Agnosticism and athiesm caused everything bad in the modern world

>low birth rate
>anti Christian
>no morals/non objective morals


You don't belong on this board

your average Sup Forums christian is just a theist version of le 2012 fedora neckbeard but even cringier

Shut the fuck up non Christian heretic

If You aren't Christian you need to leave


>if you aren't Christian you need to leave
okay, I understand. Achmet likes his foot rub sessions private.


Is this how all Christians behave?

Wow, I was thinking of converting but now, not so sure.

Communism is Jewish.


Top 5 cringe ideologies:

1.) Atheism
2.) Veganism
3.) Anarchism
4.) Feminism
5.) Marxism

Should've made more believable religion than kike on a stick one then tbqhfamalamadingdong.

This is not how you get people to become a Christian. Just tell people about how Matthew 11:28 and John 3:16. When they come to a dark day in their life they will break down and call to him. And he will come.

Marxism should be above feminism desu

but most christians are shitty larpers and dont practice anything they preach

Considering there is no proof to either gods existence or non existence it's actually not a bad thing to be.

>hurr if you don't believe in something with no evidence you're degenerate

REPENT for your sins and find JESUS. It's the only way to save the west

If the west isn't Christian it will die

>if the west isn't White it will die


>Considering there is no proof to either gods existence or non existence

there is ample proof of the miracles JESUS did for all of us.




Yes, it's totally stupid. Here's why:
I secretly own three unicorns and two yetis.
Do you believe me? The only thing you have is my written word. There is no proof for nor against it. Do you believe in my secret pets? Are you agnostic to them? Tell me without sounding like a hypocrite.
Pro tip: You can't.

This so fucking much

The west will die forever if it becomes nonwhite

Those nigger countries that are more Christian than the west are such civilized paradises right? What about Greeks and Romans before Christianity?

The white race made the west great. Christianity may have been a factor but a bunch of niggers would not have built the west just because of the book being read to them

>a-a-a-atheists are all liberal!
>you need to follow my religion worshiping a socialist pacifist arab jew!

the west became great (and birthed the white race) because it had the perfect conditions, not because whites where randomly smarter then niggers

>there is ample proof
Like what for instance? Stuff written in a book thats been translated and therefore modified hundreds of times? I could write anything in a book but if there's no other source backing it up it's impossible to prove whether it's bullshit or not

Yes but the white race has been around longer than Christianity

Evangelizing should be a happy thing. You should just tell them the good news. Not try to force it down their throats. That does not plant good seeds lads. Just tell there is eternal happiness in Jesus. Here's a great verse.

Matthew 11:28-30

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Believe if you want my friends. God gave us free will for a reason. Christianity is very much about faith.

>mfw I'm an atheist who loves christanity, hates Islam, is Right-Wing but the "religion is a joke, wake up sheeple!!!11!!" overshadow everyone like me

Christcucks import third worlders and adopt niglets why should we like them? They're a disgrace to the classic christian american of the 50s.

The living conditions in Europe in 1750 were no better than in Asia. Europe is more advanced today because their colonization of the world gave them a head start in industrialization.

>he doesn't know who John Locke is
>he doesn't know how Montaigne is

wew fucking lad.

>objective morals.
>le truths that I don't like aren't the truth

You got meme'd by this board user. I'm sorry.

What if I respect and acknowledge Christianity as most based and best religion for the West and defy other religions while still not fully believe in it ?

There is some pretty weird proof of Judeo-christian God I think. For example the anointing of the Jews. How does such a small ethnic group controls so much of the world's wealth?

I do not believe in them cause there is nothing to show for them. But for a deity there is: our existence. However what is that deity is different question. If a person created bacteria or other microscopic organism that gained consciousness and somehow found about the existence of that person, surely they'd view him as a god.



I'm an agnostic but I'm one of you.
Infact, after seeing the French Alps, I'm almost convinced God is real. I just need actual proof that can't be explained by science.


Fuck off cuck. Religion is cancer

I'd rather stand with Christians and fight mudslimes and kikes but I guess you love the brown dick after having ((them)) as overlords for centuries.


you are an absolute moron, who the fuck says we have to accept the pope was our god? last time I check the saviors name was Jesus Christ.

>no morals
That doesn't describe me.
Even an atheist can dream in Lawful Good.

>your average Sup Forums christian is just a theist version of le 2012 fedora neckbeard
not true in the slightest, while they're both annoying i dare anyone to find a genuine picture of a "reborn enlightened christian" condescendingly posting about atheism or having pictures of themselves with quotes


>Fighting anyone

>god created me and knows everything I am ever going to do or think before I do or think it
>god gave us free will

Pick one faggot

>oy vey christians protect their own, they should ally with atheists against fellow christians!

