportunities in this dying industry.

I know a guy who is literally an oil shill for and when he was drunk he told me his job is all about lying and denying the industry's demise and everyone knew their job is shit and a lie.

>If some Pajeet can do your job you're utter shit at it.

It's cheaper and faster to hire 10 Indians and 1 Westener who can fix all the mistakes than It is to just hire 3-4 Westeners who will do the job properly

because they make all of their life choices based on how much money they can get in exchange for their labor instead of thinking about what life means and how you should live

>"Scandinavian socialism" is largely a myth.
How much taxes do you pay?

Depends on the specialty. I don't think that you could make a very valid argument that modern social psychology has any legitimacy as a science.

A highly skilled developer can get more done in a day than a medium skilled developer can in a week.
And a low skilled developer will break more things than he builds.

So skill level is far more important than wages.

That's a ridiculous comparison. Unlike liberal arts majors, kindergarteners actually might do something productive with their life.

>Liberal arts students compare themselves to kindergartners

And the internet is chock full of people bitching about how H1B Indians destroy everything they touch.

I honestly don't see the rationale for them.

What you say about economics is truth.

But History is the most important subject to really know: if you aren't conversant with your own country's history and culture then you're really not much better than an immigrant. There is a reason the bulk of the scientific community are completely ignorant when it comes to political understanding, and it's usually because of they are ahistorical meliorists with a fondness for technocracy.

Because they understand this thing called logic and this other thing called reason. Have fun with your fem lit degree

Nice one

>STEM meme
Yeah, biology and chemistry majors sure do better financially than Economic/Business majors.

>you know how to code you can find work


And I'm getting quite tired of people who don't even code try to claim otherwise.

Every programmer I know gets jobs within days of looking.
All you need is a LinkedIn account and you'll get job offers all the time.

More than enough, to say the least. But high taxes is not the sole characteristic of a socialist state.

We have free enterprise, next to no housing market regulation, all Scandinavian countries regularly rank within the best 5 countries to start a business (where economic freedom is major factor), most jobs are in the private sector, property rights is sacred and has several constitutional protections, etc, we consume like crazy, and several of "our" biggest firm are really owned by foreigners.

Bernie Sanders had no fucking clue what he was talking about.

>artfags admitting they're just grown children

You can say the same with almost all scientists.

Unless you got your PhD at a top 10 University you will likely work with a wage slightly higher than what you'd make at McDonalds.

The best you can do is try and work for the government and make a fair salary of 60k. But even then you could become a teacher and make more for less work.

>Smart kid with no goal or drive in life
>Parents forcing me to go to college
>Have no preference as to which degree I pursue
>Parents/high school Councillors guide me into Political Science
>Graduate early from my nice university
>Literally can't get a fucking job
>Now they're yelling at me for not having a job
>Now they're expecting me to go to law school (which they're paying for)
>They say since I can't find a job I should just go work at the deli or McDonald's or whatever
>Ask what the point of going to school was if I can't get anything better than a minimum wage job
>They just stammer, get more angry, and redirect
>Now I'm gonna go to Law School and this is just going to repeat itself 3-4 years from now

They're worker ants who assume that because their classes are hard as fuck that means they'll make a lot of money

either code or learn a trade

>political science degree
>doesn't live near major urban political hubs where that would actual be relevant to something

lmaoing at ur lyfe

Are you a coder or a tradesman?

>the internet is chock full of people bitching about how H1B Indians destroy everything they touch.

It isn't.

It's chuck full of people who did law/economy/whatever WHO CAN'T EVEN CODE complaining that >"Indians took that nice CODING job away from me boohoooohoo my biology degree and zero experience coding should land me a job as a C++ developer and $100k+ pay boohoohoo"

And worse thing of all:
If they just did 1 2 week course in JavaScript they would actually be able to find a coding job.
>but...but...but...coding is HARD boohooohoo I can't spend 2 weeks learning it I must get a $300k job as CEO of a software company right away!!!!

Law school will kill you if you don't want to do it. I'm not kidding, it you're not motivated you will become suicidal.

They're boring people with nothing but school and vidya, mostly. I've only known a couple of STEM people who were worth talking to and they were both legit geniuses and widely read.

>Falling for the proxyfag meme
You must be really new

Most science degrees don't have thousands and thousands of fresh enrollments each year.

IMO each subject should be limited to about 100 students per year.

There's no 'I' in team, user.

>Know C
>Know python and Lisp
>Fucking know prolog

And I'm a system Admin. So yea fuck Pajeets.