Why is the US legal system so fucked

And how is this the border agent's fault?

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das it mane

>play stupid games
>win stupid prizes
>sue the carny

I don't understand. I mean, did the border agent offer him something in return, like getting in the country? If he just said that as a joke, then the Mexican dude is obviously a moron. I tell a lot of people to go drink bleach but guess what they won't do it

Cool article headline, totally implies the border agents knew it was liquid meth. What it should read is:

>"Teen dies after drinking liquid meth at border checkpoint"

No one forced the kid to drink it. If he admitted it was drugs then he would likely still be alive.

>told a mexican teen to drink liquid meth
They actually told him to drink apple juice, it wasnt their fault he was lying

Wow, racist!

14th amendment needs to go out so these people have no rights inside this country
Even genociding illegals would be legal without the 14th, because they're technically non-existent in the nation

"ayyyyy mane. It's just aypple juice mayne"

"K. Prove it"

*sweating profusely*



All they needed to do was drag his body back to the Mexican border and leave it there.

What the fuck is up with all these articles being titled like that? It's like a more cancerous form of clickbait

>His temperature soared to 105 degrees
Is such a thing even possible?

Massive fluctuations in body temperature aren't normal.
>But on liquid meth it is.

What the fuck is liquid meth?
Before it crystallizes or something?
Dissolved in some other liquid?

If this is the result of this case, I wonder what's going to happen to the cross-border shooting one.

the spinning in this day and age is fucking absurd

From what I've read, its basically freshly-prepared meth dissolved in water. It's mainly used for transport, and then boiled away to produce the solid crystals again.



>I don't understand.
Wow you mean the headline doesn't deliver the full content of the story to you? Hmm too bad there's no more information in the article except for the headline itself.


Hang it on the wall like a scarecrow.

I tried meth once and it speeds up everything in your body - especially metabolism which is why it's rare to see an obese methhead.

Even in an air-conditioned house I was sweating profusely and drinking water like crazy with little relief. I also felt my heart rate at rest was like my heart rate when on the treadmill at the gym.

Never did it again.

And someone has to tell me how a mexican is worth $1 million?
I was thinking $40,000, tops.

They shouldn't have gotten any money. No one forced him to drink it, he could have just confessed or let them test it. The idiot tried to lie and say it was apple juice, that's his problem. Just because you drink it doesn't mean they won't make sure it's not drugs.

Essentially he was a CRIMINAL trying to sneak ILLEGAL DRUGS into the country and died doing it. Why should the family get any monjey?

Not just a mexican...
A criminal mexican who was smuggling drugs into our country... and died because of that very fact.

Why would you transport it in a less compact form?
How can this possibly be advantageous?
Surely the increased volume and mass you have to transport would increase the likelihood of getting caught more than any reduction due to it not being crystals.

what's wrong with recommending Power Thirst?

Maybe when it's in liquid form, the dogs can't smell it as well? I'm just guessing cause I don't know.

Next thing, they are going to charge you for drug mules dying when the drug gets released inside them.
"If only you had let him cross he would be alive", i can already see the it

Maybe it's less suspicious to bring over a water bottle than it is to bring over a sealed package.

Its probably because it looks like water or juice or something.
Its easier to hide it in plain sight than it is to hide crystals i guess.

Lmfao but this is 100% true

remember, that's degrees Fahrenheit, normal body temp is Fahrenheit is 96.4
105 degrees celcius would mean he was above boiling

>Wow you mean the headline doesn't deliver the full content of the story to you?

From reading only the headline, I am hoping that it was the border agent's family who received a million dollars as a thank you from the government for their father's part in protecting this country against drug smugglers.

I guess there must be some advantage or they wouldn't do it.

Yeah, if you use Fahrenheit.

Well since its liquid, its can be transported in a wide variety of containers that make it less conspicuous, than having to go about hiding the solid rock.

This reminds me of that image of the black guy holding a massive bag of bread.

>less compact form
Liquid is probably the less compact form.
They have to cook it then cut it with additives.

HE dindu nuffin he was a good boy bringing the US some grade A Tijuana apple juice.
The cops switched the drink obviously!

>sacrificing your son for money and a chuckle

You know damn well they don't miss him.

>I guess there must be some advantage or they wouldn't do it
God damn so many problems in the world would disappear if people had this humility instead of trying to use government to force others to do x in how "I think it should be"


I remember that


Normally US Border stories are full of jackboot kissing retardation but this is just mindbogglingly stupid the other way round. Does your legal system find a way to screw up everything?

How the hell is this the US governments fault? If you have drano in a sippy cup and you're told to prove it's water by drinking it.. and you /do/.. how is that not your own fucking retardation at work?

>And how is this the border agent's fault?
California court system. Kid could have murdered the guard and the family would still have gotten compensation.

>die of heat stroke
top kek

they will literally come up with anything

because if he hadn't done it he would have been arrested, so it's like saying it's not my fault if I come up to you with a gun on my hip and say drink this liquid or I'll lock you up in my basement for years

That's the one. There are some things in life that money can't buy.

so you would rather die than be locked for your own stupidity? How about you choose neither and dont cross the border carrying drugs

So nobody is at fault here for making the decision to illegally smuggle drugs into a world superpower presently in the midst of clamping the fuck down on border control? All the moral issues happened when the border guard said "drink your juice then"?

The OP didn't link to the full article, but it sounds like the family just won a wrongful death suit, the actual border patrolman wasn't charged with anything. The proper procedure would probably have been to seize the contraband, detain the teenager and run a chemical analysis, and it is trivial to show that following that procedure would not have plausibly led to the teen's death, while the actions the border guard took did plausibly lead to his death, even if the guard wasn't directly responsible.

