Syria General /sg/ The Forgotten Bakery Edition

Everything you need to know


>Newest Interviews with Assad

>hohol livemap
>Military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>Deir Hafer Mar20
>Mosul Mar20
>Palmyra Mar17
>Raqqa Feb23
>W Aleppo Feb23
>DeZ Feb23
>W Daraa Feb22

Developments Mar21
>Jihadists attack SAA in Hama using SVBIED's, claim to capture several checkpoints and 2 tanks
>Jihadist advance in Jobar after launching new assault
>SAA recapture Hamid Hawsh, Jafirat Mansur & Diham in E Aleppo as they attempt to encircle Deir Hafer
>IS cuts off government’s only supply route to Aleppo
>FSA-affiliated group joins Al-Qaeda coalition; making it the largest militant group in Syria
>Ru openes reconciliation center in YPG's Afrin, denies term"military base"
>SDF capture train station in SE Raqqa
>Militants capture Jabal Al-Naqab from IS
>US-coalition airstrike hits Raqqa school building housing civilians
>Al-Qaeda attacks IS in al-Yarmouk camp, S Damascus
>Syrian choppers drop bombs on jihadist near Israel
>IS captures 9 Iraqi security officers
>23+dead,45 injured in IS carbomb in Bagdhad


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Turcia delenda est.

fug, I was just making the thread. I even removed the double embeds

first for greater ireland

t-90 sm Kuwait

maytham @maytham956 15m15 minutes ago

#SAA ambushed 2 #AlNusra's vehicles on the road of Ghouraz - #Daraa #Syria

pretty good rolling balls of fire in this one

Third for turkey.

Oops, we did it again!

>Israeli air force targets Jabal Qassion in the capital Damascus with a number of air strikes.

>Israeli bombardment on Mount # Qassion B # Damascus with warplanes The radar battalion was targeted and destroyed.

ISIS really upped their game

I'm 99% sure that it was done by a branch of Hezbollah.


@JulianRoepcke 57min

#BreakingReports 80 pro-#Assad forces killed, 22 captured, as rebels, led by HTS, capture #Souran in surprise blitz.
#Hama #Syria

Crazy stuff happening north of #Hama tonight.
I won't map it before confirmation.
But it seems two military bases were captured by rebels.

The #Russian airbase in #Latakia is on high alert.
Jets depart every few minutes.
Dozens of air strikes on #Hama towns now.

Khan Shaykun, Hobait, Lataminah, Ehsim & Kafr Zita are among the towns, hit by Russian jets over the past 30 minutes.
Many casualties.

absolutely based.
>muh putin is pressuring netanyahu to stop
>muh s-400 given to ass*d
>muh downed israeli jet

nth for bleached armpits

Turkey is no more?

do you think the rebels will take hama?

>80 pro-#Assad forces killed, 22 captured
Nope, that would meen whole garrison of the city and surrouding villages, just impossible.


good lord, 4 attacks in 5 days?

all-out war in the Middle East this spring?

must be destroyed*

>80 pro-#Assad forces killed, 22 captured

ofc its not true ... they made progress ,but most of stuff they say is blatant lie

Ofc not.

its usual propaganda amidst offensive ,psyhological warfare

I would be suprised if they killed over 20 ,since SAA usully retreat on time without losing to much men

after they fail do you think its over for them

you relay posting jihadi Julian tweets hire !

SAA still has E Aleppo active and Palymra , Tigers is their best unit , SAA can play safely and relocate Tigers to Hama and it will be an overkill

Fucking kikes , 6 trillions were not enough .


Here's your confirmation

Sosadites have lost a town with more populace than Dayr Hafir they've wasted so much time for.

lieth was spreading info palmyra has fallen long before it has actually fallen , lets wait for more confirmations ,we will be smarter in morning

How do rebels have still the strenght to conduct such big offensives?

>reporting any negative news about ASSad is trolling
lmao retard.

>#Damascus: #Israel|i Air Force is bombing the #Assad regime/#Hezbollah in #Damascus tonight.

