(((Google))) to remove videos on Youtube that trigger advertisers


Well guys, we finally know where (((Google's))) heart truly lies.

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>(((Philipp Schindler))), Google’s chief business officer, penned a letter to advertisers on the company’s blog in which he addressed concerns from advertisers who were uneasy that their ads would appear alongside questionable and offensive content. At the same time, he acknowledged changes must come to the platform. Schindler said while the company was dedicated to ensuring its advertisers felt comfortable placing ads on the site, the content YouTube was curating for its audience of more than 800 million unique monthly viewers needed to change. Schindler also said those changes would extend to the ads themselves.

>“Finally, we won’t stop at taking down ads,” (((Schindler))) wrote. “The YouTube team is taking a hard look at our existing community guidelines to determine what content is allowed on the platform — not just what content can be monetized.”

>“So starting today, we’re taking a tougher stance on hateful, offensive and derogatory content,” (((Schindler))) wrote. “This includes removing ads more effectively from content that is attacking or harassing people based on their race, religion, gender or similar categories. This change will enable us to take action, where appropriate, on a larger set of ads and sites.”

That's about all...

Reminder, Youtube's current CEO, (((Susan Wojcicki))) is a Jew.

Start saving videos

Sucks that the only alternatives are DailyMotion and Nico Nico. If Nico Nico weren't so fucking Jewish with their money it would make a great alternative

>private company does things that its allowed to do

There's live leak also

RIP my favorite channels in which a jew plays games and rips on black people.

RIP GeneralSam


Oh yeah can't forget Restricted Mode, who's roll out has been so fucking bad even libtards hate it.

No one is disputing that you fucking retard

Well that's that then.

what kind of a name is that

He's a shill looking for (you)'s ignore him.

Corporatism is worth defending without any question.

Polish. Meaning her granddaddy and grandmother somehow got out of Warsaw

Surely that cant be her name and you made a major spelling error.

Oh yeah her sister was married to (((Sergey Brin))), so we all know how she got the job. In fact she has no previous experience in running anything, she was head of advertising and let her run a multi billion dollar website.

>is angry about jewtube
>there are many alternatives to jewtube that work fine
>complains about jewtube

>jewgle awareness thread

So does that mean all of the videos in Russian that are portals to CP are finally going to get the heave ho?

Youtube is by far the most popular, and if "alt-right" ideas are to be disseminated that's where it has to be done. Unless something comes up to rival Youtube in popularity.

Yeah but Liveleak has a shit layout

Peace out.

We don't associate with the alt-right cucks on here as much as r/the_donald tries to force us to. We just don't seeing kikes fuck over people yet again

Youtube has been striking and banning channels that criticise the left, blm, Islam, etc. for ages, demonetising videos that do the same, youtube and google have both been messing with their search algorithms to stop non-pc content being seen as easily. This is not a new thing.

I know, I know, that's why I put it in quotes.

Speak for yourself, kike.

Well it was a good run lads

No, but critics of the SJW movements have been seeing huge popularity on youtube and is really the best way to expose people to their ideas and convert them. Without Youtube, how are people like Molymeme and Peterson going to reach the masses?

The problem is that the SJW's are being used by advertisers


I have a feeling that this is just bullshit from Google. They know that they would lose out to someone better if they do this. Scare tactics.


Now someone else can offer a better service than JewTube that doesn't suck balls and make all those shiny shekels for themselves..

YouTube is too far gone.

There was a super small channel me and my friend found that was teaching kids that the womens march is a good thing and don't be afraid if you experiment with the same gender or wanna go trans. It was gross.

>Well guys, we finally know where (((Google's))) heart truly lies.

It's about the money. It's always about the money. And not just with (((certain people))) but with almost everyone and everything.

They'll have to find anther platform and when they do we'll have to help spread the word and try to get people to stop going on youtube. It sucks, for sure, but it is what it is. Some of the bigger channels might be allowed to stay on youtube but ultimately a different platform (several platforms, ideally) is necessary.

>A company can legally do something
>That means no one should be critical!

Literally kys

Start digging through old TYT videos for offensive content and send it to advertises and ask them why they support this

Hopefully there's a way to get a mass conversion from Youtube, not only as a niche haven for conservative people who've had their content silenced, else we're just preaching to the choir.

