How does Sup Forums feel about the African Continent getting RICED?

With millions of girlfriendless NEETs, China has been colonizing the African continent giving the males a plethora of women since such a huge gender imbalance was created as a result of the One Child Policy. All the while ravaging the land for next to nothing on their part.

Is it also possible that we will start seeing heavy anti chinese sentiment in the future since it is already brewing








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I'd rather more Chinese than niggers.

Could it lead to armed conflict if China sends soldiers in to protect its assets and people?

eh kinda good idea but both china and Africa are already too overpopulated


While people in the West keep crying about white people for colonization hundreds of years ago, they turn a blind eye to the legitimate colonization happening this instant. Perhaps they knpw China gives no shit in the matter

The more I think about this the more perfect it is.

No really, On one hand it could very well turn Africa/Liberals against china, Calling them new colonials and ruining these peoples homes.

On the other hand, If china succeeds they could very well make Africa a land no longer known for rabid dindu's.

It's a win win.

They will also have smarter half castes that could easily rule over the others while retaining loyalty to China

All women berong to Asians

>Militant China with an unlimited supply of ChinkApe super-soldiers and unrestricted access to the resources of the Dark Continent
>a good thing

I would be so, so happy to see billions of half-chinese pop up in Africa and replace all the bodongos. the IQ would soar and the culture would be amazing to watch and the girls would probably be QTafbropai.

In fact, I'm officially rolling for digits to get kek's help in replacing the unga dunga men with riced out Y chromosomes. HAIL CHINA. GREAT HISTORY.


Negroes will start saying they built the great wall and were emperors and shit

trips of truth.
chinks are like jews, just there's like a billion and a half of them and they aggresively buying new land and properties.

what could their goal be tho, are they actually working of their own accord or are they falling into a jewish keikaku ?

match made in hell. its like 2 groups of con artists trying to form an alliance.

Feels bretty good desu senpai.

That lady on the left is so beautiful. Hoyl crap she is hot.

How can Sup Forums be so racist against such fine specimens? How can you call them apes? You're mentally ill / blind

China will take complete control of Africa eventually.

If anybody could tame Africa, it'd be the Chinese.
Thank god it's about fucking time. Let's get the second round of railroads going.

exactly. I'd much rather be able to possibly visit the lands of africa where chink mafia just wanna run drug plantations in peace instead of billions of chimp roaches breeding to consume moar resources

It's a fucking ape. You've been spending too much time in the jungle of London, Tarzan.

>not seeing his sarcasm. lel

To be clear, Asians of nearly every stripe have been far more productive and ingenious than Africans. I can only hope Asian culture takes root in Africa, although the way African natives breed it will be hard for the Chinese to take a commanding foothold.

I'd probably keep her as a sex slave desu

>not understanding meta-posting irony
Fuck off, you tiny Serbian brainlet

>haha it's looks like we're on a day

>Be Chinese
>Go to Africa


probqably good for everyone involved


>AIDS fart

anyone have the kids doing the slant eyed to the asian volunteer kek

>apes marry fucking fish for their wealth
>fish marry apes to acquire their land

I find something ironic in the sense that the lowest IQ locale are being invaded by people of higher IQ instead of the other way round.

Maybe it will bring them up to human standards?

farm the rice
pay the price

>I find something ironic in the sense that the lowest IQ locale are being invaded by people of higher IQ instead of the other way round.

Do you not understand the history of The British Empire or colonialism?



It would be interesting if groups start rebelling against their chinese overlords

wtf is with that picture, is the chink the boyfriend or the banker?

you are only allowed to be racist against whites remember, so they can't fight eachother

Omg a girl is gold digging someone. Totally the first thing ever happened!

You don't think the Chinese would crush any inevitable rebellions?

I'm all for it. Europe gave it a shot, but bailed. So let's see what based chinaman can do.

hes the boyfriend and his profession is banking. .


Blasians can be cuties

>Time decided to find out what the face of Africa will be like in 2015 and its beautiful!




It will prevent pic related from happening. China is the only country with the balls to implement population control.

Good i wish them the best. The African will only work when organised and shepherded like livestock. The Chinese are still ruthless and driven and not fat, decadent and self hating like the white man. Take up the white man's burden! Drive the primitive, fecund African into useful service for a more intelligent race, or else needful extinction.

