First good thing Glenn Beck has done in a long time

First good thing Glenn Beck has done in a long time.

I heard she was a turbo-whore in college though, so she is most likely pro-abortion because she's had one.

I don't give a fuck about this turboslut and her opinions

Why is this being discussed?

Permavirgins should be banned.

weak, obvious bait should be too

>Not immediately interested in attractive girl and her shit

Nice projection faggot

I talk to her on Instagram I'm gonna visit her soon

Sorry, Tomi, just saying what I heard.

Too bad this all came out right after the Limbaugh interview. Dumb cunt.

You wish

She's a slag.

>That's fucking awesome. Thoughts?
Any intelligent conservative is going to be pro-choice

So much for free speech. Break the rules of the conservative safe space and get kicked out for having the wrong opinion.

I work 9 hour days at the very least. It is mentally straining and I look forward to hearing about the news of the day after work.

I turn on the radio and they literally are talking about this cunt for 20 minutes saying how she's itched from pro-life to pro-choice with audio evidence. NOBODY FUCKING CARES JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.

I feel like we're at the stage where conservatives are starting to pick sides and are ready and willing to go after any other conservative personalities who threaten their market share so they pick and spin stories to put people down.

She regularly takes BBC

Glenn Beck is a raging homosexual. Watching the catfight is merely cheap entertainment. Nothing more.

I'm surprised that pro-life/pro-choice is still this polarizing in America

>Muh free speech!!!!
Don't kill babies then, roastie cunt.

>Muh conservative movement!!!!
Don't let in baby killers then, you leftist shill fuck. She brought this on herself by eating poison fruit.

Any "conservative" hot-girl personality is guaranteed to be a basket-case. Real conservative girls would, by definition, not want to draw attention to themselves.

She said I'm not black enough, feels bad man

How can anyone not be pro choice. Do you not understand how many blacks are killed by abortions? 40+ million since 1920
>inb4 it kills white babies too
It kills White trash babies that would be raised by single mothers.

Do people actually care about her? The only thing she did was make conservatives look like hypocritical retards

>Don't let in baby killers
>muh sekrit club

If everyone understood your third point there, they'd waste a lot less time on bullshit. Well said.

who cares about this fucker and what she does
everyone that gets famous because of social media is irrelevant trash

From a business standpoint Beck is a fucking moron.

Liberal cunts who look for reasons to be mad all the time pretty much.

good. this vapid bimbo has nothing interesting to say and doesn't deserve the attention she gets.

She'd make more money doing the same shit Lauren Southern does.