Transwoman wins Women's Weightlifting Competition

>According to The Daily Wire, Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand President Garry Marshall asserted that he had to abide by OWNZ rules. Marshall said, “She competed as a long time for a man and her efforts were very strong.



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This is so progressive.

This is wonderful. Hello ladies night at Whiskeydix! Daddy's drinking for free tonight.

Let it happen. At this rate, there will be no more biological women in women's sports.

The money is lucrative; what's stopping men from first world countries from getting a gender reassignment to have a shot at riches and fame?

>women's sports
>riches and fame

the actual women competing who lost to this guy would want to publicly protest this but feel trapped and silenced due to feminism and the backlash that would happen against them if they did.

feminism is starting to make women feel trapped and silenced now. that is where we are at.

Some people like muscular women but this is ridiculous

This is a victory for us women! We broke records and showed the world our strength. We ARE as strong as men and nothing can stop us!~

Wait till they start bitching about equal pay; which is already the case in some sports

Where as for fame, it will soon catch up since biologically male athletes probably perform up to par as regular males.

Holy fuck this is amazing.
I should probably try this as well and get rich baby.

glad my sister didn't fall for the feminist propaganda rampaging around campus
she's doing STEM, but still, the stories are horrifying

have to ask my dad at some point how he did it

lawl, this is the real shit.
Man will tke shit from woman and they must call it wquality.
top lel
I would do this too. Winning in Femaleshit as a transgender who still has his coki between his legs.

>women's equality movement will be the end of women's sports and start a new age of biological male supremacy

This guy is actually from New Zealand.
Goes to show that the kiwis need to put me into female sports just to beat us.

Hands down front of trousers
It's Sal Bundy

>Women demand equal pay in sports
>Trannies demand they can play womens sports
>Men now get paid the same as other men

Patriarchy wins again.

Shouldn't he be banned from competition for taking testosterone?

Fucking Aussies man

>mfw a tranny took my first place because white feminists are crazy

For some reason, he kind of reminds me of Billy Murray.

She's a big guy

New Zealand winning again I like this 'progressiveness' you talk about

>the look on the face of the silver medallist
Imagine how robbed she feels

The rightmost one looks bretty cute.

What the fuck is that

I figured this would happen. Women will begin to hate trannies. Transphobia is a great way of saying "Afraid of untreated mental patients". This insanity needs to stop, or I am going to break out my "Identifies as"

>Identify as a Victorian era pirate.
>Dare them to tell you they cannot.
>Let them know when they violate the Pirate's Code of Conduct.


>Men will begin to dominate women's sports

Men always win

>Look at the country of origin.
Fucking Aussies. Every time.

I told you niggers we are going to become a Canada

>be me, beautiful trans woman with feminine penis
>decide to challenge the cis-female matriarchy
>out lift every biological stacy
>as i receive my trophy whisper into microphone for entire stadium
>"it was my privilege"

For you.


>Women demand equal pay in sports
Not gonna happen. Sports is an entertainment business. Women's sports don't draw crowds/viewers like men's sports do. The rich Jews in charge of sporting organizations aren't going to lose money because some bitch is whining about equal pay.

Men should start doing this in all women activities.
Claim you are trans and beat their asses in everything.

This is great. If any TERF feminists complain they can be branded transphobic. It's all coming around and grabbing them by the pussy.

wait a minute , If you cut off dick and automatically XY to XX ?!?!

Can't fix economy , can't fix education
because too busy to being degenerate

typical "nigger worship" American

What is the point of playing your whole life by the rules when they just come over with something like this and shit all over you?

>*Record Scratch*
>*Freeze Frame*
>"Yep. That's me over there."
>"So, you might be wondering how I got into this situation."

That's why being clean is important user.

>feminist push transgender rights
>women pushed out of all paid sporting positions

justice is served

What the fucku

This should be a call for all second rate soccer/ basketball etc players to claim they identify as women and take all starting positions on women's pro teams for themselves

All 3 of these people look like dudes desu

Egsblain picture

Me want fry wice

If you're a guy who isn't good enough to make it among the best men in your sport, it might be worth it to do it in the women's sports, if the pay is better. How much does a professional woman basketball player in the WNBA make compared to a man having to play in some crappy foreign men's league because he's not good enough for the NBA?

so how hard would i have to larp as a woman to be able to get into some of these competitions and win some free shit?

