Jew Goldstein charged with hate crime

Jew Goldstein, who assaulted poor Kurt Eichenwald with a strobe gif, has been charge with a hate crime. Sup Forums btfo.

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The case is going to drop soon, anyways. Eichenwald will be exposed as the he is, the longer theciurt holds. No one is going to support a pedophile who extorted his own mother

*as the parasite he is
*the court

God damn this phone sucks

This is good. The more charges you add on the harder it becomes to prosecute him. This is probably a scare tactic

This isn't going to g the way Kikenwald wants at all. You now have hundreds of people looking into and exposing everything sleazy about the man and there is so fucking much that it's incredible. He's like the most over the top ridiculous Sup Forums stereotype come to life.

The greatest weakness of the kikes is that they never know when to stop, they always push things too far and they end up ovened. Kurt has invited us to push over the log and expose all the squirmy maggoty crawling things lurking underneath, and that's not going to end well for him.

Jew on Jew crime is awesome.

he can get 5-99 years with those charges

>BANNING MEMES (it triggered me!)

Fuck you. We didn't win the meme wars. They're coming out in every direction possible and there's nothing you can do about it.

Reminder to donate to Jew Goldstein's defensd fund. Picture related, the kikes destroyed his livelihood and everything he worked for years and years to create but he still found it within himself to donate a months income to help out a stranger he's never even met because of the principles at stake. That is why we are better people than they are, and that is why we will win.

>According to the criminal complaint, police were able to link a phone number associated with the Twitter account to an Apple iCloud storage account belonging to Rivello. One of the files on the account was a selfie of Rivello holding his Maryland driver's license.

guess it time to change my number, ship my pc to nicaragua and move to the mountains.


You wouldn't take a picture of your driver's license I hope.

I mean, that's really asking for it.

>posting about how jews run the media
This isnt anything new

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>gifs are now deadly weapons
Meme warfare is here


>jew goldstein
>real jew





Stare at this long enough and it turns blue.







>1 post by this id

>Jew Goldstein

I'd love to be in the courtroom when the Judge reads this from a transcript.

The dude's defence should be that he was once a 'child porn performer' who was taking revenge on someone who has groomed little boys.

Force Cuck Eichenwald to take the stand.

The courts are so pozzed this guy is going to get the book thrown at him and rot in prison because a fat kike clicked a gif that said "have a seizure" and then faked having one. I seriously hope that Keichenwald is hit by a train some day. Anyone who would pay for admin privileges to a CP site then blame the payments on their epilepsy as well as sue they're own mother because they're not getting enough shekels is scum.

wow the deep state really looks after their propagandists

Still has to get past the jury though, and he is a much, much more sympathetic person than the disgusting creature Eichenwald

reminder that the guy who he's prosecuting got caught because he sent an apology letter.

This case has the potential to set an extremely dangerous precedent.

so many fucking kikes

That's not true at all. Twitter handed over his info.

>This isn't going to g the way Kikenwald wants at all.
It 100% is. Just like the /k/ommando in Minnesota he's going to get the book thrown at him because personal politics and "fighting hate" have trumped the rule of law in this country thanks to Obama having 8 years to stack courts with compliant judges. If there's a jury they'll manage to pick one which will be pre-disposed to Keichenwald.

Meanwhile all of Keichenwald's unsavory shit is going to be buried and treated as hearsay because no news organizations are going to report on it.

>have to verify accounts with phone numbers
>oh user stop being paraniod they wont do anything with it like it says on the screen
>get arrested for verifying with your phone number

>I seriously hope that Keichenwald is hit by a train some day.
hope he gets to watch his entire family fucked to death by niggers and then gets skinned alive somehow by niggers.

using social media or cloud storage based inside the United States


This, though I don't think there will be a conspiracy behind it. The court will appoint an overworked public defender or appoint an attorney who has very little experience in federal court. The prosecutor will be the best in that US Attorneys office because it is high profile. With any luck, he'll plea out to a lesser charge and get a year it so in jail.

Why do you think?

I can only hope but Trump's election has seemed to cause the gloves of the network Obama's built to be thrown off. The rule of law is no longer respected in this country. Feels-based trials and sentences are the law of the land now. If the Zim Zam trial happened today you can bet your ass we would've gotten a different result.

Samsung? Indeed it does.

The jew consented to watch the video by pressing play.

I want to send Jew Goldstein a cake with a hack-saw in it... then when he saws out of the local jail's barred window we can hide him from the """real""" jews like Kurt Kikechenwald in our metaphorical Freedom-Attic like a post-modern Anne Frank!!!

Fund it!

>His [Kurt Eichenwald's] attorney, Steven Liberman, told Newsweek that "What Mr. Rivello did with his Twitter message was no different from someone sending a bomb in the mail or sending an envelope filled with anthrax spores."
Why are Jews always so dramatic? It was a tweet with a flashing gif image, how is this even comparable to a bomb? What a useless kike.

If this happens then there needs to be consequences for the Shakey Pedophile.

>german not getting an obvious joke
really shnited my zels

>Have some google-foo niggers.

Overcharging crimes goes waaaay back in American jurisprudence.

In order to insure no precedent and no conviction, plaintiff is charged with crimes far beyond scope of crime.

