Where do you think Western Europe will head the next ten years?

Where do you think Western Europe will head the next ten years?




Riots and unreast will increase tenfold. Buckle up.

CHIMP OUT. When the economy tanks.

Yep and I doubt some countries are strong enough to fight them

>Where do you think Western Europe will head the next ten years?


Some countries, deportations. Others, civil war in 20 years.

I'm afraid Europeans are already too domesticated to take up arms and resist the invaders.

where is the answer

To hell I hope.

under water like the rest of the world

to hell i hope

Take a wild guess.

>Where do you think Western Europe will head the next ten years?
Down the drain

10. Not much change.

I think the slide into becoming a 3rd world shit hole will be gradual and most people won't notice it. The new norms and values of society are changed every couple of years, diluting our European culture and conditioning the local populations more and more until living in multi cultural hell holes is just the norm.

Look back from 2007-2017, there was no one big happening, just many different events and critical moments that led us to here. Even the migrant crisis took place over a number of years and is still ongoing as I type. The far right in Britain, BNP, got over 1.5 million votes. Now it would be almost unthinkable for anyone in the u.k to vote for them. UKIP are the new far right, and they are being squeezed. Mass dissent has been crushed bar a few of us shit posters.

Europe is fin. But fuck, we really wuz kangz once lads.

Eastern Europe will rise as the west falls.

>meme answer
To hell, I hope.

>non meme answer

We are currently seeing the start of a new nationalistic fever gripping all western european countries. The media and the powers that be won't be able to control the growing public dissent with the refugee problem.
We're either going to see France and Germany at each other's throath in the next ten years or a new, reformed EU with far more right wing agenda.
Or the US pulls a rome and annexes Europe.

I don't think Europe will exist in its current form by mid-century. The next ten years will just be more rapid decay, and the decay will be normalized and accepted by people who above all else wish to avoid violence. Whites are so separated from their own identity and neutered by pop culture that they'll willingly walk into extinction rather than put an ax in someone's flesh, as they really should.


Lots of riots and fighting in public during everyday things like shopping and schools. This will lead the youth to assemble into a RWDS kind of group. Once their European spirit is reawakened, then maybe there will be a successful 4th reich and mass deportation. I am sure that there will be a civil war in either Sweden, France, or Germany relatively soon (8yrs). For now, I will only travel central and eastern europe. This next decade will determine the ultimate fate of the white race, I think we will barely make it, but we might be preemptively attacked by Israel. A Trump/Republican led US will let Europe burn as they ascend to a position of more hegemony.

Norway and Denmark will be fine. I don't care about the rest, they made their own beds.

>Or the US pulls a rome and annexes Europe.
The US government is so infested with Jews at the moment there's no possibility that we'll be able to help you all out. You should see the evening news in this country. Every single night, it's "TRUMP IS IN BED WITH RUSSIA!" and the guest who is saying this will be a Jew 100% of the time.

Some Jew was on CBS tonight saying Paul Manafort/Trump laundered money with Russia, despite the fact this conspiracy theory was blown back in January when it was outed that the (mostly Jewish) Ukrainian government manufactured the whole thing to benefit Hillary Clinton during the election. And the "Ukrainian" holding up documents in front of TV cameras was the most heeby non-Ukrainian person I've ever seen. Short, squat, balding, 10 pounds of stubble on his face.

Until the West deals with these rats, nothing will change.

When Germany and France finally implode, the sewage tide will go north.

>I don't care about the rest

Just wondering where the fuck you and Sweden was when we fight for centuries islam waves... who the fuck will give a shit about you when they will enslave you???

Our mommy Sylvi Listhaug won't let that happen.

Eastern Europe will survive precisely because of people like this guy, who haven't forgotten the poison of Islam

No, it will be met with machine gun fire if it gets to the point of anarchy in the mainland imo.

You're going to have to literally invade and ethnically cleanse Sweden and Finland and colonize the remains to stop the brown tide.

You're right.

>Where do you think Western Europe will head the next ten years?

I think it will stay in exactly the same place

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