Mexico to accept 20,000 refugees this year

Mexico to accept 20,000 refugees this year

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That will go real well
>sandniggers vs niggers vs Mexicans

Make Mexico black again? Mexicali and Tijuana are already full of Haitian refugees. They're everywhere on the streets. What's it going to be like in 5 or 10 years?

Mexico is LITERALLY taking in thousands of refugees and Europe and USA can't take in millions? WTF I hate America now! Mexico once again shows how much they contribute to La Raza (The Race), the human race. SHAME ON AMERICA! SHAME ON EUROPE! SHAME SHAME SHAME! But in all seriousness we can't let Trump have his hands on the nuclear codes.


YEAH, fresh meat for the Narco grind

Mexicans are refugees, 3rd world hole off a country.

Yeah ok, Nigel. Literally full of indigenous peoples who have been there for thousands of years.

Mexicans have immigrated here. People from El Salvador, Guatemala, and El Salvador are the more recent ones illegally immigrating

I'm sure your government can handle all the gibs

Mexican women crave Haitian BBC

the wall just got 10 feet taller

Who doesn't?

Mexicans fucking DETEST the sandniggers.

They are hardcore Christians

Alright, Mexico isn't taking shit, they're coming to the US via an established illegal route.

What type of joke is this. Everyone knows that those 20,000 refugees are just going to come across the southern border with the help of smugglers.


Watch as mexico starts using refugees as weapons, including mounting them on trabuchets
Like turkey

>alcohol huge part of mexican culture
>pig lard used for cooking in everything
>super pagan necromancy mixed with catholicism

i hope the spics terrify the shit out of them

>applicants could reach 20,000



Just wait til the SJWs take over in the Mexican government. It'll change


N shit

Imagine being a refugee going to Mexico.

>Hey Ahmed, good news! You're going to find a new life in the West!
Great, which rich white country am I going to? Sweden? USA? Germany?
>Close, Mexico!