White=white hispanic=jewish>hapa=mestizo>mena=mulatto>indian=poly=indio=asian>black>abbo females

white=white hispanic=jewish>hapa=mestizo>mena=mulatto>indian=poly=indio=asian>black>abbo females
Prove me wrong

In terms of what?


I'd put Asian and hapa above mestizo, but it looks about right. Also, aren't abbos basically niggers?

bump asian up one tier otherwise correct

Abbos are a different race, they are australoids, a race that has been inbreeding for 40000 years and are far less intelligent and far uglier than blacks
They look like real life orcs

That's putting it mildly

Some hapas really got it, so I'd put them higher


Words cannot describe how subhuman abbos are

Wtf is HAPA?

Ok she is for sure anglo-japanese isn't she?
Hapa or hafu means a half white half asian person, however some may use it to refer to anyone half asian. Example of a hapa

holy shit give me sauce pls

Isn't this considered CP since the girl is under 18?


Yes, she is half English half Japanese

There is no evidence she is under 18, and since she is covered it wouldn't be CP anyway if she was 17

Also where do half-elves fit in?

Who is the grill?


Pimentel Jhulia

thanks, google was giving me nothing


What the fuck, she's 16?

What kind of asian? Japanese>white.

Sauce pls

how the fuck do u not know who alexis ren is

Probably, she's an idol in some group
Anri Okita

Holy fuck she is perfect
Whats all over her face ans arms?

Are you talking about pic in op?
I don't know, maybe lighting on water or cream or something
Or maybe a Brazilian fashion thing, like cream with sparkles inside, so she can put sparkles on her arm and face

It definitely looks like glitter cream to me
So it's Brazilian fashion

Yes sir thanks.

There is not one hetero man alive that wouldn't sex her even if 16.
Not one including u fbi

Man, it's not really a common thing in Brazil to be all glittery and shit

Then it's her doing something unique and different

btw where can you find girls like her in Brazil?



Mostly in the south, where the Germans colonized