Question to South Americans of Sup Forums

Are you guys part of the upper middle class white minority of your countries?

If yes, what's your stance on racemixing in South America? Do you plan on finding a white conservative South American girl to retain your genetic legacy?

I'm really torn on this issue bros. I'm a white third gen German / Italian diaspora, and I've been dating a really cute and intelligent mulata for 3 years now. Like most people from Brazil, I really didn't give a shit about race at all, that is, until I started browsing this board.

Lately, my gf kinda started making plans for marriage and children... but after being redpilled by Sup Forums I really don't want non-white kids to be my genetic legacy. Should I dump her? Will it make any difference in the long run?

Help me South American bros.

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I'm a fucking aspie

Is Uruguay really as based as it seems on paper? is it true that it's one of the few uncucked white nations in the world?

can't you just date a poor white girl from south brazil?

>Are you guys part of the upper middle class white minority of your countries?
white but not upper middle class

There are no poor whites in this country m8.
I also don't live in the South. I've dated a few white girls before in school and college, but they were mostly problematic and petty. No marriage material at all.

The girl I'm with now is everything a modern man would want in a woman: conservative, good-looking, fit, good cook, wealthy... but the problem is, she isn't white. I fear I might make the biggest mistake of my life if I dump her... I also fear to see a mongrelized niglet as my genetic legacy to this world.

Have I gone mad?

Dump her

I'm moving to Buenos Aires soon to teach English. How fucked am I?

Cmon m8 give me a more detailed opinion, it's a really troubling issue.

I've been to Buenos Aires 10 years ago. It wasn't that bad, specially compared to most big Brazilian cities. I don't think it'll have any big impact if you're from London or some other enriched area from the UK.

Remember that the most important thing is that you find a girl that carries the best values, the race is secondary. You can dump her and maybe find a better girl of your race but things are not getting any better so it's not worth it in my opinion.

It is not like you are white anyways
Just look at Marcelo Odebretch(mixed mongrel) and the damage that he has done the region FOR FUCKING SHEKELS

Hey messi

What up neymar

If you were really from here, you'd know that normies don't even know what race is and don't give a shit about racemixing.

>South America
Here you have for ooking such a funny joke, my talking monkey friend

Qué mae pura vida

Coma mierda nica hediondo

I'm just middle class.

Fuck immigration. Colombians and Haitians have to go back. Peruvians and Argentinians are okay. Europeans are okay. fuck niggers.

Middle class south brazilian here.
I'm ok, most people here are white and I'm white and I'm gay, so I will not have kids, but my bf is white.

Middle class ethno something, I'm mixed race tough.

>I'm white and I'm gay
>and I'm gay
Maybe you should get medical and mental help.

Why should I? I like being gay and I love my bf.

I am sure Mike "Hands of Wisdom and Action" Pence can fix you

because gay is a mental illness

Even if it was true, I don't care and I would not seek "treatment".
I quite like being a little mischief.

Interesting argument. She carries very good values indeed, but is race really secondary? I think I'm capable of finding a nice white girl... But then I should really think this through. Thanks for your input.

Nice meme coke friend.


What's your ancestry?

I'm sorry m8.

>What's your ancestry?
German. And I'm a lot german, blonde, blue eyes and from both sides, so my two surnames are german.
I'm racist as fuck.

Family annual income of about 400k

Where you from user?
Is she black??

Yes. There are tons of poor white here in the south

>"I don't need help!"
t. Asylum psycho

Get some help dude.

Regarding your issue. I can't speak on behalf of what you should do, because its really on you. But I can show sympathy for your sentiment as I also didn't give a shit about the color of people's skin, but now I really can't see myself with anyone non-white. Or at the very least less white than me. Sup Forums has opened my eyes, my white mom married my white dad, I can't be such a fucking faggot that can't get a white girlfriend and continue the cycle.

The white gene of my family won't die with me. But I started browsing Sup Forums after I was single again, so there is no dilemma on my life. God speed to you brother. Hopefully you find an answer that will calm yourself. Like imagine if this feeling you have won't go away and will be within you for the rest of your life as you have mixed children with her.

do not dump her.

Donate sperm at least gaybro.
Please, white race need you

>upper middle class
>white minority
I'm pretty mestizo.

Sorry can't help.

Angola gurls are qt, how to breed one

Where the fuck is the Chile general from yesterday?

I don't like the idea of having kids I will never know.
It would be worse to see some brown/black people raising the child.

under water maybe

Don't give the commies a way to shitpost. That general was a mistake.

>I don't like the idea of having kids
How liberal of you, very leftist.

Seek help

Hue monkey here. If she is a wholesome person that upholds the same virtues and values as you do then don't dump her just because of skin color. There is a decent amount of honest, christian mulatos in br. Not to metion that degeneracy is just as widespread among white women there (then again I'm from SP so that might be an unfair generalization but still).

