Redpill me on the Anglo Saxons

Are Anglos Danish or German? I always thought Saxons were North German near the coast but Saxony is in East Germany? Do they look at England like we look at the US (rebellious but successful son)?


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I read somewhere that geneticists couldn't differentiate between danish vikings and the earlier anglo-saxon invaders

I don't think anybody really knows what we are desu.

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Anglos are Anglos. You're trying to attribute nationality to an ethnicity. It's more complicated that that, especially since they intermixed with Normans, Celts, and Saxons.

A study showed that the British population is still overwhelmingly Celtic, in terms of DNA.

Which is good, in my opinion. If everyone in Britain was 100% Anglo-Saxon, they'd just be another shit nation raped by filthy krauts.
But with Celtic genes, the British are descended from their mighty ancestors, like King Arthur (who was a Celto-Roman from Cornwall).

Also, modern Saxony has nothing to do with the Saxons you're referring to. The Anglo-Saxons indeed came from Denmark.


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anglos are mostly celtic
the germanic component is overstated
what is there is mostly german, not danish

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Saxons inhabited north-western germany before they got BTFO'd by Charlemagne and converted to christianity. Can't find the specific reason modern "saxony" came to be called that but I suspect it's Holy Roman Empire's nobles messing around with title names to elevate their status similar to the Brandenburg->Prussia situation.

>British people owe about 40% of their DNA with the French, almost 30% of their DNA to the ancestors of modern-day Germans, 11% with the Danes and 9% with the Belgians.

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germanic tribes
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Imperial nobles considered Saxons to be descended from the Scythians, a people that are associated with the biblical ancestor of the Germans, Ashkenas (hence "Ashkenazi Jews", the word being Hebrew for "The people that work in the earth", "The iron in the earth"; as an interesting side note, Jesus Christ proclaims "the people who labor in the earth" to be "God's Chosen People" in defiance to the teachings of the Pharisees - this whole "Germans vs Jews" rivalry is really -that- ancient). As such the people of modern-day Lower Saxony still praise "Herzog Widukind's tribe" in their state anthem - Widukind being none other than Vortigern, who led the Saxons from North Germany onto Britain, fought the withdrawing Romans for the native chieftains, then backstabbed his employers in the original "night of the long knives" at Stonehenge and became a king in Anglia (one of many "states" in what would later be England; maybe I'm even mixing them up right now). Previously his people had moved up there to join their Anglic brothers in Denmark, according to myth in order to fight the armies of Burgund, who were led by Siegfried the Dragonslayer. And before that they had moved into Southern and Eastern Germany over the Caucasus, leaving behind them the Balkan and Black Sea Germans. And before that fled from modern-day Azerbaidschan, the Samartians and Huns hot on their trail during the Great Migration. And before that were slaves and schabbosgoyim in Ancient Israel, before the Christ set them free from its merchant priests. And before that had been raiders in the Persian Empire, the immortals alongside the throne of Dareios as later Varingians served in Byzantium, whom the prophet Jeremiah declared holy when they marched on Babylon.

Basically the Anglo-Saxons are that part in Whitey's family history -before- England decides to be all "Fuck you, Dad, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be more like a Celtic Jew." At least according to Medieval Germany.

More Celtic overall but we're a mix, each side depending on the region.

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the neolithic people who live in France entered Britain over a land bridge, it might as well say we are 40% African because those people originally came from Africa

If you knew your own history you'd know this already.

Anglii, Saxones, and Jyllii are all North Sea Germanic. Different from West Germanic Franks and Chatti (Hessians and South Germans), East Germanics Gothones, Ruggi, Aestii, Herules, Haddinja (Herules were a mix of Scandinavians and Balts) (East Germans were replaced by Slavs, but they partially survive in Baltic states and parts of Northern Spain), and North Germanic, Goths, Geats, Swedes, Wuffings, and other Skandzjas. The Germanic peoples used to be four distinct ethnicities united by Culture, General Race (European, East has Dark hair, West had Blonde hair and Brown hair, North had Red hair) and the pan Germanic religion. They shared a belief they were all descended from Tuisco/Tyr, father God of the colloquially Aryan, Ginger, and Alpine race. They were homogeneous in their tribes though so all these peoples could be known as distinct groups because their recessive traits were more greatly displayed. None of these Peoples have survived in their pure forms. Scandinavians mixed with West Germans and lost their red hair (though they became majority blonde) East Germans destroyed by Slavs and had their blood diluted during the Iberic migration. West Germans mixed with Gallics to the point of being indistinguishable from them. North Sea Germans mixed with Britons and Picts. The only pure Germanics left are the English farmers whose families have resided in their countryside villages without mixing with any other Germanics or outsiders. The English farmer is effectively the last German.

Tl;dr, Anglo-Saxon English farmers are the last pure 'race' on earth aside from amazon tribes.


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Angles used to dwell in Jutland, present Schleswig and Holstein, and Southern Denmark.
Saxons used to dwell inmmediately south of that in what is not lower Saxony.
But this means nothing because for that token the Franks used to dwell in what is now Holland.
The invaders seized power and affected the language but most of the populatiion was not affected. English and Celtic Britons like the Irish are not genetically different.

Anglos are Celtic Frenchies in denial.

When Angles, Saxons and Jutes migrated from modern Denmark to England, the Germanic tribes hadn't yet moved as further south as they eventually did. Even today, the several Germanic nations aren't distinctively different from each other. It's more of a gradient.

Roughly speaking, you probably are somewhere "between" Danish and German people. That is to say, people that live in Jutland and Old Saxony, and naturally also Frisians in the coasts southmost of the North Sea.

However, it also needs to be said that modern day Brits do not descent entirely from ASJ, but also native Britons. I won't go as far as saying primarily, but it'd be around 50/50 most likely. Add in a small part of Normans (ie. some mix of Franks, Celts and Nords) and some traces of "broadly Roman" (ie. anything from Italic to Thracian to Greek to Anatolian), and there you go.

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The Angles, Saxons, and Jutes are West Germanic, and Danes are North Germanic. The Danes really lived more in the islands of Denmark to the east of the Jutland peninsula.

> Are Anglos Danish or German?

> I always thought Saxons were North German near the coast but Saxony is in East Germany?
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The Englishtend to be 50/50 when it comes to being Germanic or Celtic. Generally the East and North tend to be more Germanic whereas the West and South tend to be more Celtic. But there are exceptions like Dorset being more Germanic or Cumbria being more Celtic. Then there are the Norwegian Vikings who greatly contributed to those in the Lancashire and Manchester area, especially the costal parts. So really it depends where you're from. Wales is a lot more Celtic than West England but not drastically as you might expect. Generally the Lowland Scots are more Germanic due to initial Anglo Saxon migrations and the Anglo-Danish migration after the Norman sacking of Northumbria. But in places like Ayrshire or Perthsire it is clearly more Celtic whereas Fife, the Borders, and parts of Dumfriesshire are more Germanic. The rest of Scotland and pretty much all of Ireland is Celtic. Except for places the Norwegian Vikings touched like the islands and some of the very coastal areas of Southern and Eastern Ireland.

All in all, it's a mix, but really genetically speaking there is barely any difference between the Anglo-Saxons along with other Germanic groups and the Insular Celts (Celts found in the British Isles), Belgae, and some Northern Gauls in the first place.