What do you think about the new germans? Can they compete with old ones? Pic very much related

What do you think about the new germans? Can they compete with old ones? Pic very much related.

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I only care about getting that sweet German twink BP

do not respond to Germans

they ruined Europe


what rhymes with oil and drill?

We're doomed

Wow, look at that solid Aryan jawline.

>new master-race confirmed

The ultimate dystopia:

mixed race nightmare which feeds off pop culture, identity is only defined in terms of monthly changing untermensch culture of skinny jeans, pop music, gay hairstyles and mobile phones

He looks whiter than /pol

They bring us good music listen to it


He is a part of the new syrian german masterrace.

They cannot. The old ones have either been killed or died out due to old age.

I want prussia back.

By Totenkopf-SS-great-grandfather still lives. His eyes turned into liquid and he's a little nuts but.. he lives.

every time i see toni i laugh. he looks like he's straight out of some fujo bait anime.

How do you save the white race, if pigmentation due to higher melanin is dominant.

Death greets us all bruder. We lost because we had traitors among us. People who would not fight to the death.

It isn't too late :)

*darker pigmentation

He looks like a homosexual with a mental condition. Is it any wonder why he isn't a household name in the fashion industry?

Old Germans: Masters of engineering
New German's: Masters of rape and inbreeding

Those are some ugly narcissists. Look at them trying to contort their faces into attractive looks.

t. mike ching chong

*throws up

>New Germans are now light chocolate people

>all this fucking foundation on the chick

Yo she faceplants into a window she's gonna leave a cake behind


More like Nigermany

probably because he's like 20 and hasn't had time to make a name for himself
only people his age that would be universally known names in fashion are cream of the crop tier meme models

>le ebil eyebrows are superior to le ebil mustache

>old Germans: amazing technological advances in warfare, cars, jet engines, space travel etc
>Let's replace them with turks
Sure nothing will go wrong here.

>probably because he's like 20

22 and has been around for a while. He's always posted when shitskins want to make an argument that shitskins are white.

Old Canadians: Masters of dog fucking
New Canadians; Masters of dog fucking

Nothing new here.


He's a christian lebo. Sandnigger nevertheless.

>old Germans: scat porn and zoophilia

old Germans just improvised their sexual fetish by importing shitskin wild fauna (new Germans)

So the genocide is complete then?

I think this is terrible. True germans should come to Poland when you still can. We will be nice for you i promise. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Fuck this sand niggers i prefere to be friends will germans.

just fuck my shit up

The guy on the left looks more White than most of Sup Forums, honestly. I'm really surprised that a board that identifies as alt-right White nationalist has a lot of non-White people browsing it.