Whats you experience with southerners and the south

whats you experience with southerners and the south

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I live in Pennsylvania, we have a South Carolina guy around here. He is the biggest, retarded, nigger loving cuck I have ever met. He is ALWAYS going on about how much he lives niggers, because he isn't a stupid racist like other southerners. He is sad, really, he works as a machinist, is poorly educated, and I suspect he is a virgin. Most other southerners I have met have been cool, but we happened to have gotten the worst one.

Was a field laborer in East Mississippi. It's hot and humid, people take religion as a major organizing force in the community, speak slowly and seem to genuinely care to get to know one another and demonstrate hospitality. The county I lived in was roughly 50/50 black and white, and the white people seemed to wish that poorer black people would take better care of themselves, but ultimately did not squabble. Everybody's got family that has close friends/marriages/relationships with the opposite race, and though racial tensions in this area are certainly not non-existent, the overall level of crass racism was far less than in my native Boston.

Granted the south is a big place, this was a very rural county. Every Chevron station has a kitchen full of sweet middle-aged black ladies that make bomb-ass fried chicken.

KANYE 2020/2024

I'm from just outside of Richmond, VA. Inb4 not the real South. I miss most of the people who were much friendlier than the liberal autists here in Seattle. The only thing I don't miss are the humid summers that made me want to die.

Fuck you just had to say he was from my state didn't you? On behalf of South Carolina's residents I'd like to apologize. Most of us hate niggers but have decent respect for black men. There's a difference here. Just like white people and white trash.

Memphis, born and raised. Majority black city. We've got a shitload of crime and waaaay too many areas where you can't go even during the day, but everyone is very friendly, including most of the nigs. Until you've been called "honey" by a sympathetic black woman or "son" by an old black man, you haven't experienced why so many romanticize the Old South. Friendly darkies was a pillar of Southern culture, and the Jews came down during Reconstruction and wrecked it.

Appalachia faggots please fuck off.

I was born and raised in the Northeast but my job has me interacting with a lot of different people. Southerners are unique in that they talk slow and think things through more slowly than I'm used to. I don't mean that they're slow mentally just that they think things through more carefully and have much less of a sense or urgency in their communication style. Also, people from the Northeast see being direct with someone as a sign of respect while protecting someone's feelings is considered a sign of respect in the South. I tend to find Southerners patronizing but I'm pretty sure they think I'm an asshole

They're 600 miles away, faggot. Learn some geography.

I was born and grew up in the North to Southern parents. I am always confused, but more direct with age.

If you have a Northeast accent, I can guarantee you most Southerners automatically assume you're an asshole.

Fuck you. Appalachia is far better than the rest of that hot sticky nigger filled area.

Richmonder here, can confirm our summers are fucking terrible.

Also, OP, most Southerns are pretty laid back, and want to just focus on their careers and families. Depending on where in the South you can see a lot of ghetto and white trash. I don't mind the South, but ultimately, I'd like to leave one day. Nearing 30 though, that's easier said than done.

Well the good ones are self aware normal people, the rest are scumbags who probably post on pol

I live in the south and am currently going through school, and I have to say, the kids here are fucking retarded normies. We have a bunch of LGBT tranny fags who think they're special and a bunch of fucking rednecks who scream "GET'R'DONE!!!!" the entire fucking day. Loads of stupid religious conservatives and pro-pc people here, I got in serious fucking trouble because I expressed my support of President Trump during school hours. The fucking kids here are incredibly stupid. In my advanced english class one tranny lgbt fag said she felt "personally attacked" because I dared disagree with her. She claimed I was "ageist" against her because she's younger. Then we have the normie kids who scream "WHAT ARE THOSE" and other retarded memes while blasting their fucking retarded rap music. Other normies just talk about their "dankest memes" while screaming about spongegar and shit. Their all fucking dumb as hell.