The fucking balls on this guy

his balls are so big he has to sling them over his shoulder

Where have I seen this situation before

women btfo this will continue for the next 5-10 years

So...could a FUCKING WHITE MALE identify as a black female and get all those sweet diversity uni enrollments and hires?
Pretty genius tactic actually

What is this picture? I'd never seen it before but now I've seen it 3 times today

My god, she's magnificent. A true inspiration.

It's official: society is fucking insane

She's so brave.

My brain automatically filled in the rest of the picture with a sonichu medal for some reason after seeing the face


It shouldn't be that difficult to comprehend, burgers. You've been doing this for a while also. Picture related.

They all appear to be trannies.

Some people have self-respect.


The silver medalist worked her whole life to get to where she is at and the guy probably started lifting like 2 months ago. That's got to sting

This is why intersectional feminism is such a steaming pile of horse shit. Feminists would actually have a legitimate gripe about this, but they can't say a word because, one, it would expose the "we're all equal" lie, and two, they've made trannies one of their untouchable allies.

I love when leftist thinking collapses under the weight of its own stupidity. I can't wait for the day when biological men take over women's sports, and have liberals to thank for it.

She's so hot

That's the worst snatch I've ever seen

Nah, he just said that he is a woman at the registration, because muh gender is a social construct

Nah its better than that, on the news last night they said hes been doing it for years and only changed gender recently

Lets play Fuck, Kill, Marry.

Their pay might go up when "women's sports" means "getting your ass handed to you by a man call Stephanie", especially in sports like Boxing.

gonna need a higher resolution

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>then masturbate

Yes it is, weightlifting is not a contact sport, there is not need to split it by sex.

Whats next split draugts into male and female tournaments?

I could fuck the 5th from the left kill all else

The patriarchy always finds a way.

Feminists are cucked. The old school feminists got pushed out by the radical pro-tranny feminists. They don't even give a shit about real women anymore except the occasional outrage over the pay gap or not enough women in silicon valley

i can't tell if third place is smiling because she has a sense of humor or if she's forcing herself so she doesn't look transmisogynistic. the haircut makes me think the latter.

I'll start by killing myself

>yfw UFC women's division and women's boxing get "trans" competitors

Post yfw (((they))) start offering trannies more money than actual women in sports like WNBA because they can actually play

yfw SJWs make the wage gap real

I hope he was wearing his pussy hat to fight the patriarchy while he won.

Now that I'm equal to women, can I kill babies too?

fuck the white woman kill the niggers marry the asian


>thinking you need surgery

All you gotta do is tell them you sexually identify as a female and they'll let you in.

>saying you're a woman
>doing literally nothing to even appear as another gender

"W-well we gotta follow our progressive rulebook"

Excellent, keep doing it. Make every single medal one given to a man. Even mediocre male athletes crush top women athletes in most sports.

Do it until they have to face their own idiotic ideology.

No just no.
Feminists will hopefully stop this nonsense.

>getting a gender reassignment
You don't need to do shit: Just identify as a transgender, butch lesbian.

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere women getting BTFO by other """""women"""" in various sports.

Anyone got links to hilarious backlash of women complaining how it's not fair etc.?

All of the virtue signalling on social media has finally run its course and taken its final form.

This is great. The trannies will win the debate and finally shift the Western world to conservatism after 40+ years of insanity.

>after 40+ years of insanity.
eat an inside out dick, hippies

> marry the asian

hahahahahahahahahaah you tranny fucker


Jail him for fraud then send him to the crazy house when he gets out.

>get sponsorship money
>lose dick

welcome to the curse of newfags.

>take hormones for years to prove PC culture is cancer
He is a fucking hero

Progress, baby

>Wait till they start bitching about equal pay
They already do bitch about it in sports. When you tell them the pay is different because they draw less revenue they reply by calling you a sexist, misogynist shitlord.