Childfree Antinatalism

pol/ is anyone else shocked by the fact that people still have children? Life seems inherently meaningless and without value. And having children just seems absurd. The family structure is destroyed and divorce is inevitable at this point. Children are fucking annoying and expensive not to mention will take up all of your time. Besides it seems cruel to impose non consenting life on a sentient being. I for one am childfree and although I am only a measly 19 years of age I plan to get sterilized. I am an antinatalist. Antinatalism is the most advanced form of evolution. We can reason and make logical decisions unlike animals. Once we realize that having children is a pointless absurd silly thing to do we reach the pinnacle of human evolution. Prove me wrong. The white race is superior and is already showing signs of the ultimate evolution. White, developed, rich educated countries have extremely low birthrates.

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>Life seems inherently meaningless and without value
I think you hit the nail on the head, why people have children. Nothing like being needed. Same goes with house pets I think. I for one stare straight into the abyss without those accessories, and the abyss stares straight back into me...

I wouldn't go that far, but having children is (as I said in the other thread) the lowest of the "Christian" orders and any man who can live a celibate life-style should probably do so.

This world is the domain of the Enemy. Having children is a Godly thing, but it is not the only thing. It is highly overemphasized though; mainly by women and (((alt-right))).

I'm white and have a decent career. I want to have 3 children.

Now all I need is a gf ;_;

Oh boy, into the oven with you


OP you are a little cunt faggot. I hope to marry my gf and have two kids.

Not having kids is only scary to pathetic little millennials working at Starbucks who can't wait to get off work and play video games with their 4 other degenerate friends on discord

>Not having kids is only scary to pathetic little millennials working

Freudian slip?

Go away scholomo.

well i am not having any. i have never seen the appeal of them. Frankly, the thought of coming home from work to a nagging wife and a few brats sounds fucking exhausting and makes me want to eat a bullet.

I value my free time too much and don't want to have to think about my actions affect a load of other people



Time magazine is awfully racist. I'd love to see a Middle Eastern or Kenyan couple in the cover of the Childfree Life story.

Antinatalism is not the most advanced form of evolution. It's counter-evolutionary and right now this trend is killing off high IQ gene-lines while people with low IQ keep breeding like rabbits. This is devolution, not evolution.

Yes Goyim working and taking care of offspring is hard, Let Muhammed breed more.

Anti-Natalism is redpilled

>White people on the cover
>Stop having children
Nice piece of propaganda TIME.

Sort yourself out, bucko.

>implying this is a bad thing

As a high-IQ individual, we probably shouldn't be breeding. Most high-IQ people nowadays are autistic as fuck and incapable of forming proper relational bonds with other people.

Convince me to get married and start a family, Sup Forums. I was in a relationship with a woman I believed to be my soulmate for almost three years. Then all of a sudden she becomes a vegan, starts getting into all this feminist shite, and wants to go to sex toy parties with her mom. And I found out she used to be in a relationship with some mulatto guy.

I'm sick of playing the modern women game, give me one good reason why I shouldn't just move into the woods and tan hides/carve wood for the rest of my life as a subsistence hunter/fisher

You can trust me go..I mean fellow Sup Forumsacks, The world needs more niggers and less smart people. Us whites shouldn't breed at all.....

it is hard though

and the fact that you can put in so much time, effort and money into them only for them to be taken from you at a woman's whim makes it that much harder to justify

You claim to be top tier evolution and decide not to pass on your genes?

Yep that checks out, really doing the human race a solid.

Get a surrogate woman to carry your child, If you can handle it and are not some type of christcuck like pic related.

Vasectomies for ALL!
Vasectomies for some.... li'l America flags for others

Yes Goyim get a vasectomy

I was being a little bit facetious.

Like I said, if you want kids, then have them. Just don't pretend like it's some higher calling, or that the white race depends on one man breeding, or that the white race itself, if it cannot reproduce, should deserve to live.

It's all you niggas with kids and families and shit that have to worry about the future of this world. All of us celibates and childless people don't, because we are by definition removing ourselves from the equation. Your kids can deal with it. And if they can't? Well then you should have raised them better. Don't blame me because your sons and grandsons won't be able to keep Jamal and Achmed from taking over.

Dude first off relax, there are other women out there. It might sound silly but women can be good to have around. You just got to let her know where you stand on everything all day everyday. Thats how you get their respect, budge even a little and they will run with it.


Fuck off Tyrone

That sounds awesome, why do you want reasons not to do that?

I'm pretty much doing that in a few months. Moving WAAAAAAAY out to the backwoods and going full-hermit.

I'm white, dumb dumb.

I have a beautiful wife with two great kids.

you guys just need to find a red pilled girl who will love you unconditionally

Yeah sure, Why do you consantly push this anti-natalism bullshit on us when our birth rates are low already? If you hate children don't force it on others. Let people have children if they want too, America is 60% white if anything it benefits the country if whites start procreating.

But then again i'm not Jewish like you Mr.Goldwitz

People change. Married people are committed toward changing together, toward each other. If you're not doing that, then the marriage is destined to fail. If you are putting in the work to increase the bond between you from love to devotion, you'll end up in the happy 50% that die married to their best friend and "better half".

Since she was just your girlfriend, you had no right to stop her from becoming another idiot skank. You could talk to her and convince her, maybe, but ultimately, your investment ended with your time.

If she was your wife, you would have some stake in it. You could tell her that your family was not going to be that way. That the mother of your children wouldn't find excitement from licking the toilets of pubs, but from the fulfillment of raising a happy and healthy family with you as you grow old together.