Mississippi reporting in. I'll agree with these anons. A lot of southerners do speak slowly but I think it's only because they're more relaxed, not dumber. It's a different pace of life down here. Also, people down south are way friendlier in everyday interactions. As far as race goes, I think southern demographics force us to get along with blacks better than the rest of the country. In an odd way we're both more racist and more tolerant because of our everyday interactions with black people. It's weird but it's true. My impression is that white folks in the rest of the country are either patronizingly nice to black people or racist in public.

Am one. They are flat out just better people than northerners.


This is based on a lifetime of anecdotal evidence.

Texas here, culturally, i have to admit, I am more midwestern

I may larp as a southerner, but everytime I go out of state i am startled by southern accents i hear, how do i cope?

>tfw no Southron Belle
>tfw no Yellow Rose

Same senpai, where?

What the fuck Sup Forums autocorrects senpai to sempai


> not hanging out with the based rednecks

Your a fag you probably get bullied

>everything you said

I understand

Smokey mountains are amazing tho

From MD, lived in PA (Not southern), FL (Southernish) and VA Beach. Most actual southerners I've met are laid back and awesome.

They're slow as shit but friendly. If there's a problem, you can't get a straight answer out of them, they're not direct. They're nosy and always want to know where you're from. They like talking about the weather. They're pretty friendly but it seems inauthentic.

richmond is a great city.

the south is weird in general but the food is great and if you love god, republicans, or whatever it's easier to exist.

I have a Boston accent so yeah they definitely do

You're pretty much right although I don't know any white people that are openly racist in public. They're either patronizingly nice to black people, fucking terrified of them, or just pretend they don't exist. I was one of only a few white people in my neighborhood for a few years and it always surprised me how many white people had never even introduced themselves to their black neighbors because they were so scared

if you have a north east accent chances are you're an asshole.

There's a lot of dirt.

Niggers I mean.

what area?

The "suburban and rural" retards meme is 100% true. I've only visited Georgia and Louisiana, but when you see Europoors shitting and meming about how cultureless and retarded America is, you really start to believe it when you step into that Godless shithole that is the South.

Reminder that the southern hick stereotype was invented by fake news northerners trying to sell papers

From the edge of the Deep South in TX.


Live in South West now.

South has it's ups and downs like everywhere else.

Fellow Texan here, though now living in AZ.
Yeah, Texas is where the south meets the southwest meets the midwest, then all of that with Mexico to a degree. We're so large that we are distinctly Texan in culture, though we can lay claim to being Southern all the same. We just can't say we're a part of the deep south. Whether or not you have an accent depends on where your family is from in Texas. I don't have much of one, but I do a fair degree since my ma is from rural eastern areas of Texas and my dad the rurals in Arkansas.
You at least say yall, aint, and howdy, right?

> They're nosy and always want to know where you're from.

My god, who asks where someone is from when meeting them?!

> They're pretty friendly but it seems inauthentic.

The first quote is why. Southerners sense you're an overly suspicious, shifty, ADHD-addled yankee cunt, and they don't like you. But...

> If there's a problem, you can't get a straight answer out of them, they're not direct.

Only if they don't want to tell you the truth because they think it would be impolite. Like, for example, they think you're a cunt.

t. Southerner who usually likes northerners but will make an exception

AR reporting, its great. We have mountains, hills, lots of jobs, its cheap as fuck to live here, and I just bought a renovated 4 bedroom house for 70k. Most everyone gets along well enough. Thats about all, peace out.



I live in Alabama after living in Germany for most of my childhood. I like it when people say "Have a blessed day."

less racist than the north surprisingly

>Only if they don't want to tell you the truth because they think it would be impolite. Like, for example, they think you're a cunt.
So much this. Down in the South people try to be respectful, it's an honor society unlike in the north.
Talking about everyday inane pleasantries is just what you do to break the ice and it's from the little personal things you throw in that real conversation develops. So, how are you, where are you from, what brings you to these parts.. etc It's just them being nice and trying to welcome you. If that's inauthentic to you, then it's probably just because you're an antisocial cunt.

