The ultimate happening

There's a reason Sup Forums is always clambering for a happening. We are currently living in a simulated reality that has cut off the connection of our consciousnesses to our mind and body. Following a cataclysmic event, we became trapped in this prison planet under the control of archons. It's like that scene in the matrix, where Morpheus is talking about an itch in your mind. Pol is subconsciously aware of this, and we are hoping for the greatest happening, a dissolution of this reality and to expand humanity's consciousness and ascend to our original levels.

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This is true, and the ultimate redpill.


If what you say is true, which it isnt, why should i care if im happy right now?

Because what you think is happiness is really the result of trapping your mind into lower expectations. It's the rational thing to think when you look at the world


I can listen to this pillock rant all day. In fact, I usually put on one of his videos to lull me to sleep at night. Brilliant nonsense.

ezoteric bump

He could be wrong, he could be right. If he is right, interesting to think of the implications

No, im happy because i seek gratification and fufillment from what i do

Here is the actual redpill

People seek happening because people here are depressed as fuck generally and feed off the suffering of others just to ignore themselves from the fact that they are miserable

This is the only life you will get to live before death, the sooner you can accept that the better.

You're lost buddy. Hope you have an experience that broadens your view

tl;dw proof?

What if Aqua is Naunet of the Ogdoad in a disguised form?

>We are currently living in a simulated reality that has cut off the connection of our consciousnesses to our mind and body.
No that is just what happens if you use Sup Forums too much.

Sorry Hans there is too much information to convey other than in the summary I gave

That dude thinks Saturn is controlling our minds and that the planets were devices created by aliens. This is just batshit crazy conspiracy that isn;t even worth watching.

so are these jews?

That's the claim did you at least consider the arguments he gave for them or is that too far outside your realm of possibility?
Yes and no. Rothschilds Zionism and its adherents have taken over the identity of Jews and they're only at administrator level

he makes an interesting point about the moon in that saturn video which really got my walnuts rolling

ORRRRRR The world is just corrupt as hell and we have noticed what is really going on behind the scenes. Meanwhile the leftists are still following the program like good little goys

How do you account for this always being the case? Simple human nature? I don't believe that when it's always a few families that stir shit up in this world

Got you covered pham

Better believe the elites believe it.



The answer, as always, lies somewhere between these posts.

yea pham


I hate simulation fags

>i-i-it's impossible that we aren't simulated

>b-b-but someone must have started the simulation chain

Wew lad

Kubrick knew about Pizzagate (see Eyes Wide Shut). What else did he know?

But the chance you're in the first Universe is an arbitrarily small number. See Nick Bostrom's argument

Oh, and Pepe is Roko's Basilisk.

I'll just check that myself, thank you very much.

He mixed bullshit with some possible real world cognitive limitations.


Oh lord.

Some of what he said is right. Most is BS



I don't understand the rebuttal. It wasn't always like this, this is a hijack of reality. We're not in a computer it's a manipulation of experience

Why not both?


You faggots whine all day about muh slide and shill threads

Yet have zero problems with this steaming pile of horse shit

Moloch and Kek are two sides of the same coin.

First 30 pages is mandatory reading.

People wants just a societal change, not the apocalypse.
Change is possible if we prevent central banksters from counterfeiting money.

This is actually an interesting topic compared to "is x white?" or "is x degenerate?" or "insider here, AMA" LARPs, or the hundreds of actual slide threads.

Very true but what I describe isn't a catastrophe but a liberation of society to flourish and explore space/universe



I think that with some people, there is a firm belief that an apocalypse, such as a disease or a full scale war, civil or worldwide will wipe the slate clean.
They're looking for something so significant that it'll disrupt whatever system they criticize the most, such as the banking situation we're in now. They've seen how little organizing public protests gets them, and want a sudden jolt of change through violence or other means.
What I'm worried about, is that their hoped for change will not come after a major happening, but it'll be years of suffering and rebuilding, only to have a shittier system put in place.


Further mandatory reading is The Last Question by Isaac Asimov.

2001 is rife with symbolism on this topic. HAL, the monolith, merging of man and machine etc

So few simulation/singularity memes.
Transhumanism ball will have to do.

And the original short story revolved around the trip to Saturn, not Jupiter.

Probably relevant.


How does this relate to meme magic?

