How are we going to stop this Sup Forums?



Whats that?
Liberals are hiring Muslims suddenly in Hollywood?
I wonder why?
Could it have anything to do with potential money?

>Women are shit on.
>Women can do anything.
>Women are soaring in X.

Lose more money Hollywood

I dare ya

Hollywood losing more money and studios closing even Sony left and right...

Yea they really showed him!

>Still watching Jewlywood.

>"We'll hire talentless sandniggers"
>"We'll go so far in the red, then mainstream media will tell americans that they're racists"

lol...whoaa the liberals hiring muslims just now?

Fucking dumb kikes.

Turn off the idiot box.

>They think they have any importance other than being a propaganda arm

kys follywood

If we ignore it, we'll be in a bigger mess.

Not even liberals want to see Arabs and Blacks in lead roles. All of these shows will flop.

Just don't watch jew propaganda and shame people who still do.

who is the guy on the left? He's cute, looks like robert downey jr

one day, i wish to live in a world where celebrities are shunned, not worshipped. every celebrity, even mel gibson, deserves to hang. no exceptions.

>cable TV

wow congratulations, you scored a job in a dying industry

>Future terrorist

Oh no, what will Trump do?


>...Take That, Prez Trump?
why is that a question

completely ignore hollywood. bye