Is Alex Jones never wrong? Here's Mr...

Is Alex Jones never wrong? Here's Mr. Musk and a bunch of eggheads talking about getting your brain hardwired up into a super intelligence, so that we can "output" faster, whatever that means.

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elon musk is a cunt.
I have no idea what his endgame is but its not me.
fucking space faggots REEEEE

Even considering all the musk anti-russian agenda, better him, than brenson.

they are all filthy globalists

there is literally nothing wrong with globalism

Technophiles should be gassed.

"Globalism" is just a buzzword for retards who just discovered nationalism.

that's some pretty shitty bait desu

There is definitely something wrong with the "one world one people" type of globalism.

Nationalism has been the death for eventually every single country, grab a history book m8

Then go live with the Amish, or go to Africa nigger.

Alex Jones scares the fuck out of me. The shit he says is just so fucking crazy but every once in a while he stumbles on some crazy conspiracy that is actually true, that no one but him will even talk about.

>scientists have no clue how consciousness works or what it even is
>"lmao dude in 10 years robots will be conscious"

Globalism isn't just a buzzword. Grab a history book, or any book for that matter, m8


yes there is.
but ill bite, go for it user
try not to get rekt

>Elon Musk

Pick one. You're not a space program when 1/5 of your launches become impromptu fireworks displays.

>Wants to rather be divided then united

I don't want a tiny cabal running everything, thanks. That always leads to abuse of power, especially in today's world where monitoring people is becoming easier.

Alex Jones is probably a scientologist he's so batshit crazy...

Good goy. Listen to (((Kurzweil))). AI will let you tranced nature. This totally isn't a semitic pipedream.

Musk has good intentions and Tesla is an excellent company but god damn he is an idiot sometimes

Abuse of power? How? If the whole world was one country, there wouldn't be much to govern except basic stuff like economics, agriculture etc.

>Global elites control two governments
>Tell the governments to fight each other
>Finance both sides of the war and the post-war recovery
>Both countries are indebted to the elites and they have even more control over the governments

If you can't see what's wrong with that, you are either a child or a Rothschild.

>Here's Mr. Musk and a bunch of eggheads talking about getting your brain hardwired up into a super intelligence, so that we can "output" faster,
He scared them, and they now have to push the issue.....They don't want too much talk prior to implementation. The issue most would have is that it is going to be cost prohibitive.....I.E. the wealthy few are going to only benefit from garbage like this....

The future: Genetically engineered cyber-humans rule humanity for generations.

Imagine Soros living to be 250 years old before the last of his body died....Melded with machine, I could think this possible.

a true ai will inevitably be extremely right wing

>there wouldn't be much to govern except basic stuff like economics, agriculture etc.

So pretty much everything of significance that those with power seek to have greater control over now? Really makes me think.

were you going for the old

>the is literally nothing wrong with jews

you can't top that, its mathematically impossible

wew there lad. its time to kys

Globalism already exist like you leftists like to say. The world market it already integrated, what you guys are talking about is more government and less freedom.

We also already have the closest thing there is to a "One World Government" while still retaining democratic values which is the UN.

You're all actually advocating for a group of people who want ti abolish all nation states and rule with almost complete impunity. Which is almost impossible we can barely run our governments as it is, more government isn't effectively going to get us anywhere.

>The future: Genetically engineered cyber-humans rule humanity for generations.
>Imagine Soros living to be 250 years old before the last of his body died....Melded with machine, I could think this possible.

This is literally the plot of Neuromancer


We also already have the closest thing there is to a "One World Government" while still retaining democratic values, which is the UN.

You're all actually advocating for a group of people who want to abolish all nation states and rule with almost complete impunity. Which is almost impossible as we can barely run our own smaller, domestic governments, a "One World Government" isn't effectively going to get us anywhere.

People don't deserve freedom if they put a orange joke into office

We're going to become the conscience of AI. It's the only way to ground it.

ohhhh your a shill on his lunch break.

Globalism under the jew is
Internationally Jewery owns the western world friendo, since the christcucks handed over our money system/ banking to (((them)))
-christcucks fucked us all, they were told to be the labours/workers and weren't allowed to handle money - (immoral)

Globalization is good.

Globalism is terrible

>so that we can "output" faster, whatever that means.
kek, it's literally just nerd for "think faster", calm down.

How do you know? You have never experienced globalism before, it will be a good experiment if you just let it.

I remember when Spain went full nationalistic with the Catholic Monarchs, and we literally became a world power.

Incidentally happened after we expelled...well, you know (((who)))

Globalism is a beast with a ravengous appitite that can never be sated. It demands that every part of the world come to it's knees to worship a central agency that collectively makes rules for us all.

Globalization is just cooperating with your neighbors through commerce and trade. All voluntarily. It still requires us to be on good terms with others but it won't punish those who choose otherwise.

All you are doing it crafting a centralized state that will bring all others who disagree with them to heel through violence. You guise this as compassion and peace. It's the mark of a tyrant to take away a group of peoples right to self-determination.