Assad and H*zbollshits BTFO.

>saying Palmyra fell before it even fell and saying Aleppo is getting besieged again

Dont throw rocks while u live in house made of glass.

a few dozen people isn't big. This years offensives that involved more than a couple hundred guys can be counted on one hand.

there be videos if it has fallen so just wait till the morning for more actual profs instead just reading from drama queens

So what? Souran is bigger than Deyr Hafir.

Anyway, it's already confirmed by Qaeda (HTS). Prior to that (that is some hours before) they denied the rumours that they are in control of the town.

t. maghrebi kekold

You really want to get destroyed, don't you.

He lives in house made of rockets you dumb cunt.

These are some wise words Żydzie, Putin doesn't throw his words in the wind.

>You really want to get destroyed, don't you.
Who by? Arabian monkey armies?

Assads days are numbered, it's only a matter of time before the brave mujahid of Abu Benya Amin al-Israeli (pbuh) comes knocking down the gates to the "president"-ial palace and declares victory for the ummah.

La illah ila JHVH!

They are numerous as fuck and breed like roaches. I do not hold it for very unlikely. Though both sides will destroy each other.

its bigger then Deyr Hafir ,but SAA really have no reason to defend the city to last man especially during huge offensive like this

slowly retreat while airforce pounds rebels and inflict losses ,and wait for offenisve to exhausts

They sure will never terrorise people of Syria anymore.

>inb4 Putin is retarded and escalates with RuAF just to show how big his dick is

kek based ruskie.

>muh putin is pressuring netanyahu to stop
Was this ever seriously claimed by people?

most effective tactic with air superiority

when u are getting overwhelmed retreat to next defensive point and inflict loses on ground and air , offensive will stall at one point

wtf I love israel now?

yes, yesterday, on /sg/

>claimed by people?
>asks this to a jew and a salafi

Nah, Putin with all his downsides is no Erdogan. Guy got some integrity and actual brains.

>22 Assadists captured in souran

/sg/ btfo

they've done it at this exact same location two times since the russian intervention already. I see no reason why it would be different this time, but shills gotta shill

Huge explosion in jihadist occupied Taybat Al Imam. Probably one of their suicide VBIEDs exploded before it left the town. Thank God!



Fake News.

>Netanyahu: Russia has not changed its policy regarding attacks in Syria

>Prime Minister said during his visit to China that Russia has not changed its policy regarding Israel's efforts to thwart arms transfers to Hezbollah. "If there is intelligence and operational feasibility, we attack, and this will continue." Lieberman: "We are not looking for adventures".

#Syria #Hama Post by A #SAA #Tiger_Forces #Qamhana Forces Soldier A Militant "ammunition warehouse" destroyed in Tayibat al-Imam

Wow they captured a quarter of the garrison and killed the rest, amazing job Julian

No, I meant in general. The only article I found claiming this was by Russian Insider and they're not really to ever be taken seriously.

I don't think they will. Educate yourself on Israeli-Arabian wars. zl,ng they were fucking reckt
Are you suggesting destroying Souran to the ground by carpet bombings?
Even if we don't consider the moral part of it, Assad doesn't have enough air power.
Souran, the beginning of the attack

yes, by al-jaafari

Also, jihadi julian on twatter:
Syrian rebels shell 3000 Apartments and 1070 Apartments S-W of #Aleppo with artillery, parallel to the #Hama offensive.

This seems to be the closest to all out-war Syria has gotten in a while.

#Syria #Hama #EasternHama #Soran #Souran #SAA #NDF #SRG #SyAAF #RuAF

Talked to soldiers in northern Hama. We lost it.


leithfadel says that a SAA untermensch told him that they lost Soran

so... who's winning this war?

typically the same propaganda than palmyra and deyrezor events

>leithfadel says that a SAA untermensch told him that they lost Soran

Amazing Arabic and unconfirmed sources you got there

Oh they will continue to conduct these half assed offensives from time to time, but solely to relieve other parts of the front.