Never underestimate progressives and Jews. They do shit that makes no sense all the time.

This is a serious threat, but I think we'll get through it:

1. Youtube is a valuable tool for reaching normies.

2. If youtube starts banning right wing channels, there's a serious threat that people will migrate to another medium. We could encourage normies to do this by playing up moderate channels that get banned.

3. We can protest this by encouraging people to cross-post their content to another video hosting site. We could even build software to do this automatically. This could help to remind youtube of the threat.

So overall - let's not ignore this threat, but I think that we can win.

Finally, if they're using Machine Learning to detect objectionable content, we could investigate the use of adversarial examples to get around it. Please look up the papers on this if you're not familiar with it.

iirc they deleted their most blatant anti-white vids after one of their fans went on a shooting spree.

You're half right, OP. Did you read the actual letter on their actual corporate blog linked to your story?

Youtube is going after alt right/etc channels based on ad revenue; this won't affect creators who don't use adsense (like myself.) Those of us who realized it was a bad idea years ago can now reap the dividends of sound judgment. It also doesn't mean content will "be removed" it merely means it will be demonetized selectively or fully; but that's been a thing for months now.

I strongly suggest that if you have any major right leaning Youtubers who you respect that take ad revenue you forward them your link and encourage them to demonetize their channels and begin crowdfunding instead.

Oddly this will allow right-leaning companies to strip their ads from leftist channels also. So there's the silver lining.

Google still can't make a profit off of Youtube. At most the best they can do is break even, but that's a joke when you consider they bought Youtube for over $1.65 billion.

lets get Hank banned until he apologizes for and admits to the Armenian genocide

So censorship is their priority?

Good news is that the LGBTQASJDNBREF community is pissed off with Google since they think they're censoring all their tranny videos. Get the trannies to run off somewhere and the gays will follow. That'll be the first start of the exodus

Good point. We are not making money BAN EVERYTHING!

>TYTcuck found some balls
I 100% do not believe this.

The irony is that I almost started working in a small comp, lol no two diff, steaming video.
The one comp I know got either canned or bought. Due too kiketube back then.

The irony is that there really is a marked now. Back then youtube consumed just about all, now there really is a marked. Same with facebook, twitter etc, these censorship kikes will drive people elsewhere. Now there is a marked again in part fb ate a lot of our local social media, now there is a marked, and that's good.
>Take it away from the kikes
>Like everything
>They ruin everything

>this won't affect creators who don't use adsense (like myself.)
link channel fgt

He was black, so...

Alt-youtube when?

I like Styx because of this. He is completely crowd funded and absolutely refuses to use monitization for his videos. More right wingers need to consider using Patreon for donations from viewers instead of using the ads on JewTube.

I find it so ironic and hilarious that they're named after a group in Thailand that kept leading multiple failed coup attempts

>Schindlers list

Oh yeah can't forget Ana is Armenian. She must a severe case of Stockholm syndrome


Sooooo...Schindler is making a list?



We've been here before, we just go back to using satire and ironic humor.

At least until youtube tries to go after anything satirical. But then they step on more toes and piss even more normies off.

Hmm, surprised a nog would watch TYT.

>Kikes fuck over the normies, running off the cancer
>Sup Forums takes over in the background using clever Jewish tactics to reap the rewards left behind

Its like pottery

Somebody warn Pewds!

I guarantee that is the only reason she go the job
She is a 6.5 and dumb as a box of rocks

Free speech vs Free market.

Guess that's it for free speech then lads and lasses.

Back to being told what to think to say and do fully again.

patreon will do the same thing eventually, just like gofundme cucks all kinds of campaigns

>"If we run off those evil alt-right goyim, then for sure we'll finally start seeing shekels

Why not simply flag certain content so advertisers that have such concerns will not have their ad associated with it?
Are they not full capable of such a thing?

Where will we go when (not if) YouTube starts censoring everything redpilling????

It's like you can't escape the beurocratic madness, when will it fucking end?

