Walking around minding your own business

walking around minding your own business...

>nigger riot breaks out.

>see this

>First thing that comes to mind.



>First thing that comes to mind.
A slide thread

oh god what am i

Where is this from? A movie or something? That riot officer looks ballin as fuck

>nigger riot breaks out

All i need to see

I ask where he got the armor and where I can buy a set for myself. He'll say the government and I go niggerstomping.

Honestly on seeing that picture I felt the urge to stop that policeman

In real life I don't know, the bystander effect may hold me in my place

scream DO IT!

Fuck me dead!

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>"I hope that pavement is made of foam"

shit the police are actually doing something


Armor's color reminded me a of transformer toy I had when I was a kid. Didn't even notice he was stomping a nigger until my second glance.

where is this utopia?


why is he trying to stomp on crap?

American History X

t. Abderrahim Bin Shayef Al Mustafa

Why is his armour pink?

Pink reminds them of babies so they natural are deterred


dyed from blood and brain matter splatter

But nigger babies are brown?


I don't know why but green and/or brown combined with pink, dark red or purple have always been my favourite combination.

bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do watcha gonna do when they come for you

Wow Iron Man certainly has changed.

I learned about that on that Nat Geo special

make the cops some nice sandwiches as a thanks for keeping the streets clean