A lot like this, but some are super based.
Also, you've never met a redneck until you've been to Florida

I'm from Florida. It's an interesting place. You go south and you get all of the Cubans, you go north, you get more of the "real" southerners. They're pretty nice people. Very hospitable and up for conversation.

>Also, you've never met a redneck until you've been to Florida

If by redneck you mean methhead then maybe.

Southerners are amazing. All us fellow yankees love them. Our girls love their accents and all crave BSC.

t. fellow yankee

There used to be a columnist for the New York Times ...I think it was the times...anyway His name was Sydney J Harris and being from south Georgia I rarely find that I agree the assessments of a yankee where it concerns the South. But Mr. Harris said it best" Up north people will accept you for who you are, but won't do anything to help you,but in the south they will do anything for you, but won't accept you. It's still that way today and not likely to change. Northerners will always be Yankees to me, but if one needed a shirt, I would give him mine...well as long as I had a tee shirt on under it.

from the foothills of the ozarks. people were laughably uncultured but endowed with a lot of common sense. fun people to drink and do physically labor with but ignorant. wouldn't mind retiring there but STL is much better

I don't say howdy, everyone says aint and yall
Just about everyone where I live speaks a midwestern accent with some southern slang and a slight draw
I'm familiar with some of the slang though because i have some family from east texas
Dallasfag btw

I have some friends from Alabama and Virginia and I went to Florida a couple of times, have some friends living there too.

Overall pretty nice people, honor bound for the most part and family orientated, so to me a bit more relatable than the average burger.

I think if you'll just smile and be jolly then they'll love you. You'll be cooking out and drinking beer together before you know it.

Chesterfield county. :)

I once heard a southern women tell her 6 year old son to stop "pokey joe-ing". Can someone explain to me what that means?

You seem a respectable young man, i would be okay for you to raise me and your wifes children

Da fuq? I'm wearing that same bracelet. Ain't nobody wear that shit since 1998

The last refuge of the remnants of white culture

Georgia reporting.
Can confirm there is at least one church on almost every street

>wojak has a UTK shirt
Chattanooga laughs in your general direction

It consists of most of my life, be specific.

I havent heard that specifically, but its pretty self explanatory

"Quit spazzing out you cunt"

Tricked! I'm really Southern!

What slang?

I live in Georgia. A lot of based people down here. Also a lot of alcoholism. Many liberal scum millennials, but also more right wing millennials than many other states

mostly downs. from the inbreeding.

Nicest people I've ever met. Spent a week at a lake in South Carolina and people who were complete strangers to me offered to let me ride around on their jet ski.

Memphis is on the Mississippi River, not exactly Appalachia

>mostly downs. from the inbreeding.

Only the blacks.

Yankee transplant here.
They are awesome, although I'll always be an outsider. If society collapses they'll be fine.

Seriously, I pass 4 churches on my way to school, which is run by a church

I have to say the south is awesome, but it can't host a candle to the conservative northwest. There are pockets of liberals in the cities but they are hated elsewhere.

Also there are practically no niggers and the Mexicans are mostly assimilated dishwashers.

I posted the wrong image. NC btw. Yes, us and Virginia are still Southern.

I bet I have the most country accent itt

>I like it when people say "Have a blessed day."

Fuckin degenerate Baptists freaks...

I have lived in Louisiana all my life and all of my family live int Miss and Ala. I can't express how pissed i get when these political fucks get on their grand stand and start talking about how racist the south is. Like others have said, the whites and blacks lives are so closely intertwined that we have no choice but to get along. Some of the nicest and most kind hearted people i have met are black. Whites want what is best for the black community because not only for the sake of humanity, but because the more they succeed it helps improve the white population's living conditions. With all that said, the South is home to some of the dumbest, nastiest, most violent fucking niggers ever known to man. Most of us see a distinction between niggers and blacks. The blacks down here for the most part hate niggers as much as the whites do.

Well I'm not Baptist, I'm Catholic. It's still a nice thing to say.

Can confirm. Also Memphis native. Cost of living in the south is great, conservatism is readily found, people are nicer, and the food is better.

