Aren't Jews White though???

Okay, so I don't understand why so many people are always going on about "the jews". Are they not considered white (the ashkenazi jews at least)? Pic is Scarlett Johansson, half jewish; are you telling me you don't consider her to be white?

Obviously Ashkenazim have relative recent Semitic origins, but they've been in Europe intermarrying (the daughters anyway) for ages.

E.g. I'm 1/4 Jewish (two German-Jewish great-grandmothers) with the remainder being English, with a touch of French and German (my family has been in the US since the 1700s, so it's near impossible to be precise with the proportions, but over 50% British anyway.)

I'm sitting here with blue eyes and auburn hair. Are you going to say that I'm white, or nah?

Also; granted, many jews are high placed in media, industry, and international affairs. As a group, they are disproportionately wealthy. How does that suggest a conspiracy of some kind?? They've also won a disproportionate amount of Nobel Prizes. Is that a plot too?

Explain yourselves.

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For them "white" is a condition, not a color.

there are tons of people in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, North Africa, and heck even Pakistan that look indistinguishable from Europeans. Sup Forums just uses white and master race interchangeably for some reason which is why there are threads every hour arguing what white is. Tbqh just use the most liberal definition, white skin=white, assuming some moderately european features, it make the world a better place.


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OP don´t worry about it, we´ve got white privelegie here

Based Franklin

>take in more immigrants goyim


it's kind of like how the irish are honerary niggers

>white jews
There is no European jew that has 100% semite DNA. They have been buying and selling, White girls for 2000 years. They steal our DNA, and pronounce they're race beautiful based on our genetics. You cannot be 100% jew and have Nordic traits. Handsome is, as handsome does, by the way.

Its very simple, user. Jews as a group have resisted assimilation into their host countries throughout the years, and retained their ethnic identities. They move into top positions into society, and their strong ethnic ties to other jews leave open social pathways for them to advance into positions of influence.

Jews are only white when it serves the white supremacists or Sup Forumss argument. sure there are tons of pure whites who have been great the but the majority of scientific and societal advancements have been by jews, they're better at everything and hated by everyone, yet when the time comes to argue about races, they're lumped in with whites, if begrudgingly. "Whites are the best look at our civilizations and technologies and universities!"
>look into them for more othan a few seconds
>realize they're basically 70%+ Jew
baka pol

In America who really gives a fuck? Whether you're Irish, Italian, French, Jewish, it doesn't matter. Once you're here, you're "white" because people are too lazy to recognize their heritage

Reminds me of this stupid fucking kid in high school who kept claiming his race was white and didn't even know what he really was

Pure human trash

tl;dr there's no such thing as white people (or black people)

White is as much a cultural identity as it is a racial identity.

Look at US history, which races are considered white has always been a major driver of our immigration policy.

>There's no such thing as x because I say so
Go away, solipsist

Jews are on average 50% sandnigger. Unless you consider people who are half dune coons to be white, then no, they aren't.

There are white jews and non-white jews. Ashkenazis are mostly white, arab jews and others are non-white.

Jewish people tend to hate Europeans, but, for some reason, they won't leave those countries to reach for Israel. Wherever Europeans go, Jews are going to follow them. It makes you think...

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