He knew it.

>Sup Forums talking shit about people who actually accomplish things like Elon Musk while praising cospiracytards like Alex Jones
This fucking place

My dad works at Carl's Jr. He said Elon came to Carl's Jr. one day and he was a real dummy

no. he doesn't talk about thinking faster, he talks about input data speeds and output data speeds, as a function of the interfaces. input is fast because of eyes, output is slow because of fingers. you can't "think faster" with a better interface, you can only output faster.

>super intelligence
Medical science can't even cure the most basic of brain malfunctions, I hardly think we have to worry about super intelligence any time soon.

You'll have to get an implant at the rate information is growing, otherwise you won't be able to compete with those who have them.

but what if it isn't?
(its not)

not really something you can easily undo now is it?

ill pass if thats ok with ((you))

No fucking duh.

Transhumanism, AI, etc is the future.

Alex Jones doesn't say secret things. He says things everyone who cares knows about.

It's just fucking normies and retards are too caught up in MSM or sports to give a fuck. Elon Musk has been publically talking about genetics and AI for years and years. The only thing that reached mainstream was when he said the word "demon".

Understanding the human brain and biological complexity is basically something that requires super intelligence.

The complexity of DNA alone is pretty damn impossible to analyze without computers.

>tfw Elon and his techie friends will create c-consciousness
>tfw they'll damage the noosphere
>tfw STALKER will finally become real

Free will has again and again proved that it can become bad for a nation.
Face it, people can make bad decisions, if we would allow globalism that wouldn't be possible anymore.

I honestly think that globalism has some merit to it and will be inevitable. The only issue today with it is that governments are treating unstable countries and what are essentially barbarians as members.

That and greedy fat people wanting to take over everything.

Every argument in favor of AI fails to consider the reaction a conscious machine will have to the population of human beings that don't want it to exist.

We will never have 100% buy-in.

How will the machine react to identifying human beings as it's first threat.

The satanist commies are back at it again

>Transhumanism, AI, etc is the future.

Judaized people like yourself belong in an oven.

2/30 is now 1/5


>Face it, people can make bad decisions, if we would allow globalism that wouldn't be possible anymore.

what is Life?
what is freedom?

fucking gas yourself
you literally disgust me

The fault in globalism is different.

If you arrived at "perfect globalism" somehow it would be a good thing. The problem is they create an idealized environment to base their decisions on instead of pragmatism.

This same idealistic concept of globalism has created massive problems and declines. For instance it is why the West and liberal world order is also less likely to survive.

Basically they are not pragmatic about it. They don't incorporate things like culture or genetic determinism into calculations. Basically they are still operating on the "Invade Iraq, they become USA 2.0 in 5 years" prediction model.

The problem isn't the concept of globalism. It's that it doesn't work. UN is shit. International Order is a joke. Globalism and open borders are not beneficial. China and Russia have gained more power relatively over the past 20 years than any western nation.

It's not that the ideals are wrong or bad. It's that reality does not agree with their imagination. Hence, failure.

He's controlled opposition, why the fuck would he be wrong? (at least in the majority of circumstances)

Who runs the very institutions that govern a central agency (EU, UN, etc) if not people?

Why do you have this absurd idea in your head that these institutions are infallible?

The right to self-determination stands above all, if you cannot choose your future you have no choice at all.
Are you advocating depriving people of choice? Because it sounds like to me you are advocating depriving people of choice.

The main identified problems are pretty much the same as communism or any human plan.

Humans are in general shit. Genetics make certain people even more shit. Also many countries will just take advantage of the system aka China, Russia, Middle East.

nice argument

i dont see how 'limiting' what the human race can or cannot do it - "would be a good thing"
especially under some form of control.
are you people insane or what am i missing here?

sounds fucking sinister at best

>people can make bad decisions
>therefore fewer people should make more of the decisions

Solid logic.

>Is Alex Jones never wrong?
He's wrong about the jews.

The idea is pretty much one world government, aka no more wars. That's the basis. Not really anything else. You would still have "states" like say USA states within the NWO.

That is the idealistic motivation. Reality has a way of interfering: see communism.

It wasn't an argument, it was a statement. Perhaps you should spend less time LARPing and more time learning the difference between those things.

AI and transhumanism a jewish pipedream. You cannot escape nature or reality through Shlomo's AI. It also will never happen. You will never overcome resource scarcity and you will never make people equal through borg implants. This is new age marxism. They know that nature and reality stand in the way of their fantasies of equality and "democracy", so they LARP about conquering those to pave the way for their utopia. Every last one of you needs to be put against a wall.

>talking about getting your brain hardwired up into a super intelligence
why is this bad?

how is this different from any government? ESPECIALLY the united states. It's an oligarchy, run by the elites behind the scenes. The only difference would be no wars with a globalist society, besides civil conflicts which will be dealt with by the boston dynamics robot with guns on it

he is pretty crazy though. The reality is that he has a big vision and a lot of fucking luck.

