Maoist-Third Worldists

Are they /ourguys/, Sup Forums? They are leftists and commies but the good kind.

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>leftists and commies
>the good kind

There are no good commies

>They are leftists and commies but the good kind

both are lame tbqh

As long as we have the same enemies, commies are good in my book.


Q. If a good kind of commie and a dirty commie are thrown from a Huey at the same time, who will hit the ground first?
A. Who cares, I already nutted from the screams alone.
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>hey are leftists and commies but the good kind
There's no such thing

Racial nationalists in general suck, you can be anti-degeneracy, anti zionist, traditionalist, against identity politics and welfare states without being a white nationalist

>t. Tyrone

Sure, but it helps.

>alt right
>hate identity politics
what the fuck, we love identity politics
nationalism is entirely identity politics

>This board literally thinks that all communists are SJW and pro-immigration

Not the tumblr kind though.

>dude muh nazbol xddddd

then it should just be SJWs

NazBols and Third Worldists are very similar.

This. In any case, we do have an interest in letting identity politics develop, even of the leftist strand, because every time a cuck shouts "YOU'RE A FUCKING WHITE MALE" it makes a racially aware nationalist out of a normie. This is called Polarization.

True. Divide and conquer.

We fucked up by not taking out the commies when we had the chance

There goes our hopes and dreams of an American Empire, not this kike run, lefty infested bullshit we have

Can someone tweet the OP image to Roo?


Mao as a shabbos goy of communist jews had only one task - destroy ancient and rich culture of Chinese people and turn them into a race of slaves for globalist kikes. He was extremely successful.

Mao wasn't Jewish and broke with the USSR in the 50s.

Yet he did all he could for the benefit of globalist juden. Just a coincidence, huh Shlomo?

>Alt right
>Pro Enlightenment

Be a good little retard and make sure you don't miss the short bus to take you home, k bud?

Mao's communism was very different from the USSR's. Communism in the East is much more nationalist.

It clearly says the Alt-Right is anti-Enlightenment.

He had Jewish communist consultants, so yeah he was technically a Jewish shill.

Sauce ?

>racial nationalists
>hate identity politics

>Communists but the good kind!
The only good commie is a dead commie.

But even more successful in turning nation into a herd of mindless and cultureless slaves, to which chinese were reduced by it.

Untrue. Communism in Asia is closer to fascism.

Only good commie is a dead one

commies are the enemy dumb fuck

fucking lol'd

So it does. Jason Uhrue is still a moron if he thinks the Enlightenment was caused by colonialism and that North Korea is actually a paradise on earth.

I love that show. Jeremy Brett was the best Holmes.

He says North Korea is actually a democracy.

>Dicky Implicit dick Spencer

There were lots desu. Israel Epstein comes to mind, but basically a lot of Jewish intellectual converged in communist China to join the movement.

Spencer's wife is a huge Dugin supporter, and Dugin is anti-Israel.

He also denies that there are North Koran death camps, says there were no starvation's under Mao, tankies dindu nuffin, etc.

>good commie
>still breathing

He also says there are death camps in South Korea.

That's far from naming and opposing the jew

Yeah. He's a nut.

Dugin has exposed Israel though.

Skallagrim is based you fag

Neither and stormfags get a helicopter ride too.

>anti degeneracy
>looks like that

communism is literally extension of capitalism, the marx himself says you need seize the wealth acquired through capitalism to do something with it

Unruhe calls out SJWs for their degeneracy all the time.

Also they're both super super beta.

I guess.

go BACK to Redit

I'm not from plebbit.

WTF I love communists now!

Maoist-Third Worldists don't even believe communist revolution can happen in the West. They want to outsource the revolution to the Third World.

So they want to manipulate third worlders for their own profit, as well as creating an army of barbarians to conquer the west and ebul capitalism?


Communism is jewish

It has nothing to do with Judaism.

but you have a rat-faced kike pushing it

I'm not a Jew.

That's YOUR video?

>Racial nationalists
>Hate identity politics

Identity politics are the point of racial nationalism. Spencer talks about having identity politics for whites all the time.


Is Jason actually a racialist?

Most Third Worldists are.


They prioritize nation over class.

they are the most coherent leftist. SJWs fundamental problem is that their clients (blacks, women in America) aren't the oppressed of the earth, and actually participate in the oppression of other people who work in slave factories, or have to mine for cell phone minerals, or who live in areas where the world powers have proxy wars.

but the third worldists are defeated. any time they were successful in taking power in the past they destroyed everything and created the most dystopic societies ever. so they're a dead end. but their ideas are worth paying attention to.

only because their nations are, as a whole, oppressed by others. so in the world stage, since capitalism is global, they are paying attention to class. it's not nationalist for its own sake.

nice lmao

you're not supposed to like them, you're suppose to realize they're both a bunch of autists

/ourguys/ in the sense that we shoot them in the face the first chance we get?

Then yeah.

>Maoists believe none of these things
>but Sup Forumstards will believe anything
fuck off leftypol

But they do.

Nice try.


jason uhruhe is a retard but i like him purely because of how much he triggers first-world """revolutionaries"""

He hates Tumblr.

No, MRN is a faggot. He might have some good idea, like some of the labour theory of value by Marx is good. But overall there system and ideology leads to shit, either mass imposed starvation with Stalin and Mao or the faggot SJW snowflake egalitarianism world with outborders Trotskyite queer shit we have on the west.

Facsim is superior because it takes the anti bougiouse economical elements from Marx and makes them sustainable for the proletariat.

National Socialism>>International socialism.

Richard Spencer is good tho, Idgaf what the kike media says about him