What if the Chinese give up and leave if all of their projects go over like pic related

Niggers are too retarded to have effective rebellions. The main reason why they succeeded rebelling against whites is because the whites had sympathy for the blacks, and Europe was weakened by WW2.

Can't wait until they try to kick them out like they did the whites and they just say no. Then bust out the flamethrowers.

People don't realize China has been in Africa for like 50 years. They aren't just going to walk away from their investment.

I think it's a good thing, but that it will ultimately fail in much the same way that colonization 1.0 did.

One thing to remember about China is that China's entire history is a cycle of China building up really big and then collapsing in a spectacular fashion. It's naive to believe that they have escaped from this cycle simply because we have cell phones now.

China will likely collapse in a spectacular fashion once again. With this, their influence over Africa will weaken in a fashion quite similar to the way in which Europe's colonial might faded in the 20th century. In the end, all of China's contributions to Africa will be wasted on it.

What are these people going to eat? They can't feed themselves now.

Feels great. I hope the Chinese don't make the mistake the Europeans did by treating them like people

Chink + Nig = superior genetics.

>continent full of blasians; either smart and fit, or a horrible mush of retard weaklings.

Nothing says "superior" like being unable to drive the car you just stole

The Chinese will rule the niggers how they are meant to be ruled. niggers try and fight back, out come the chinese flame throwers, no fucks given.

That is terrifying.

fucking lol

chinese physique + African iq


as soon as african niggers get a taste real civilization they'll settle down

How can this chink be so smug when whites advanced faster than they did?

I felt bad for Eddie in that scene. He didn't deserve to get berated like that since he's obviously much more intelligent than the average Congolese.

spain has been on a shit posting roll tonight.
Either people will get fucking mad at the chinks and will cause a happening, or Africa will get riced and half civilized. Carry on chinks.
Worst case scenario is africa stays the same and some chinks get their nuts off


Not to mention China was a complete shithole up until 40 years ago. If it wasn't for taking over the American manufacturing industry, chinks would be living in mudhuts.

>Implying it still isnt

At least they will be better at math.

Fuck off, Eddie was sabotaging everything the entire time, he was no better than every other nigger in the show.

Would love to see the Chinks genocide Africans

Chinese people immigrating to Africa is probably a good thing in general, Chinese genes are probably better for civilization. However,
>ravaging the land
This does not sound good. Ideally I'd like this whole thing to proceed peacefully and with no damage to the environment.

That's how Chinese talk to people, it's not meant to sound degrading like it does.



First was the Wheaties, now it's the Krispies.


I wonder if there's an ebonics version of the Chinese language...

It's called Korean.

Is that a SEA?

Or a fresh chink-nigger half breed?

what on earth

Nah some flip that got BLEACHED


NO! We need to protect the endangered African species.
You see, without a steady influx of Africans into the gene pool, Olympic records will stagnate, and we won't be able to beat our current records for about 100 years.
Olympic participation & viewship will eventually decline as a result of this, and sports programs will decline, and the money will probably be diverted toward police/military spending since crime will increase as angry males won't have sports to contain their aggression. But that's just the beginning....

Without the black male as a competitor for sex with females, white and asian males will have to compete against each other. While previously, they could laugh about dividing up Africa, and easily out compete the blacks for women simply by having a job and not being in jail, now they will be forced to see each other as competitors. While the white male is craftier, the Asian male is clearly more disciplined and wise than the white male, and will outcompete whites for wives. You see where this is headed?

With no safe outlets to compete against Asian males, no sports, no jobs: white males will become the criminals. White males will become the niggers.
You think the Asians are going to let us get away with half the shit Africans let us get away with? They're too smart and insecure for that.
After white-on-asian crime demonstrates to asians that white males are nothing more than violent savages. Asians will begin to colonize the West. Countries like Japan will set aside their differences with China and Korea for a lucrative opportunity to actually own resource-rich land for once in their history. They might even let the Kim dynasty in N.K. drop a couple nukes on us.

Oh (you)


White cuck Asians, Blacks cuck Whites, Asians cuck Blacks.

>really makes you think

>that subtle racism that surprises you at the end
>Nintendo not even aware of it makes it even more awesome

Whats the effect on the offsprings IQ?
>mfw we may see a civilized non-white african country in our lifetime