How do we get stormfags and racists to leave Sup Forums?

How do we get stormfags and racists to leave Sup Forums?

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there arent really racists on Sup Forums - we made that up to keep the normies away.

fuck off, niggers. saged

I've been seeing alot of unironic posting lately though.


No you leave kike lover!

How do we get (((faggots))) like you to leave Sup Forums?

why would you want to?

By destroying Sup Forums.

But that's against the NAP or something so fuck off.

Ruin aryans for them.
Focus on the EU, modern germans and swedes.

Essentially ruin the myth of pure white supremacy for them.

Why don't you use r/Pol?

Before someone brushes this off as a shill, this is actually true.
By playing into the racist card, you are ratifying the Jewish propaganda about right wingers being racist.
But were they? Racialism is not the same as racism. Mussolini wasn't a Racialist, Germany had Jews in the army etc. Hell, Hitlers bodyguard was Jewish.
Don't fall for the racist meme.
Like Goebbels said, "the Untermensch is a leavening agent in the race."

Because the left are the real racists and nazis and stuff like white nationalism hurts Trump and our cause.

Go away, and they will all follow you.

>they thought it was ironic
Are you guys actually cucks who want to share your homeland with niggers? Or are you just non-whites trying not to get kicked out?

Get pozzed and get

how do we get you to leave?

>taking anything on Sup Forums seriously

Kek this.
No-one leaves Sup Forums, some of us remember back years. It's a melting pot that reflect current sentiment amoingst it's username who have discourse and debate to fully fledged an idea. We tolerate all opinions, but if it's shit we'll call you on it. Don't come here with half-formed derpy beliefs and expect an easy ride faggots.



How do we get (you) to leave pol.
Maybe a w.

Massive censorship
Because that's the only way the left ever gets what it wants
Suck my balls OP

Go back to where you came from

>t.liberal millennial


niggers tongue my anus



>Ironic racism
Yeah Jews, it's all ironic, don't worry about it

by going back to /r/eddit Sup Forums is not and never will be a place for shitskins.

You got the Hal "around whites internet fights" one?

Also Hal's radio show is back on. Fo real. Should we call up? He was FBI maybe he still is.

Sup Forums wouldn't even exist then.

/new/ was built by stormfags, fuck off faggot desu


Is this your 1st day here nigger?

Saged in all fields

KYS faggot

I don't think we should censor anyone, even the stormfags and racists. That would make us just as bad as the left.

they were here long before you /nu-pol/

niggerfaggots gtfo

>How do we get stormfags and racists to leave Sup Forums?

The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




Its not racism if its scientific.

Also, fuck niggers and muds.

stormfags are nu-pol thanks to hillarys alt-right speech a few months back. It's her fault they started posting here.

There's no point although I wish Sup Forums would cool it on the antisemitism it would be a really good discussion board with about 50-75% less antisemitism.

Seig Hail


they are a part of the zeitgeist that makes /pol /pol.
they get to say what they want in exactly the same way as you do.

>our cause
>implying all of /pol agrees unilaterally on everything

Accepting that there are physical differences between different races that lead to gaps in mental capabilities and stifle their ability to integrate into a society dominated by another race is not bigotry, it's realism. When people unironically go around spouting shit like "lynch all the niggers", that's when it becomes truly racism. I will not say that niggers are deserving of death or should not be allowed a happy, prosperous life, but if you expect me to accept that there aren't biological factors that make that path more difficult for them and I'm supposed to pay to fix their plight, you can go fuck yourself.

you have no idea who stormfags are do you?

Why do you virtue signal like a faggot Rich?

>It's pathetic

Get in the oven kike

How do we send you niggers back to Africa?

You should complain about it more. That'll help.

Go back to plebbit.

ban internet access to rural and suburban retards

Kill all shitskins. Can't have racists if there is only one race, the master race.

they post on stormfront

Case in point. I like a spirited discussion as much as anyone but the Holocaust jokes are stale and recycled at this point.

We obviously have to wait until the next Shoah to come up with some fresh ones.

At least you finally changed the filename....fucking newfag




Sup Forums needs more remove kebab meme

Theyre to remind you of what's to come for your kind you thin skinned bitch

What the fug....
This is more terrifying than them being in any "edgy" sites..

saged, niggers

>How do we turn politically incorrect into a safe space?

go post on the_donald and kotakuinaction

Restore racial homogeneity. Until then, get used to every space becoming populated with pro-whites as the situation worsens and forces people to become racially aware, or "racist" as idiots call it.


Lol, yeah.

This one is also getting old, imho.

This is what I'm talking about. Sup Forumss antisemitism tend to attract cringey teenage edgemeisters like user with needless aggro and nothing to contribute to discussion.

It makes us look like a bunch of autistic idiots.

kys. it's the only way. take away their reason to fight, faggot.

Faggot cuck


we don't want you here

You need to go.

She read a Huffpost or Buzzfag article that said were all nazi's lol

You literally can't. If you try and fight it, you'll create even more ironic shitposting.

It's literally impossible to prove there's a single legit racist post on Sup Forums.


who are you quoting?

Why are you reddit era cancer, namefag? Go eat some more cocks attention seeking homo. If you weren't here when we raider Hal, you're a faggot. Shit was dope. It's even funnier it came out he was an FBI honey pot. And those radio adverts were classic. Protable nigger lynch.

Kys. It's the only way to stop them.

>cringey teenage edgemeisters

you're in for a BIG surprise


I don't mean literally teenagers, I mean mentally and "edgemeister" doesn't mean you're not sincere in your beliefs, it's just that you are an idiot and needlessly belligerent against strangers online.

its true. i bet all nazis on Sup Forums are beta twig boys.

Shitskin detected

Why are you here faggots? Go home

i agree.



Howz about I feed you some in return? I've been here since 2010. Everyone knows Sup Forums is a honeypot...I have screeners too. Annnnddddd I agree on the rest

>Real racists

Daily Reminder that niggers aren't human

>let's ruin the image of white people to end racism
I wonder who could be behind this post

>Why are you here faggots?

I like discussing politics with strangers online?

I just don't like all the primitive thuggish small-minded antisemitism.

If you hate Jews and civilisation so much, go join your brothers in ISIS. It would also allow you to fulfil what I imagine are your un-fulfilled fantasies of torturing and murdering helpless prisoners.

You already think germanics and nordics are cucks.
Tell me what do you associate with blonde hair on Sup Forums?
Its not nazi.
Its being a crazy liberal cuck.
The damage has been done.

You first. You don't belong here. This is not a neo-nazi board

I actually think of blond hair and killing Christians desu

Black metal will rule the world

Stormfag here....

/new/ was always a neo-nazi board, the Holocaust denial threads were there even before muh stormfront invasion

Yo queer, you are reddit era shit. 06 master race you idiot, just be careful and do the give them anything to use against you. We've know it forever. Don't pretend it's some revelation. What do you think all the CP threads were before you even came here? Why it became a meme?

Go to sleep, you must be so tired. Let's all get some rest guys. Theres Niggers to lynch and Kikes to roast, but let's do it after a good night's sleep.

>I like discussing politics with strangers online?

This is where you fucked up.

Believing anything on this board will be productive

No it wasn't. Hillarys alt-right deplorable speech brought them here.

When willl we have an entire platoon of alt-knights with the same helmet/mask combo uniform?