Sorry for what?

I'm gorgeous and I don't live in a constant identity crisis.

Colombianos mandriles de mierda, dejen de venir a Chile con su pobreza y mal olor

Stinky thread

Upper middle class in São Paulo.
I'm a autistic sperg with no gf. It's hard to find a girl interested in me, let alone a conservative one.

You either disengage from pol mentality and live happily with your girl or dump her.
I believe the best option is to disengage and enjoy your life without caring for pol's shit. POol creates its own problems.
It is either pol or normal happiness

Nigger this is Argentina, you high or what?

>South American

How can you even be thinking about that after browsing this board? Miscegenation is the whole reason why South America is shit. Produce more mongrels and you instantly become part of the problem. It doesn't matter if she's intelligent and cute, your children will be mongrels without ethnic identity and there's no fixing that later.

Also anyone telling you to impregnate her is a kike.

Hybrid Vigor is a myth in dogs. When a dog has a German Shepherd mommy and a Weimaraner daddy the puppy gets German Shepherd's Dysplaxia and Weimaran cancer.

If Zsazsa Gabor and a genocidal jew had had a son, he would have the jew's looks, and zsazsa's brains.

I literally don't give a shit. Everyone native of south america is mixed somewhere. The only cancer that comes from race is from putting national identity over race identit .

Damn dude, you should at least donate your sperm to some banks or something. Help make your country whiter!

I have green eyes from my mother (Italian) side and I'm pale fucker like my dad (German). I was blonde when I was little, but my hair darkened out since then. Got my dad's good height too (6'3'').

You mean, there are poor white people living in favelas in the South? I've never heard about that.

I'm from SP

Hey brother, thanks for your words. I share your sentiments about the issue. Sup Forums opened my eyes in a way I don't think it could be possible, and I don't think I could ever revert it. It's the hardest dilemma I've ever faced...

Give me your take on the issue, leafman.

Dear non Mexican North Americans:
Brazil is the USA if it had imported EIGHT times the amount of niggers.
Argentina is the USA if it had imported no niggers, but had elected ONLY DEMOCRATS in all its history.

How dark is she?

I wouldnt mind a latina qt if she was really light

>Get all the Germans foreigner
>Guys lets not talk about national identity

FUCK YOU Chile give us the Germies.



Don't dump here, what other advice are you going to get from internet loners.

No, they behave unlike italians, and the palestians make antisemitism acceptable.

>I'm gorgeous

Not many in favelas, quite a few in poor neightboors
But tons in rural areas, and they have really low income

based argentina

I'm not conservative or right wing at all.

The only thing I care is myself and the people I like. Fuck humanity and this nation or the "white race" as a collective entity.

"The only thing I care is myself and the people I like." in the USA they call that a Liberal

>I'm not conservative or right wing at all.
I called you a liberal, the opposite of conservative or white.

>the only thing I care about is myself
>hates children
Checks out. Mental illness detected. Stop self destructing yourself.

Sheet, I typed this before I even finished reading your post
>fuck humanity and this nation
Brazil has the highest GDP in our continent. It's a great continent for white people in the south. It's like being a rich kid and throwing a tantrum of how hard he as it when the peasants outside starve.
About the humanity trash you spoke of, stop being a Nietzsche loving homo, you piece of shit. Nihilism is retarded and so are you, if you stop swallowing the bluepill for a second then you might stop hating yourself and the world around you and start appreciating life.

I'm a narcisist and individualist.
So I don't care about people I don't even know. I'm in favor of population control and I really hate kids. Having a family is for cucks, yes, i'm egoist.

Lower middle class, at least 80% white (have no idea about my mother's exact ancestry, most likely spanish +some semitic mix).
I believe race mixing should be avoided, but not outlawed. Mixed race children have identity issues and by proxy succumb more easily to the modern hedonistic zeitgeist.
But on the flip side, a loving family can compensate for that mostly, not completely, but between a girl that is from a good family but from a different and a girl that subscribes to modern ideals and is of your race, ill take the former anyday.
Don't end up like that one TRS guy that dumped a catholic asian girl for a white atheist landwhale that cucked him.

How is it possible to ignore the race issue after browsing this board for a while?

You'll never find one if you don't go after one.

Yes, this was a issue created by Sup Forums. But I don't think it's an unimportant issue my friend, and it's not something I could revert even if I wanted. I don't look at her the same way I did before browsing this fucking board, and that's eating me inside.

Yeah, unfortunately I also think it all comes to this. Willingly producing more mixed children in a country in dire need of more whites is a sin.