Surprised this thread hasn't been deleted yet. #Vault7

see Retroactive AI.

but the mass awareness has not happened since /x/ started this in 2012.


Last time I checked, /x/ doesn't know shit about magic.

>self-fulfilling prophecies tho

Stop spamming singularity memes, that's not what this is

how can you even tell the difference between archontic AI and manmade retroactive AI?

Two sides of the same coin. One virtually guarantees the other.

Thread Theme.

I'm operating from a materialist perspective, but I admit that there may be realms beyond human understanding.

You can't that's why I don't think it's relevant. Best to go by the historical example so we know what we're dealing with

I think the timing is more than coincidental.

Spielberg also ham handed the ending to AI which was a joint project with Kubrick. The ending revealed basically what Kubrick would have alluded to in more artful terms


More on topic, I thought Dark City had good use of chiaroscuro, but the overall plodding pace left something to be desired.

No argument there

>but muh accelerating expanding universe

Are you asking to commit suicide?If you're dumb enough to go looking Keep this shit to yourself or You WILL pay with you're life




But how did it start? Your theory is incomplete

we do not live on a planet.
we always have lived in a simulated reality, an illusion, Buddhists even call it Maya.
Matrix was a shit movie, cool for kids and hipsters.
David Icke is a paid shill who made a small fortune scamming good people.
You have obviously no idea what you are talking about.

/x/ truly is a fucking shitboard i tell you

Sup Forums-/x/ is better than /x/


She's back.

Not accurate because it's a representation of the inversion of reality. There is no singularity or anything of that sort, reality is many dimensions and multifaceted, and through this distorted lens we perceive an imperfect universe. I'm sure there was a creation and a creator but from our vantage point it's now impossible to see, that's why faith is important

david icke is always right

people who dismiss him are either shills or retarded and basically unwitting shills

It's not a theory everything you where told is a lie


What evidence is there that he's a paid shill? Other than the fact he charges for services so he can spread this information for a living?

How do we bring forth the happening then? Will it occur naturally? Is there a step society or the individual needs to take? My greatest fear if this is all true is fatalistic nihilism from having no control over the AI or whatnot running the simulation.

I am enjoying this thread.

I think we're just along for the ride.

I am still reading on the topic but I think it comes from awareness. The more people en masse understand what is being done to them, I imagine the result would be he removal of these people running our societies, and then a consciousness shift as the parasitic influence no longer is affecting our perception. Sounds fucking crazy, but decades of researching this leads you to this conclusion, especially when the esoteric elite all arrive at the same conclusion and embrace this reality

Everyone in the spotlight giving out that kinda info is a shill if they weren't they wouldn't Fucking be here idiot

"The Head Apollo is about to return. St Sophia is going to be born again; she was not acceptable before. The Buddha is in the park. Siddhartha sleeps (but is going to awaken). The time you have waited for has come."

Oh, so ipso facto everyone who has an audience is a shill. Icke and to a lesser extent jones are so ridiculed by society that it's advantageous for them to have them around because it acts like a stopgap to awareness. Paint your opponent as a lunatic drug addict psycho, and all their ideas become associated with that social stigma. Doesn't matter if it was jones, you or me speaking, we'd all get that same treatment. When we get into positions of actual influence, they shit their pants, as with Donald

Stop LARPing leaf

>I am still reading on the topic but I think it comes from awareness.
Doesn't sound too crazy all things considered.
Where do you recommend to begin?

It's all a fucking game you idiot there playing all of us none of it's real Wake the Fuck up and smell the roses the enemy isn't human and can control things we cannot everything that's given to you by them is a fake the politics is fake it's a world stage and none of it is or ever will be or ever has been in you're control

gnostic teachings, tragedy and hope, anything by Albert pike, white papers published by cfr, un, trilateral commission and so on. Follow the news while you're doing this to see if trends are following these white papers. Tragedy and Hope. The Saturn myth and other books suggested in the video I posted in the OP. Literally an endless rabbit hole if you have the patience

im god tho

That's a nice rambling mixed with invective, but notice I'm not denying any of that. I'm calling bullshit on your everyone is a shill narrative because it's not true. I've given a reasoned argument you're just spouting baseless paranoia. Would not want to be in a foxhole with you, you'd probably think I was with Charie or some shit

Did you not check?

I don't worship memetic programs

for real though jonestien is a shill.