What's causing the skyrocketing? If it's not vaccines, then what is it?

What's causing the skyrocketing? If it's not vaccines, then what is it?

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...we did this

People having children at a later age.

Try telling parents its literally their fault their kid has autism.

This and the fact that its a fairly new diagnosis.
So many old people have autism but will never know. I.E. trump.

>1 in 1,0000
Really makes me think

More people diagnosed, not more people (proportionately) who have it.

>1 in 88
>not 14 in 88
Not enough yet.

labeling everyone and everything as "autism"

The definition of Autism is probably being broadened so many people will get benefits from the state, I am speculating I don't know if it's true.

considering everyone that is slighty different as autistic

children at old age
you know a woman around 20 who has a full term pregnancy has less chance for the child to be autistic (if the father isn't old) and has a lesser chance of breast cancer?
and the more full term pregnancies a woman has under 30, lowers the chance of breastcancer.

Its the new ADD


if a kid isnt another sheep in the flock, autism. Sad!

Over diagnosed

There is a lot of money to be made in getting guillable families to buy pills and have their kids see psychiatrists for non existent problems.

Spike in the nigger and beaner population

(((Your people))) should know

A combination of older, less healthy people having children and children being overstimulated and not being allowed to let that energy out.

i.e. Parents/babysitters planting their kids in front of 70 inch televisions and videogames and computers and internet and whatever while they go to work instead of sending them to run around outside and play games with other kids in the neighborhood, etc.

Also, like someone else said, it's the new ADD and is being overdiagnosed and just letting kids grow out of it. Like the insanity it is when some 4 year old girl says something like, "I think I'm a boy," and then actually giving your kids hormones to make that kid be a fucked up thing, rather than just letting your kid reach adulthood and make their own decisions then.

Boom. Problem solved. I fixed it. I'll take $100 billion dollars in federal funding now, please. Make the check payable to:

Listen, in all seriousness, I'm not saying we need a Luddite movement or anything, but we do need some people to start questioning, "Hey, um...maybe we need to reevaluate some things here..." This shit pisses me off.

It's a modest increase at best, reportedly about 20 to 40 percent increase from studies I looked at. This does NOT account for my OP.

As we learn more about autism doctors are diagnosing more children with it and the banner of things that fall under the catagory of "Autism" is widening, its not that those damn doctors are pumping babies full of evil chemicals that stop them from dying of tuberculosis, you fucking mouth breather.

oh silly that's not how commas are used in numbers.
>sees that it's directly quoting the graph
what the shit

Broader diagnosis.
No parental guidance because parents always at work.
Less social interaction due to more time spent online, less face to face interaction.
Women having children later in life.
Less connected communities, even in an apartment building people keep to themselves.
Increase in childhood medication, such as for being "hyperactive".


Diagnosing is getting more liberal. Autism is a personality type, not a disorder.

It's a fake disease invented as a moneymaking scheme.

Neurotoxines are everywhere (Aluminium, Aspartam, fireworks, air pollution, water pollution, food pollution, heavy metals...)

It's too late.

the autism "spectrum" becomes bigger as autism is more understood, the amount of kids having autism isn't higher, just that more stuff is considered autism and children's mental diseases are easier to diagnose

People assertion on over-diagnosis seem to be correct when taking this graph in to account. Real autism (aka. low functioning), seem to have not gained to same prevelance as the high functioning variety.

Fuck the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex that drugs everyone

what about this "study" that show that teen moms have higher chance of having autist children. Apparently ideal age is both parents in their 20s.


>Autism rates were 18 percent higher among children born to teen moms than among those born to moms in their 20s.

>Autism rates were 15 percent higher in children born to mothers in their 40s, compared to those born to moms in their 20s

>Autism rates were 66 percent higher among children born to dads over 50 years of age than among those born to dads in their 20s. Autism rates were 28 percent higher when dads were in their 40s versus 20s.

>Autism rates rose still higher when both parents were older, in line with what one would expect if each parent’s age contributed to risk.

>Autism rates also rose with widening gaps between two parents’ ages. These rates were highest when dads were between 35 and 44 years old and their partners were 10 or more years younger. Conversely, rates rose when moms were in their 30s and their partners were 10 or more years younger.

The growing influence of Sup Forums

Yes because a doctor is needed to diagnose autism.
>People having children at a later age.
between 1999 and 2000?

It's a meme mental disorder. Kind of like ADD from the late 90s and 2000s. ADD just means "My parents can afford to shop for doctors and they want me to have an unfair advantage on tests in school." People can get preferential treatment for their kids for getting them diagnosed with autism now. It's really getting to be annoying how we built this culture that incentivizes weakness.

30 years ago the CIA figured out that they could bump up the idiot savant rate within our population with vaccines and trigger chemicals in the water. This was done because it was known at the time China would eventually have an army of mentally retarded super geniuses competing with the USA and would win out on sheer population alone in the upcoming Aug Wars.

Unfortunately for the CIA they forgot the most important rule of Organization - You always create your own worst enemy.

Fuck my dad was 57 and my mom was 38 when I was born. I guess I'm a fucking autist goddamnit

-new measurements of autism made to recognize autists who wouldn't have been recongnized as autists several years ago

-couples making kids at an older age, highly increasing the risks of giving shit genes to their kids


The classroom setting is terrible for boys. Sitting in one place staring at a teacher talking for hours and hours. It's designed for females and jews who are used to reading the torah over and over.

