Only african country that has never been conquered by europeans

>only african country that has never been conquered by europeans
>one of the oldest languages in the world
>origin of the human species
>probably oldest culture in the world
>so loved and special that many african states copy the ethiopian flag

and still all the people know the country for is ethiopian jokes about starving people

sucks being ethiopian

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>be surrounded on 3 sides by Somalia
>be surrounded on all sides by Africa

I have to concur with your assessment OP

>>only african country that has never been conquered by europeans
I'm afraid Italy's done that though. Still, it's amazing in lasted so long and it's pretty much the only african country I actually respect

Ethiopian Christianity is breddy based

Uh, Italy.

Literally conquered by the laziest and most incompetent of all Euroshits.

I feel bad for Ethiopians because they get all of their shit appropriated by West African niggas

>ethiopia is so great
>posted with austrian flag

Forgot to mention that Jamaican and American dindus literally began worshiping the last Ethiopian Emperor as divine, as well as holding the Ark of the Covenant.

It also has tens of millions of literal street shitters

I'm Ethiopian-American. It's important to note that Ethiopia is a massively dysfunctional nation and is very poor by even African standards. We have a lot of history but that's about all we have. It's far better to be jungle savages then later colonized by Europeans than to be medieval African peasants that remained peasants.

What is Italy?

I think you have to double check the map, just look at the map key Sven Cuckson

They lost to fucking Italians, how shit do you have to be to lose to Italians.

>I've never once played hearts of iron and I am posting on pol

The Italians got wrecked the first time they tried

helps that ethiopians are largely caucasian no doubt. black definitely but not bootlips.

>only african country that has never been conquered by Europeans

But Ethiopia is actually one of the less shit African countries. West Africans are literal ooga booga's and try to take credit for what Ethiopia has accomplished.

>only african country that has never been conquered by europeans


I have always been infatuated by Hailey Salsassie for some reason.

But nah, another country where people breed beyond their capable resources.

Somalia on the other hand...

In fairness they beat the Italians before(the fact that spearchuckers could defeat a much more well armed Italian army a testament to how terrible the Italian army has been since unification.) And the second time around when they won, they made sure they won . It was as if Mussolini was aware of their terrible generals and fighting effectiveness prior to the war. He brought over a force of about 100,00 italians with 600 aircraft and 800 tanks to fight 330,000 spearchuckers(pathetic)

In fairness they annihilated the Ethiopians but I'd argue he made a blunder in bringing that many troops over in the first place when he was not sure if the Suez canal would be closed by league of nation members Britain and France, if this had happened mass starvation would of almost certainly happened and supplies would of been incredibly low.


>Never conquered by Europeans
>What is Italy

They just zerg rushed basically

If its any consolation I knew about how you fought off the Italians, plus I think your food is decent.

Didn't 50 nigs get killed a week or two ago because they were too stupid to build their homes away from a landfill and got crushed by garbage?


They won a lot throught out their history.

you forgot about Liberia.

Half of Ethiopia is Somalian anyways. The Ogaden and surrounding regions. They are like 98% Somali, speak, Somali, have some degree of autonomy, etc. I don't know why Ethiopia fought to hard to keep that dry swath of desert nothing. If they had given it up to Somalia during that after it was conquered, they wouldn't be as bad a shithole as they are today. Notice "Don't Travel" areas are mainly the Somalian areas.

I really like Ethiopian people. they are orthodox Christian and kind/warm. Only niggers I like.

It was annexed by Italy because there was nothing else left to annexe. OP you need to read your history.

Who would want it?