This insures not guilty verdict and insures double jeopardy clause applies.

See southern states for a little history regarding white on black crimes in the early 20th century.

i'd take this dumb shit to a jury in texas broman will walk

That's exactly how it will play out based on the trajectory now. With any luck the conservative version of the ACLU will step in, or the ACLU themselves, they have defended neo-Nazis before.

stop the nazi Eichenwald!
Free Palestine!

Exactly, they're trying to get him to agree to a plea because that would scare us. They don't want this to go to trial.

It seems to me that the charges are a horrible overreach, given the alleged offense -- sending an animated gif that has been widely circulated on the web for a decade or so.

I could see Eichenwald bringing a tort claim. There is well-established precedent that a practical joke that goes awry can give rise to liability in tort.

But criminal charges? Shaking my head...

If anyone come across a legal analysis of the case, please post a link.

What happens when a non-american tweets him seizure gifs? We should arrange some hit squads from Europe to cyberstalk American kikes, and hit squads from America to cyberstalk Yuropean kikes.

I'm aware that DA"s who are afraid of setting a precedent will sometimes do this:
But the fact that this shit got past a grand jury is fucked up. Every last member of that grand jury should be shoahed.

I thought the man in your picture was Jew Goldstein!

Double jeopardy doesn't protect against all charges, just those identical charges. A person could go to trial for murder, get acquited and then get charged with manslaughter. Alot of the time, they will conduct a trial for both charges at the same time.

They overcharge so that they have room to come down in the plea bargaining. Same reason they stack charges, it gives them leverage.



The grand jury is a joke most of the time. It's just the prosecutor up there arguing the case and they only need a majority of the jurors.

Don't let this Jew jew a combat veteran. Please donate.

Oh, for some reason I was thinking Grand Jury was unanimous.

Hate crime isn't real.

i feel like this happened a long time ago, was there a similar incident?

Its not working for some reason

Nah. They usually sit for a few weeks at a time too, so they hear case after case and approve almost all of them.

based aussie

Adjust your kippa, it might be casting a shadow on your screen.

He claimed to have had an epileptic attack triggered by an animated gif years ago, which is why Jew Goldstein sent him the gif (that he had to click to play) in the first place

It makes it hard for the prosecution to argue for two crimes when often the definitions of the crimes are mutually incompatible.

Daily reminder that (((Eichenwald))) has a sordid past involving sending thousands to underage boys posing nude online.

Hopefully an user gets on the jury if it goes to trial.

But my guess is this guy is going to puss out and plea down to public mischief or something.

Oy vey, my lawyers are gonna get you

just donated 2 thousand bucks

They just conduct the trial for both charges. It's common in murder trials to include a lesser charge of manslaughter.

>he's going to get the book thrown at him because personal politics and "fighting hate" have trumped the rule of law
This is the problem. We have to abolish hate crime law. It is unconditional. It only applies to white people.

The Grand Jury only hears evidence from the prosecution.

The vast majority of federal cases are settled with plea bargains, something like 80%. Of the federal cases that go to trial, the government wins 98%.

t. federal felon

thanks emu

He forgot Chuck Todd

I honestly feel sorry for the guy. This asshole has to be most unpleasant crybaby ever to grace the earth.

The evidence hinged on that fucker Kurt's doctor stating that Kurt did indeed suffer a seizure. Where's the proof? Where are the records of Kurt going to the hospital? And if he did goto the hospital where are the records showing he had a seizure? Many doctors would have to sign off on this. There's only 3% chance that Kurt would've suffered a seizure. His doctor is a biased witness... The fact he seized is a lie most likely... Doctors lie for patients all the time!!! The guy needs a decent attorney to counter some of the affidavits "proof". Seriously... This type of "victimization" goes on all the time and of course the media pushes it to support and protect the chosen kind... They'll definitely get him on intent.

>they always push things too far and they end up ovened.

please be right

Yeah this is bullshit. They will generally put minimal effort into finding someone for an internet post. It's really difficult to get a warrant without knowing for certain which state you're in. I hope Twitter burns.

>a pedophile who extorted his own mother

He's one of the heebiest fucking kikes I have ever seen.
It's not shocking he's a pedo who would sell his own mother.

He's going to push this as far as he can, and he'll have every Jewish defence organisation behind him the whole way.

If you can get dragged through the courts for Tweeting someone then America has been trouble.
Someone here in Bongland get sent to prison for making a joke about some nog footballer.


This thread gave me seazure

I'm jewish, but I vote republican

>What happens when a non-american tweets him seizure gifs?

Fwiw, here's the third part of a rather detailed and careful analysis with internal links to the other parts:

We will now have it put to legal test if it is permissable to hate child sex offenders.

Can a homosexual pedophile be the subject of criticism for his abuse of children?

Or are child abusers like Eichenwald immune?

So they just enter your phone number and every account you've used it with shows up? LE normally doesn't do anything about people posting on the internet. I've seen women's nudes dropped and pic of their kids posted with threats and police just shrug. Only this hate crime stuff is enforced because it is political.

>Home of the "free"
>send a fucking tweet
>get charged
"hate crime" there is no such things as this

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