>Just as planned

underrated post

He's checking it twice.

you act like he could make money if he monitized. the guy is a loser with small cult following. good on him for bleeding his loser audience dry

when the ovens are fired again

>Has over 100k subscrubers
>says he has a small cult following

OK faggot, go back to plebbit or try harder

I wish they would do a call in radio show so can call in and trigger her about her people getting killed.

Alphabet Inc and its daughters are pure cancer, however it's a cancer we must live with atm
one day the internet and numerous services that are currently in the cloud will dissolve into peer-to-peer counterparts; fiberoptic networks are common and computing power/efficiency is still growing
either that or we're doomed

It's a private website that can do whatever it wants. If it makes you so butthurt stop using it.

This is Google. You know that shitty captcha we got on here that is allowing bots to easily get by? Google is not very smart as you would think. Remember they pissed away over a billion dollars buying the money pit called Youtube

Lefty crap is all they watch for 'news' and opinion-forming content. Yeah, I think he had a youtube channel where he talked about white people being this and that, and people noticed that he liked a bunch of tyt vids that were racebaiting and saying that whites go around shooting blacks and getting away with it. And he was using their talking points in his own vids and maybe clips as well. Then the vids all got taken down afterwards. My memory is pretty fucked but that was more or less what happened I think. Very embarrassing for tyt.

Google is able to reap in so much profit because of datamining. Adsense was developed specifically so that Google could datamine you and sell your data to advertisers.

Downloading whole channels and videos has not been in vain it seems.

If they talk about demonatizing or removing ads, that's one thing. If they start full blown political censorship they will only shoot themselves in the foot.

But it's clear this is coming. Like "Fake News" we're seeing them test the cultural waters with a few articles. Vice just ran one stating that youtube was dominated by "Far Right" vloggers and that it needed to "do something" to "empower" the "disenfranchised and marginalized" while pretending that youtube was not doing enough to promote Left Wing views and empowering Hate Speech.

Seeing who's been naughty or nice Goyim.

>demonetize their channels and begin crowdfunding instead.
You think Google won't swoop on that as well? You have no idea how these thigns work.

Obviously Google isn't going to come out with the ban-hammer and delete every alternative media account right away. They have to boil the frog.

- First, in conjunction with "pressure" from large companies, Google begin to squeeze back on the ad revenue.
- Next, in partnership with Patreon and others, they work to curb the traffic being directed to "extremeist" channels for profit.
- They intermittently ban, de-subscribe, or lock down any leaders of the pack trying to find ways around.
- There is a new system of soft shadow bans, where channels simply don't come up naturally on recommended videos, or google searches.

The goal will not be to ban outright. It will be to algorithmically and economically contain. Why pay for a police crackdown when you can move everyone involved to the figurative digital Shetland Islands? Transport them digitally to the e-Australian penal colonies. Etc. Google is not just going to sit around and allow alternative media of any kind to grow and threaten the cozy deal they and the other global multinationals have carved out for themselves. They're working on putting this genie back in the bottle as we speak. So are Facebook and the rest. And because no decentralized alternatives were built over the last 10-15 years, they'll get away with it indefinitely.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Youtube would lose zero revenue if they said fuck it, we'll allow whatever you want to post in it and just make their parental restrictions more robust. Instead, they choose to be bitches and basicly an open invitation for anyone to took more shares in their market.

Hiroshimoot needs to get Nico Nico up and running to a youtube standard and allow imbeds and sheeeeeeit.

>And for Apple, if you ask Siri "Is Dan Friedman a Jew?" she'll tell you "No, he's a nice guy."

God damn my sides.

Nationalize YouTube
It's basically the public square at this point anyway

Christ poor Gavin is probably kicking himself in the ass wondering what the hell went so wrong?

Gavin Long, the Baton Rouge shooter.
Killed three cops. That's the guy.

Hopefully they dont remove all the good soft core porn on youtube. that shit is gold

thanks user

>broadcast what we tell you goyim

The Patty is right. If Nico Nico wasn't so fucking greedy with everything they could have stolen Youtube's traffic. Instead they go the typical Jap route of making you pay for watching videos in HD

>my content can now be subjected to the "morality" of an advertiser.

Top kek.

That's code for: conservatives, get out.