Really makes you go hmmm

really makes you go hmmm


No it doesn't stop posting retarded tweeter shit that has nothing to do with politics or news. Fuck off.

>it's a Sup Forums strawman's random cherry picked tweets in order to feel superior episode

now THIS is trinket tinkling!

Warning: This gif could kill you

FUCK yOU my dick just snapped in half!!

i completely agree

makes me think of all these libtards attacking our president and my beliefs

they need to be taken care of

Now for real. This gif can seriously kill you if you cant handle the dosage.

>has nothing to do with politics or news
t. retard

Really lights up my lazones.

Hello shareblue.

s-shut it down!


>like nigga close your eyes or look away from the computer or something haha

It's exactly like crushing someone under your car, they're right.


reported. enjoy jail.

To some extent, that's true. If you know someone suffers from epileptic seizures and you play them a video in person that has flashing lights that are known to give them seizures, that's more or less assault. Why does doing the same thing remotely thorough the internet make it different?

So we're going to arrest people for sending gifs to people they didn't know have epilepsy?

Because that's a crime for cars, too.

You also have to factor in if you have epilepsy you shouldn't be sitting in front of a computer screen, which you have full control of, and making it flicker to induce it.

Did anyone know that dude had epileptic seizures?

thanks doc

Yeah, he's mentioned it, and he had autoplay off, and the guy told him he was trying to cause a seizure, AND he clicked on it and watched it anyway. If he behaves like this often I imagine his life is incredibly difficult.

That was just the anesthesia.

He's the big boy. Hyper Dose.

apparently he doesn't have the kind of epilepsy that is triggered by strobes/flashing lights

yeah this whole thing is just jewish histrionics and I wonder if it will amount to anything at all

He did know tho

it's hard to know. the few people on twitter that aren't being hyperpartisan about the case sound like there's a pretty high probability he will get several years

how so? what kind of law would send him to jail for sending a gif?

He's right, and that seizure gif was a asshole move. Could genuinely have killed the guy.

Your missing the point where the recipient has full control over his own monitor and shouldn't be sitting in front of it.

Exactly because of epilepsy. It doesn't have to flicker like in the gif to cause an episode. The refresh of the monitor can be enough.