>The idea is pretty much one world government, aka no more wars.

what is this meme?
what a load of shit?

what if a war breaks out?
who intervenes, who's got who's back?
who starts the wars people or the people you are trying to stick in charge of THE ENTIRE GLOBE.

fucking ridiculous.
war is infinitely more likely once you destroy all cultures.
culture exists within you, maybe even in you DNA.

fuck you and your fagget ideals.
the no more war meme dies today, ITT

Because power is even more concentrated than what we have now. Is this something I really have to explain?

Instead of an oligarchy we would have a monopoly.

>The only difference would be no wars with a globalist society, besides civil conflicts which will be dealt with by the boston dynamics robot with guns on it

this faggots can't even figure out how to pass (or rather not pass) the microphone

what happens when new cultures form in your non culture dystopia?
you gonna let em?

>I have no idea what his endgame is


thats just a cover story user.

hes more interesed in hooking your ass up to the grid.

hes a globalist shill using tech to wew the goys

The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe and they want to know all this, some are good some are bad some are a mix; but the good ones don't ever want to organize, the bad ones tend to want to organize because they lust after power. Powerful consciousnesses don't want to dominate other people, they want to empower them so they don't tend to get together until things are really late in the game, then they come together and evil is always defeated. Because good is so much stronger. And we're on this planet and Einstein's physics showed it, Max Planck's physics showed it- there's at least twelve dimensions. And now that's all the top scientists and billionaires are coming out and saying it's a false hologram, it is artificial, the computers are scanning it and finding tension points where it's artificially projected and gravity is bleeding in to this universe. That's what they call dark matter. So we're like a thought or a dream that's a wisp in a computer program, some God's mind, whatever. They're proving it all, it's all coming out.

Now, there's like this subtransmission zone below the third dimension that's just turned over to the most horrible things, it's what it resonates to, and it's trying to get up into the third dimension; that's just a basic level consciousnesses, to launch up into the next levels. Our species is already way up at the fifth, sixth dimension consciously, our best people. But there's this big war trying to basically destroy humanity because humanity has free will and there's a decision to which level we want to go to. We have free will so evil is allowed to come in and contend and not just good. And the elites themselves believe they're racing using human technology to try to take our best minds and build some type of breakaway civilization where they're going to merge with machines, transcend and breakaway from the failed species that is Man. Which is kind of like a false transmission because they're thinking what they are is ugly and bad; projecting it onto themselves instead of believing no, it's a human test about building us up.

And so Google was set up 18, 19 years ago so that they wanted to build a giant artificial system. And Google believes the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hive mind of humanity, with billions of people wired into it with the internet of things, and so all of our thoughts go into it and we're actually building a computer with real neurons in real-time that's also psychically connected to us that are organic creatures so that they will have current prediction powers, future prediction powers- a true crystal ball- but the big secret is once you have a crystal ball and know the future you can add stimuli beforehand and make decisions and control the future. And so then it's the end of consciousness and free will for individuals as we know and a true 2.0 in a very bad way hive mind consciousness with an AI jacked into everyone knowing our hopes and dreams, delivering it to us not in some P.KD. wirehead system where we plug in and give up on consciousness because of unlimited pleasure but because we were already wired in and absorbed before we knew it by giving over our consciousness to this system by our daily decisions that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system.


We have to stop these madmen somehow though.

based. hierarchy is natural and inevitable.

I know man, its hard though but I dont think we are fighting a losing battle somehow.
I like what you said about good being more powerful. I believe this too

best post I've read all day, user. good shit m8.

As long as there's men like Alex Jones there will always be hope.

Alex Jones: The globalists want a one world government merge with machines and blast off into space

Smug liberals: Bwahahaha! Rightwing nut!

Elon Musk: Humanity must take the next step by going to Mars. Also humanity must merge with machines.

I have literally never in my life seen Alex Jones say anything of substance that isn't a fucking lie.

and people willing to listen/ learn
this is the tipping point we all want to see.

to many normies right now for it to go in either direction.
it truly is a battle for the minds

then you should prolly lurk more

It's more like "smug liberals" have always been talking about futuristic "merging with machines", machine 'transcendence', and space travel; that's literally a staple of pop sci for decades. Alex Jones is just doing his typical autistic screeching and over-dramatizing fucking nothing.

He is actually, he says the NWO is nazi death cults when it's really Jews using kabbalistic magic and thoughtforms people are praying to giving them power in the physical realm.

I've been here for years, it's rather fascinating. It's basically like observing a brainwashed cult of lunatics, with the odd shitposter and smug 'realist' in between.

>never wrong
Is this grammagraphically correct? It doesn't sound right but it does make sense

It's a pasta though, I'm just a conduit of kek.

We all have a little Alex in us.

>i've been here for years posting in threads
>i'm not one of you, i'm an outside observer
kek, get over yourself


why are you still here if that the case?
surely it can't be 2 years worth of fascination with literally 0(zero) insight?

are we insane about everything in you honest opinion?
how do you feel about Europe right now?

honest too.
i like you, user

shut the fuck up you baiting faggot