>Why should I convince a woman to spend her life making me as happy as possible without the bullshit of dating?
I dunno, dude, maybe you like happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Go to church faggot

"divorce is inevitable" what a cuck

Don't expect shit from the state past your retreat.
That's how it should go, no kids, starve old.
Like in the wild.

So many fucking hedonist rats expecting my aryan children to take care of them old because they worked when they were capable of. As if the state had some kind of fucking magical power.

You have kids to take care of you when you get old. Don't rely on the gov to take care of you when the are taking care of the dindus.

The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




>"having children is stupid, lets just enjoy our time on earth until our species dies out"

I'm glad your genes won't be passed down.

pol/ is anyone else shocked by the fact that people still reply to these threads?

picture is false

more then Half of younger generation are shit-skin

and because of baby boomer
they are poor then their parent generation

america no longer development country so only way is downhill road

>can't fix economy , can't fix education
>United state of africa


literally, pick one

Heres a reason to live you nihilist-hedonist faggot.

I literally just said: "If you want kids, go ahead and have them" you dumb, honorary nigger fuck.

Like right here, in the second sentence of this post.

Stop whining like a little bitch and blaming the ((())) for you not being able to have kids. Or if you do have kids, go fucking raise them, you piece of shit. I don't give a fuck about you, or anyone else just because they look like me. I just don't give a fuck. Especially not when you're all just as stupid, just as promiscuous, just as sinful, and just as hateful as the rest of the shitty races. We're slightly prettier and have slightly higher IQs. GOOD FOR US! Don't care. If the white race wanted salvation, they should have stayed true to their God. As of now, it can all burn. I await my death with clear eyes and a clean soul.

Find me one that doesn't preach Satanism dressed up in Scripture and sure, I'll go. Until then, I want no community with any of you.

> Black

I agree with this.

Childless white men usually die before or around 60, so we are not draining your wallet. Don't worry.

Marriage is not the only path to Heaven, user.

You fucking Kike faggot. You're spreading Marxist propaganda by suggesting whites shouldn't have children. It's how the spics and less so the blacks get the upper hand against us in North America.

The fucking kebabs are out-breeding our kin in Europe. We need to have more kids. I plan on having three and raising them to have my mindset against muslims and spics.

thank god your genes will die with you

Im at an empass. If i have kids theyre going to be a white minority shamed by society. Plus i cant afford more than 1 so its not like its good. Further on top of that. Ive finally got my finamcial life in order and want to explore not settle down. Getting a kid never feels like a good idea. Its a prison sentence to me.

Kebabs breed with their cousins 70% of pakistani are inbred.


I like coming home to a clean apartment and dinner ready on the table and my girl kissing me. I'm so grateful i met this polish qt3.14. She really enjoys doing housewife things and she leaves the "man" things to me. It's a good trade. Best of both worlds. No equality feminism bullshit. She hates feminism and supports traditional roles. She wants 5 children though. I think that's a little much but we'll see.

But i think if you don't want children it's ok. You wouldn't be a good parent anyway. I work in psychiatry and 99% of patients grew up with split family, family conflict, fighting parents etc etc.

pic unrelated.

What state? I was considering Idaho. I live in Florida and I'd like to experience seasons

If we were married it'd be worse because I'd be stuck with her. I'm afraid to make the commitment with a girl because then it means she can start acting bitchy/slutty because she knows I'm stuck with her

You should have at least 4 kids in case some of them turn out gay or marry muslim

Actually I can form bonds just fine with other smart, non-criminal, non-backstabbing people. Remove the niggers and leftists and everything works fine.

She can still leave you and take everything you have whenever she wants. Reagan and the Jewish lawyers did this.






Washington, nearish Seattle.

twas a joke, my man.

>we reach the pinnacle of evolution
Except that not having kids will be selected against. Enjoy your future filled with subhuman niggers, fag.

Beautiful region. Best of luck to you


>Find me one that doesn't preach Satanism dressed up in Scripture and sure, I'll go.

1. don't go to a church with a statue of mary. that is automatically catholic and catholicism is fucked.

2. seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

3. go forth and preach the gospel to all nations

fake news.
Parents are happier

Mary is a road to Jesus, not a wall.

Fucking cuck. Now is the time to have children to save the white race. Only white cucks decide to stop having children. I wonder who is behind this (((post)))

Why do anything? Why work? Why get out of bed in the morning? Why not just kill yourself?

>implying i care
>implying i have a chance to find a GF/WIFE

mary is a dead human WOMAN. and do you know what a WOMAN is capable of? lying, deception, manipulation, shaming, illusion, parasitical behaviour, fraud, deceit, embezzlement and many other more.

she is nothing sort of a Godly being. she's a human and a rotting skeleton by this point.

don t worry i ll kill myself when i wil not be able to go take a shit by myself

More and more I find myself unable to justify having kids at any point in my life. Things are good now. I have a career, a nice place of my own, a car I love, and many years of fun ahead. I just can't see why I'd want to have a kid, spend all my money and time on it, sacrifice sleep/health/fun, and generally become miserable on purpose.

I've seen family members who have kids. They look like zombies. Just dragging themselves through the day while their kids eat up more and more of their attention and youth. Every day it's soccer practice, swimming, meeting with the teachers, buying them new clothes, taking them to other kids' parties, and there's absolutely nothing left for themselves. Fucking why???

>most advanced form of evolution
>refuses to reproduce

I found a flaw in your (((reasoning)))

I had they killed in the womb. I wish I had a say in that

Kids are cool. Being a dad is really fun. I am their god. We have big fun at my house.

>be shitskin
>breed like monkeys

>be high genes
>don't breed at all

what reasoning?

shit bait desu but there are people who fall for this
having children is the most redpilled thing a man can do