There's no increase in autism, there's always been autistic people, it's just that in the past it wasn't so well known or as frequently diagnosed.

Failing to vaccinate a child is dangerous & stupid.

Women were considered a lower risk for autism for a while, but they think now girls can just hide it better / the autism manifests in different ways doctors were not looking for.

>Your 8 year old has a short attention span, can't sit for long and doesn't care if his room is a mess
Oy vey your child has Attention Deficit Disorder! Give him expensive drugs that I get a kickback on the sale of!

>Your 8 year old has no problem focusing, does great in school, and keeps his room neat and tidy
Oy gevalt! Your child has autism! You need to get him in behavioral therapy. Tell them Dr. Circumcisionberg sent you. I'll get a kickba-uhh I mean you get a discount!

Hanging doctors should be legal.

Diagnosing normal young male behaviour as autism

Autism master race.

Correlation does not equal causation you sperg

Meme magic. A secret army is rising. Soon we will ascend to the top of the world through manipulation and sheer computation power. Weaponized Autism.

Same thing the pharma industry did with depression.

They broadened the definition so much that if you have a shitty day you are clinically depressed and are encouraged to see a (((psychiatrist))) to get (((pills)))

Seriously. I remember I failed my music class because I didn't bother memorizing the lyrics to Allstar by smash mouth and now I know it by heart. I also failed history and geography in high school, I started playing paradox gsgs and bam, I know more about history and geography than the average person and definitely more than the instructors who failed me. Ever since then I haven't been able to take school seriously, they're not trying to teach me, they're trying to indoctrinate me to believe whatever I hear from an authority figure and dismiss anything I don't.


Maybe your graph is a tad exaggerated then.

>I failed my music class because I didn't bother memorizing the lyrics to Allstar by smash mouth

What the fuck kind of school did you go to where that was part of the curriculum?

Snowflake parents can't handle hearing their child is retarded so they just call it Autism now. Go look at a graph of retards over the same period. Strangely it has dropped off a cliff. It's like we cured retardism!

The issue with depression is, not only that sickness is over-diagnosed (though I acknowledge there are real cases that require assistance and monitoring), but the drugs are almost useless in regard of efficacy and Risks/Benefits ratio. I still don't understand why a drug that has not be proven to be more effective than a Placebo is approved for use by the medical authorities.

>I failed my music class because I didn't bother memorizing the lyrics to Allstar by smash mouth

The definition of autism has greatly expanded. That's basically it.

Children being bore when parents are older (likely mother).

New definition on autism that enclose a lot more people.

New diagnosis techniques

Im no expert but pretty sure thats the cause. Theres a reason our ancestors had kids when theyre much younger. Evolution taught them well I suppose

>what the fuck kind of school
>a school in Canada

Bruh, your average high schooler in Canada thinks neither world wars would have been without Canadian contributions.

>I remember I failed my music class because I didn't bother memorizing the lyrics to Allstar by smash mouth

Gotta be honest, kiddo, I'm no doctor but it sounds like you got a bit o' the 'tism.

Autism used to be people who never learned to talk, were completely shut inside their own mind, no interpersonal skills ever developed.

Now everyone who's a little socially awkward from time to time has some kind of (((spectrum disorder))) It's complete fucking garbage.

>Theres a reason our ancestors had kids when theyre much younger
Well a big reason people are having kids later is because they'd rather focus on their jobs or leisure.

There wasn't as much, if any, upward mobility for most of history so they had no reason to put family over work and there weren't as many opportunities for leisure as there are today.

This basically, said a few times in the thread. People who have children over 35 have a hard time fathering or having children, especially if the partner is of the same age or similar age as they are.

The older you are the problems of genetic etc. diseases grow year by year, for your future child. Even for men, they do deteoriate as well as women.

Also the shit that you feed them is unhealthy, it is full of chemicals. Furthermore there is the non-parenting element mentioned by user, which fucks their last chance at life up.


Dunno senpai.

Part of the reason doctors often suggest expensive over best treatment is because they get a commission for it in America.

This can mean raising your drug prices can actually get an otherwise unremarkable treatment used more often simply because the doctor gets paid more money.

The internet

Almost all retards are aborted dude. That's why the rate of "retardism" has decreased significantly over time.

>Pharmaceutical companies bribe doctors to overprescribe drugs

Why is this legal?

Don't answer that. I know (((why)))


>not getting medical diagnosis from street gypsy

Apparently this is actually a big problem in the USA. People are capitalizing on a false diagnosis, which is really horrible for low income autists who probably need the shekels

Obesity, compare the graphs of fat women to autism, they look the same. Basically your fat mom made you autistic.

It's almost like they broadened the definition and more people fell in to the diagnosis.

Why doesn't that graph have a 0-19 and 20-34 line?

Heavy metals like cadmium and lead in the mothers body.

Suppression of childhood trauma and witchcraft

Being diagonised as a medical illness rather than being just a personaility difference
Kids being born later
The internet (where people were encouraged to force to norms as opposed to autistic things being normalized)
Victimhood culture encouraging promoting your faults rather than your strengths

These days, any kid who isn't overly social is labeled an autist.