>Everyone native of south america is mixed somewhere.
If you're a Portuguese or Spanish descendant "white", yeah, chances are you're probably mixed with something since they came here a long time ago and there were no anti-miscegenation laws. But Germans and Italians came to South America not long ago, so most of their descendants here have no African / Native DNA in them.

Yeah I know it's a myth.

Haha that was a good one.

She light brown with fuzzy hair, but she has nice facial features (more European than African).

You don't think race is important at all?

Yeah, sorry, with poor I was referring to literal favela people who steal your shit, and I've never seen a white person do that. That's more reasonable.

que pedo putos
no mamen, saquen las morras pinches weyes

kill yourself you fucking degenerate nigger faggot

>upper middle class



Afraid not: 1/4 mestizo, 1/4 white, 1/4 slav and 1/4 (((something else)))

>I'm egoist
>hate children
But it would be YOUR children.

I'm a narcissist too, not sure if I'm individualist. But being a narcissist doesn't mean you have to be gay, hate children, and a fucking liberal cuck.

I care about me, and myself, and my family, and my race(which is also my family). I don't give a fuck about the mestizo trash. I'm also in favor of population control, I favor Pinochet.

Again, there is no connection there with your mental issues. You really need psychiatric help, hopefully he can take the liberal brainwashing out of your system and you become a life loving citizen like me.

>el mexicANO

You didn't saved mine so I don't care, being race mixed only downfall it's that you can't take credit for things other people did.


the cool thing about BraSil and Argentina, (which Chileans don't seem to understand... ) is that there are many non iberian whites as well. Not a majority of course, but enough to have created societies that have nothing in common with Chile, Mexico and all that shit

I wasn't aware (((something else))) was allowed in New TeutoPalestine

I love being gay and I hate kids/having a family. That's my fucking problem, if you think this is an "illness", great, just leave me alone.
The fact I'm individualist also implies the fact I respect other people's individuality.

Fuck moralfags.


From what I understand most arabs who came here were christian, last I checked we had roughly 4 thousand actual mudslimes in the whole country.

Still too many for my liking desu

Not South American, but I'm an upper class Dominican. Our upper class is overwhelmingly Spanish, Italian, and French with others thrown in like Dutch, Hungarian, and Christian Arab.

I'm mixed myself though, I look like an Arab basically. I'm mistaken for a Leb in my own country.

I wouldn't date anyone darker than me desu (light brown).

What would £850,000 up front and £15,000 per month get me, in terms of housing, in South America?

Ideally Uruguay, but I am open to suggestions.

A big ass house.

Uruguay and Argentina are degenerate left-wing shitholes

I am Middle-Middle+, IDGAF who someone wants to fug. If I were to marry I would fall to poverty quick so no thanks.

We don't cal Uruguay SA Sweden for nothing

>What was that I heard you say about us not being white, user?

Based Peru. I've liked everyone I've met from your country.

What do they do, aside from have terrorist weedman as El Presidente?

>just leave me alone.
Leaving you alone is what make people like you being openly gay. This is a problem. It's problematic that your behavior is being enforced. You should be persecuted, and lynched. So no, I insist for your well being. To go and seek help.

You would be rich forever.

If you were to keep your 15k Britpesos earnings then you are king of wherever you go. Montevideo if you like capitals, go to Argie interior if you want a comfy life.

So is Chile. We are all suffering by the same iron grip of communism.

Gay right
legal weed
More arrogant than argentina

she's so black she might as well be a fucking shadow

Here in Curitiba, somewhere like this and still a lot of money left.
South br, life/weather/people is pretty much like uruguay.

This is why I hate moralfags and right-wing fuckers. You end up being ultra-collectivist or the wrong kind of socialist.

Why did chile get so few non Iberian euros when they share such a long and close border with you?

I am literally importing a long distance sniper rifle Part by part to kill Veronika Mendasa when time comes

>t. Mohammad bin Mohammad

You have hope with Ossandón. Godspeed.
>le epic bantz

Because the border is about a million feet high and if you have your family with you from some flat place in Europe you aren't going to start trying to traverse the Southern Andes in the late 1800s

We don't call Uruguay Sweden. We call Uruguay, Switzerland (because of the banking privacy and actual Swiss and Protestant Italian immigration).
Idiots also compare the Uruguayan welfare system with Scandinavia's but the difference is that Uruguay has no Baghdadi refugees.
It gets you a nice serviced seafront apartment, or a large house with a garden. In Uruguay you don't run the Argentine risk of being ripped off by the mafia

this guy knows

Did you start off with Brazilian BBC shemales before you were full gay or were you always man on man POZ load bareback from your earliest days?

I'm national socialist. I will lynch you to death.

Now go and get help. You need to heal yourself before its too late. Why do you refuse to accept you have a problem and it's not your fault but the society around you that made you this way? Fix yourself you nihilistic fuck.