Intellectualism and rationality caused everything bad in the modern world. Agnosticism/atheism is just the end result.

How many of these threads are you going to make?

There's no actual discussion here, it's
>the Bible is true because it says it's true and since the Bible doesn't lie we know it's true
>fairy tales haha! The Bible is wrong because it's ridiculous and stupid!! Fuck God fuck Jesus hail Satan

>Mexican illegals
>Same as white Americans because of christianity

Do you people really believe this?

>>god created me and knows everything I am ever going to do or think before I do or think it
no everyone believes this.


This. Catholics are fucking retarded. Orthodox and Protestant are the only respectable denominations

adultery should be answered with stoning according to the bible. it was illegal in the us until atheist started to take hold of power

There needs to be more Christian threads. At least a dedicated christian thread for Sunday. I would love to see an user preach the word here.


>>no everyone believes this


fuck off op u nigger nothin wrong with being agnostic

>All these threads aggressively shilling for christianity today

Somethings very fishy

This is pretty close

are you me

do you realize that our religion can't even being to understand God? how can, then, we claim to know what he knows?

in what way are they mutually exclusive, him being omniscient doesn't mean you don't have the choice, he just knows what choice you will make.

What a man baby loser throwing temper tantrums you are.


no semitic dogma for me thanx
I'm Euroopean
this means
No Christianity
No Judaism
No Islam
No Jewish mind control.
We are pagan Europeans not cucks for kikes.

maybe we just want a return to normality, Sup Forums is and has always been a christian board



deus vulva

Yeah, they should better suck muslim dick like you do?


Sup Forums at the end of the day


No it hasn't. Christian Sup Forums has always been a vocal minority of edgy teens.



Friendly reminder that macro evolution s impossible
The odds of ambiogenesis: 1 in 10^450 (per Marcel E. Golay; other estimates are even worse)
Odds of evolution by mutation/natural selection to the complexity of a modern mammal: 1 in 10^3,000,000 (again, Golay)
Number of atoms in the universe 10^80
Number of potential chemical reactions since the big bang: 10^120
If this universe was a simulation you could run it 10^100 and still not expect to see life
If first life was seeded on every habitable planet as early as possible after the Big Bang; NO planet would ever see evolution to the complexity level of a mammal. Habitable zones simply cannot last that long and that;s bound by the laws of physics governing stars.
Michael Denton has computed even worse odds than Golay. Randomness cannot account for the genomes we're observing and sequencing


He supposedly wrote you a book for that exact purpose

The arrangement of our universe, and the complexity of our laws of physics and position in the galaxy that allows life to thrive, it is all so perfectly fine tuned that it is mathematically impossible to have happened by chance. To say that life developed complex systems that respond to different types of stimuli that previously couldn't even be detected by the organism just by random evolution over time is almost asinine. Genetic coding in our DNA is so impressive that there is no way that we developed organs that pick up light such as our eyes and organ systems that work together such as the nervous or digestive systems simply by chance. That's like slamming on your keyboard billions of times until you eventually get a working operating system. Open up command shell on your computer, type in a bunch of random commands in a line and hit enter. No syntax error? Unlikely but if not save that line of code. Now do the same thing repeatedly and when you receive a syntax error, go back one line and try random commands again. Do this billions of times and come back to me when you have an operating system with a full web browser and battlefield 4 on 60 fps. That is genetic coding.

There practically are no atheists here, atheism being a foreign Jewish religion made by the Frankfurt School for Westerners.

But in the USA, atheists vote overwhelmingly democrat.


Agnosts are no better than believers you fucking leaf. Why would you give any credence whatsoever to anything that has no evidence? Just because it sounds like a nice concept and everyone else does? Anything that has no evidence is worthy of mockery.

every sunday

Says the child believing in ghost and jewish messiah

So how come Africa is falling behind where they were? They can't even maintain basic technology that European colonizers gave them and left behind

>He created me
>Knows what choices im going to make
>doesnt control my choices

How retarded are you

Atheism is the gayest of religions.Pure cancer of the West.

Since when? I've been here for years.

>There practically are no atheists here
>Third world spic country
Sounds right. At least you BTFO Haitians.

What is the word for someone who has no religion?

my degree in biblical studies

The book was written by prophets and the apostles not god. and it was written in order for us to know his will, and how we should act. not to know his whole physic. we can't understand our won minds completely yet, so we should claim to know the mind of the creator.

wow. You're all a bunch of retards

good goy

you are in the minority friendo.

What defines a Christian to pol? Who goes to church and who strives to spend eternity in heaven? Redpill me