Resource Based Economy

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Fuck off with your commie shit.

How are you not dead yet jacques

This might have had a chance in Canada.

Instead, we're going to be a superstate with a service economy.

Bought into that hype once when I was 16 years old. No more. Central planning has never worked well

From the makers of Communism comes a NEW ideological position that promises to enslave the world and kill hundreds of millions of people when it fails like never before!

Everything that worked, it did because of central planning.

>Jacque Fresco

wtf is it with french faggots and their socialist dreams of utopia?

Spanish communista, how can you have so much time to post literally evry single day this bullshit + your commie generals?

pls tell me user I need to know, because I see you here all the time.

>muh supercomputer will fix everything and totally not be abused by the people at the top who manage it

would do bluepill Canadians really think when they see this?

You mean commie based economy

baseless naive idealistic bullshit
and that's all I have to say about it

Jaques Fresco inventor of the venus project joined the KKK.

You are the leftist here.

Like using the corpses of commies for their water?

You're not fooling anyone by renaming your gommunsim threads comrade Juan.

would you want to live in one of these?

> Migrants are unlimited resources for a constantly growing economy
> I require more vespene gas
N-no thanks..

another cult, neat.

Central planning is good when you want to get shit done, it isn't fit to use in everyday life.

You and all the perroflautas deserve to die

Another nonsensical non-argument non-critique, neat

"If everyone works together and doesnt invent shit that deliberately fails just to summon imaginary digits of babylonian money magic, we could take care of our basic needs and instead strive towards better things"

"FUCKIN CULT XDDD *sips coke and wageslaves to buy better bootstraps*"

The fuck?
>Perroflauta is "a derogatory way to designate the street buskers who play an instrument with little luck and are generally untidy, occasionally accompanied by a stray dog."


So everything is going to be handled by magic AIs and magic robots.

>meme economy
user, it was a joke. No one was supposed to take it seriously.

>extraordinary claims for betterment
>fake unity and belief
>strange symbolic meanings

it's 100% cult.

Not this Communist wanker day dream shit again... But at least it was my stepping stone to true redpills so I'll them that.

>I'll give them that.


we are still technologicaly 20 years from this, but mentally probably hundreds of years. It's probably never going to happen in our lifetime.

what a shitty thread, it's just shit flinging

The panama channel it's used daily.

get a job you filthy hippy.

This is true. It'll only happen once we cooperate with our AI overlords on rejuvenating the earth.

How the fuck can anyone watch this video with this woman's ugly ass voice, jesus

lol these projects keep forgetting that NIGGERS aren't all killed off yet. as long as there's a single NIGGER left on the earth, something like that will NEVER happen.

and it's that same spic communist OP making these threads.

this is just pre-space communism, the ppl outside the walls are going to die in so much pain, just like in the good ol' communism, the elite was fine and dandy while everyone else was mediocre at best, but mostly poor and miserable.

How the fuck is a resource based economy "communism"? You want people to make billions out of thin air? Money should be based on real world materials like food and shelter, not fucking monopoly money.

I don't give a shit about the utopia angle but moving away from inflationary fiat currency is the only way to keep the world from becoming a barren shithole with totally stratified social classes and massive inequality.
So yeah, his heart is in the right place, but the presentation is all wrong. Especially for Americans, socialism is a trigger word for them.

This. Work = money