If a party made it's mission to purge society from the cancer which is called Anime, would you vote for them?

If a party made it's mission to purge society from the cancer which is called Anime, would you vote for them?

Some ways they could achieve it:
>encourage fathers tho punish their children if they like anime
>encourage school bullies and teachers to bully weebs
>educate the masses about how degenerate anime is and portray it as something pathetic.
>ban most weebshit or tax it so heavily that it becomes unprofitable
>threaten to nuke Japan if they don't stop their psyop-operation to corrupt Western youth
>use drones to assassinate succesful manga/anime artists
>put anime fans into concentration camps (they could use the excuse that anime fans are more likely to shoot up a school or be recruited by ISIS)
>produce an anime which glorifies ISIS and then say that all anime glorify ISIS

I would not only vote for them, I would actively advertise them and encourage everyone I know to vote for them.

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pretty much this

Anime made me want to fuck boipussy


Go back to fucking your waifu pillow and continue fapping to your figures of little girls you pathetic fucks.

Also this is a FACT:
Anime encourages pedophilia.

The same way weed is often only a starting drug for much harder stuff, your typical anime is the starting drug for pedophilia.

You CAN'T be white and like Anime. There is a reason it was invented by fucking autistic mongoloids.

Its funny you come to a chan and complain about anime influence.

>all while posting on an anime image board
That's meta as fuck OP your taking the shit-posting to a whole new level

>anime encourages pedophilia
I'd be more concerned with the homos adopting children Heinrich

Shouldn't you be more worried about
>foreign invaders culturally enriching your women
>the potential collapse of the EU
>the forced toleration of foreign invaders
>the continued increase of faggots and faggot rights
But no anime is clearly serious business to worry about

of course
did anime ever bring alpha males to any culture ?
Sup Forums or not anime is fucking trash !


>Disdain for plebs.

>Talking about alpha males

Here come all the linp wristed anime watchers.
I have so much disdain for you pathetic fuckers.
Never met a confident strong succesful anime watcher.
The whole lot of them are losers

No, there are bigger fish to fry.

No. Mostly because I am a not a leftist, so I rather have individuals choose how they wanna live their lives, so long as they face their own consequences on their own.

What is it with Germans and having to obey a State who dictates their lives down to how many times they can pee a day? It's getting awkward...


I'm not super into anime anymore, but it beats 99% of modern entertainment, and 100% of all "social" interaction.

>implying anything beats shit-posting on Sup Forums


Anime used to be ring wing, in some cases like Attach on Titan it still is. The social retards that like socially retarded anime would still be socially retarded without it.

Destroy hollywood and all other jewish influences, after that we could start talking if we want to do anything to animes.

I said 99% for a reason, user.

>a fucking kraut



>party purges animu from society
>Sup Forums gets shut down


currently watching Ghost in the Shell: SAC episode 9 while reading this

Most of anime are cancer indeed

What do we do about the redditor problem, Sup Forums?

And why the fuck would you ban one of the last sources of entertainment that are not jew-owned? The average anime is 50x times less degenerate than most TV shows and "western" cartoons.

keep posting qt lamus to spite them.

This is a politics board. All threads should be about politics.


where is this from? looks familiar

Kek, fpbp
Sup Forums used to be an anime-only board

The politics board of an anime imageboard, lad. I agree with the notion that blatant anime discussion that isn't politics related is pretty bad, but there is literally nothing wrong with political discussion with animu tinges like reaction images. Anime discussion is almost always a given regardless of board given this is an anime website.

Urusei Yatsura

Japanese have a higher average IQ than any country in europe, Fritz. I wouldn't say "stupid mongoloids"

thank you

Fucking laughable , look the good thing about Sup Forums is that we can spill all the retarded shit we do in private and for some reason it makes everyone think that we actually do it in real life , I ain't defending the guys that go full weeb but take someone like me that is in the army and enjoys getting off to futas and is planning to place some figurine close to my collection of WW2 models.

Like fucking hell how miserable can you be to yell about anime on Sup Forums out of all places.