Is climate change real?

Is climate change real?

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No, but air pollution regulations are very important so you don't end up with poisonous air like the chinese

Oh look another climate change thread. I love how often these get posted.


No, it isn't. It's natural

Thanks, doc.

This. Air and Water pollution regulations are extremely important.

Climate change is a hoax created by the chinese

>create false panic about global cooling
>all you predictions refuse to turn real, actually gets warmer

>create false panic about global warming
>all your predictions refuse to turn real

>"fugg, we cannot continue like this :DD"
>"just call it climate change, then it covers everything and we don't need to make any predictions"
>"brilliant :DD"

It's real but it's natural and therefore nothing for us to concern ourselves with.

purple: city people

green: rural and suburban retards

Anthropogenic? Nah

Yes, the man made part is a theory made up by (((the oil industry))) to change the dialogue.
People would be discussing pollution stupid wars in desert shotholes and illnesses if (((they))) wouldn't have invented the man made climate theory.

who cares?

we gottum dis time gais.

Who gives a shit whether it is or not, it's beneficial to work against air pollution anyway and incentivize cleaner energy generation in a way that doesn't significantly impact peoples' livelihoods.

It pisses me off how retards have turned this into such a politicized issue when it doesn't have to be with doomsday fear mongering and bleeding heart whining.

I can see the leftist cancer of Austin growing inside Texas from that map.

>that map


This. It shouldn't matter that liberals support the idea of climate change, that's a stupid reason to be against something.

Liberals also breathe and eat, are you going to be against eating and breathing just because someone you dislike does it?

Wait until you learn about the Jews and their shitty rifles and you'll be all for gun control.

Sup Forums is an edgy contrarian board.

>some places are hotter/colder than average in america

Top fucking kek. Well said sir.

Yes. We have been coming out of an ice age for over 30,000 years. It is undeniable that the planet has gotten warmer, and sea levels have risen. It would be getting warmer even if humans never existed. We MIGHT have a tiny effect on it, but leftists are just using it as an excuse to plunder wealthy nations.

>that map

climate change is real
"global warming" is a carbon tax which should be prevented, so denial of "global warming" becomes the only reasonable outlook.

Yes, and it will happen with or without us, and we have no way to really influence it long term.

Climate change is real in our minds and in our marketing