Time for any great strategic advances like breaking siege of Aleppo in August is over.


why would they need to destroy souran to ground ?

but if its neccessary they can pound souran from air and ground

u dont understand basics of warfare , something u should understand just from using your own brain and common sense

Israel. Apart from Israel, there's no clear winner. The US probably don't want a stable Arab state either, though.

With America's help, yes.

Assad has lost /sg/ brfo kekeke

deyezor what happend with deyezor? nothing city is holding still after 3 months

Palmyra ? what is with palymra ? SAA is advancing east of Plamyra

That's why Tigers & Desert Hawks wanted to assault Rashideen 4 & 5 but fucking Shubat al-Mukhabarat al-Askariyya didn't allow them.
Private militias are the future of warfare.

wew lad

Israeli interest=US interest
make no mistake about it.

You can't do that, really, because there are loyal civilians left. Besides, Assad doesn't have the opportunity to do it, neither does he have the manpower to retake it (apart from the homotigers who are away)

In such a scenario your best bet is not to lose the town

this is huge offensive , its nearly impossible that rebels wont take some ground during initial pushes and its nearly impossible that SAA wont retreat from some point ,this is not what determines whether offensive is successful or not

how much ground u gain in the end and if u can hold the ground that u gained is what determines how successful offensive was

>israel told russia to stfu
>russia accepted like cucks
>assad has no say in this

lol how much of a cuck can asshat be?

>Reports of an entire battalion division defection from Republican Guard in Damascus alongside the rebels.

>Initial reports that a whole battalion of the Republican Guard division had deserted its weapons and weapons along with the rebels in the Damascus area.

Can you hear that /sg/? It's Assad's regime last dying whimpers.

enjoy another jet getting shot then

It's easy to hold a town as big as Souran, but not for shabbiha apes or whatever NDF humanoids they had in place.

>implying our favorite manlet will heed Bibi
>implying things will not escalate to the point af an all out war in the middle east
>implying albert pike's prophecy of Islam and Judaism destroying each other will not come true


u defintely wont defend city if it will result in huge losses and there are better in long run more efficient alternatives in terms of tactics

>deyezor what happend with deyezor? nothing city is holding still after 3 months
>city is holding
funny that you imply that the city is under SAA control while most of it is under ISIS control

regime pocket divided into 2 parts, you all said that the SAA was going to lift the siege on the airbase in the coming days and get more hyped when husayn mortadha got there thinking that a major offensive was going to start.
mortadha left the area back to damascus and all the saa attempts failed.

As for palmyra, you all were saying that everything was under control and that nothing was happening until ISIS took the city and then claimed they were 4 000.

tl;dr low level damage control

You'll get yours someday kike.

Wouldn't generalize it like that, but in a country where the regular army consists of low-morale conscripts and corruption/agorism is the norm, yes.

I don't think SAA will be able to besiege it, but we'll see that in due time.

No. The rebels are now like a wounded animal, their lashing out is at its most dangerous, but will go down soon.


sg cant handle this much btfo in one day its really sad

Is there any update on USA action in there? Long time not knowing shit about the burgers on this conflict.


look at battle for Aleppo ,siege was broken ,but the side that broke the siege didnt won the battle in the end

losing/winning battle is much more then losing/winning just small phase of a battle

but u dont understand this ,its very obvious

fugging roaches

>Airdrops of supplies intended for Assad government and milita in Syria's DeirEzzor allegedly ended up in the hands of the ISIS


>I do not have any further confirmation. But if it is true, it is a turning point.


Amazing source

Do you have any idea about modern warfare? How do you expect them to hold town against forces that literally outnumber them 10 to 1? This is not what you do in such cases, you retreat, you regroup, you inflict losses on enemy via air-artillery bombardment and then you counter-attack with reinforcements. Holding town and dying there is the stupidest thing you can do in such situation.

best way to counter rebels offensive especially in countryside is to let them advance inflict losses to them from air and ground while they advance ,at one point advance will stop and then u counter attack