Cattycornered, hogwash, all stuff I wouldnt use talking normally

Possibly a few phrases i'm not aware are regional

>I'm Catholic

In freaking Alabama...your courageous, Bubba...

Northern Alabama reporting in. The weather has been beautiful lately.

There are alot of Germans in Alabama

Bretty accurate desu.

>possibly a few phrases i'm not aware are regional
That's why I asked! Because it's just talking here, so I wouldn't know which is which. I'm assuming everyone doesn't use over yonder, though. I think that's a safe assumption.

>most of us see a distinction between niggers and blacks
And most Southerners love Israel more than Jesus himself. It doesn't make either right.

Thinking about moving to Charlotte area, what's it all about?

Cajuns have the weirdest accent ever

You watch to much TV. These fuckers wouldn't know a Israeli from an Mooooslim if their fucking life depended on it.

Northern ppl are ok. Northeast are assholes west coast are faggot. Texas has too many wetbacks. The south,white ppl are friendly and helpful,but niggers.

This 100%

Thanks. I don't know what a stereotypical Canadian name is, so I can't really respond to "Bubba." I've been told I'm going to Hell a lot, though.

I'm not German, but I lived there as a kid. Looking what happens there now makes me sad.

My grandma told me the end times would come when Putin invaded Israel. She also quoted a Bible verse about anyone attacking Jews getting cursed. I agree though that in person they couldn't tell the difference, but they sure do love Netenyahoo (I don't care enough to spell that correctly).

>that yellow spot in the middle of North Carolina
Cary was a mistake.

It's pretty nice. My sister and uncle/aunt live there. Grandparents live pretty close by. If you're into banking, it's the place to be in the South. The city itself is becoming nicer with increased development.

Charlotte, NC? Boring, gentrified and full of white people. Nothing to do there.

Wow that flag suddenly became cool, even though it represents racism. I guess white boys just don't have any swag.

>Also, you've never met a redneck until you've been to Florida
Ah, reminds me a story fron last summer.

>Northern spic going with aunt to see family in Florida.
>Aunt wanted to do some sightseeing. Forget where we were going exactly.
>Aunt had the wheel, depending on shitty gps giving live directions.
>GPS takes us to an isolated little community innawoods.
>Looked about as backwater as you could get.
>GPS goes completely retarded and has my aunt driving in circles around the neighborhood
>See the Confederate Flag by the front door of a house
Never realized how much I have wanted to see this image in person. It was a secret item on my bucket list.

Then a guy from the house started coming outside, probably wondering why two spics are circling their neighborhood like sharks. I honestly wanted to say hi, but at the point my aunt finally listened to my instruction and gave up on the GPS.

Got to meet some true blue southerners on our trip afterward. They were very well mannered. However, I still wish I got to sit down with that guy and ask him just about everything... If I didn't get shot. It would have been a real trip listening to opinions and thoughts I could only ever read in text online up here.

Charlotte is full of niggers that kill and rape.

I'm a rural PA native who lived in a variety of places in the south due to work obligations.

I'm not a fan.

"Southern hospitality" is a joke. It's phony, bullshit, insincere politeness over thinly veiled passive aggressiveness.

They're still butthurt over a war that ended 150 fucking years ago.

Niggers everywhere. Every-fucking-where.

Blacks were, surprisingly, significantly nicer than southern whites.

They think everywhere north of Virginia is Brooklyn. Fucking morons.

Southern cooking is overrated. "Muh fried chikin."

I could go on, but overall, the rural and mildly suburban areas of the northeast, southwest, and northwest are significantly better.

lol wasting the best years of your life on this shitty fucking website that is years past its prime

georgian here. hey y'all

Horry County checking in.

Thanks. I'm going into Finance, so that's why Charlotte appealed to me initially.

Shit you ever been under those bridges in charlotte at night? There's you some entertainment.

Been to charlotte multiple times. Never seen any shitty neighborhoods or niggers anywhere in that city.