I'm not saying they deserve the money, but that's how the law works when it comes to law enforcement.

fucking kek

why did he fucking drink it then?

darwin award

it's smaller, because it gets dissolved

>ayyyy mang thats not meth amigo, its blue gatorade
>Then drink it faggot
>o..ok homes...

>Mexican Intellectuals


Meanwhile, Colombian Intellectuals are evolving, get on my level or fuck off Mexico

So they're supposed to run chemical analysis on and detain every fruit-drink-toting imbecile that tries to cross the border?


Lol it's surreal to see it all happen and watch basically everyone around me panic at stories like that. "Oh my goodness, a whole 25% of homeless people are women! We need to lower that number ASAP! Also, equal rights!"

>Colombian intellectuals
Seriously? You mean big-boobed girls right?

Fahrenheit. If someone stuck you in an oven you'd be dead long before your body got to the point where your blood was boiling away.


Those are shock troops

I once reached 106 degrees. It's painful and I was at a summer camp, when I was 11. They didnt even send me to the Hospital

>Cross border with illegal drugs
>ingest them to prove it
>[insert major miscarriage of justice]
>his family gets $1 million



>even when you kill them, illegals still get money from the government

wew lads, what a time to be a live

>His temperature soared to 105 degrees

How is this possible? Thinking that at 100 degrees water boils.

his family can afford the investor visa which requires 1 million.

as long as people immigrate legally, i thought it was all okay

border guards were suspicious
told him to drink his "apple juice" to prove it is
he actually drank the liquid meth
he died of an od

You can't bluff if you're literally drinking poison, jesus christ man

same thing right?

Remember that Americans use retarded measurement units

It isn't.

He claimed it was apple juice, tried to lie his way through by being the dumb beaner he was, and paid the toll.

One less worthless piece of shit on our side of the border, he'd have probably milked $1.1 mil out of us after having 20 kids over the next few decades, so I guess it's a fair trade.

Who just has apple juice lying around their car? Couldn't he have thought of a better lie?

>attempting to smuggle drugs across the border in liquid form
>border agents tell him to drink the liquid to prove that it's not drugs
>dumb spic drinks it knowing full well that it's meth
>his spic family gets $1M compensation for his failed drug smuggling routine

The only pleasure I take from this story, is the fact that the kid died a painful death.

Remember that us Amerilards use horrendous Imperial units.

Why the fuck is meth so popular in US and Mexico? It's not really like adderall, you know.

Who the fuck determined his family should receive ANY amount of money?!

>but mexicans work hard


Zoom zoom Demitri


dont bring suspicious things across borders and expect no one to be wary of whats inside or prove your authenticity you damn idiot, they're protecting the people inside not out he was going to be arrested either way

yes, its a long process but it ensures accountability and no liability on either party

Why not say its a piss bottle or dip spit?

Its a social thing. Meth addicted parents give birth to meth addicted children who grow up to have meth addicted kids with fellow meth heads.

He wasn't prepared to become so uncomfortably energetic.

so. he was ok with other people killing themselves with the shit he brings in, because survival of the fittest right?

Sucks for him. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. His family likely got robbed by a cartel immediately thereafter and were killed, or are back to being abjectly poor.

98.6 I thought...?


Pardon my ignorance, why is this lad totally submitting to her?

>paying the family because he committed suicide


The funniest part is, it is almost certain that this (meth)od has worked before. Just not now, not for him.

>whats in the bottle, jose?
>just my apple juice, senor gringo! i love apple juice!
>just juice? then drink some of it!
>*jose drinks*
>*jose spergs out and dies*

It was two border agent that """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""coerced""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" him to drink it. Lolbertarians, how would you do this differently?

Mainly because its cheap, easily made, and heroin and cocaine weren't as easily available in the country / rural parts of the US through the 1990s-2005 range
In comparison to the rest of the country, there is barely any meth in the northeast US (ny, boston, etc), the italians and puerto ricans kill those who import or cook it and heroin and coke is plentiful there.

>Mi Corazon

How the fuck does the family get money for this dumb little shit.

The mexican would need to pay for the meth in addition to the border agents' time he wasted

Jews. They developed a culture around the Talmud of taking the Torah and then twisting and deconstructing the Law until there was nothing of its essence remaining and then reconstructing it to be whatever they wanted. They would do this to get away with doing things that were forbidden, such as sacrificing their children to Molech....they reasoned ways it would be ok. Here's a great example: the command is given to wear a blue thread on the wings of your garments. Well, they took wing to mean corners and thus even blankets have corners that they reasoned would then also need the fringe. Well, they reasoned if one were to cut the blanket such that one of the corners of it were rounded, it would only have 3 corners instead of 4 and thus you would not have to add fringes to if. This is what they do and why they have developed such a high verbal IQ and why they excel in the legal field. That is also why our justice system is absolute shit. It's become a game for Jews of trying Jew the other Jew lawyer in court such that their sophistry has escalated to astronomical levels of absurdity. It now requires a ridiculous amount of education and cleverness to succeed which makes legal costs insanely high. This has meant that legal action by deep pocketed individuals can be used to intimidate and ruin in ovens people with little means to pay because legal fees alone irrespective of the merits of the case can ruin people. This is also why technicalities and reinterpretation of words are so common. They reinterpret the Constitution to mean whatever they want without having to go through the standard process of changing it (see: definition of militia and well-regulated in 1780s). This is also why legislation has to be so assininely specific and bills have to be hundreds to thousands of pages long. Because Jews are going to pick it to pieces for loophiles and average people can't understand it so they can't hold anyone accountable.

It's Jews.


Im too lazy to test anything so next time with anything worse just detonate it or whatever. We'll see if you're lying. It's like trial by water for witches

Pretty good analysis, I must say. The stuff on their reinterpretation of the Torah etc. fits with even sympathetic perspectives on them!