ITT post triggering red pill statistics and facts

ITT post triggering red pill statistics and facts

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Whites can't fight.

Whites can't defend their women.



So, the 80% of blacks are less intelligent than the 50% of whites?

>the top 20% of blacks are smarter than 1 in 2 (50% of) whites.
>not 50%
>bragging about grossly under performing statistically against other races

So 1 in 2 whites are smarter than 80% of blacks?

>as if i'm going to type out that whole URL
>not including a link

Institutional racism exists, but not in the way leftists mean.

I can't remember if this was a fake or not.
I vaguely remember seeing this for the first time on a bread and being told that it was real.


Sums it up well.

democrats will never tell you this

you obviously have no clue of reading statistics


If blacks are EQUAL to whites, then the top 20% would be more intelligent than the bottom 80% of whites because it would be just like a total population statistic.

If the top 20% of blacks are only smarter than 50% of whites, then they are under fucking performing, faggot.

An insult would begin at: The top 20% of blacks are smarter than 81% of whites. That would be the beginning of an imbalance in favor of nigger IQ.

Go fuck yourself, and learn how to into English better. Kill yourself, for real.

Kek Im pretty glad that Im half black then.
I wrote "black" on the census too.

You can end yourself then, lazy nigger


dude stop embarrassing yourself, you obviously are the one clueless here.
I suggest you go back to the drawing board and craft a better meme but learn a bit on statistics before you do.

I drew a quick picture for the mathematically challenged

So you're saying that 50% of all whites are smarter than the top 20% smartest blacks?

>projecting your own stupidity

>My gender doesn't limit my athletic abilities
>This is why women have separate leagues and tournaments in almost all sports
As an advocate for true gender equality, I believe that such sexists constructs as the WNBA and women's soccer should be abolished. Let women compete against men and prove how equal they really are.

No. He's saying that half of all whites are smarter than 80% of blacks

>has to take pills in order to not leak blood all over the track
Men btfo?

Women are allowed in the FIFA stuff, it's just that the average male football player is far better than the best female.

Watch out nigger, last time Whites got pissed off enough by another race they killed 6 million Jews and vaporized 100k Japs while they ate breakfast, then did it again a few days later for no reason.

I don't know if you are that fucking stupid or if you just try to save face.

A small (!!!) pool of blacks is smarter then a very large group of whites. Since there are more whites (at least in the west), this makes this even more incredible. So, just for the math, let's say there are double the number of whites compared to blacks. That means, 20% * 2,5 = 50% times 2 (because double whites). This makes black in practice 5 times smarter

I guess you are not black, otherwise you would have instantly understood that.

1 in 5 blacks are smarter than 1 of 2 whites.

1 in 2 whites are smarter than 4 of 5 blacks...checkmate stormcucks!?

Fucking hilarious when you turn it around

"1 in 2 whites are smart as 1 in 5 blacks

>tfw you're black but still smarter than 80% of whites
>tfw you're an anomaly in your own kind
Rice me, bleach me, everybody do me

This is some advanced baiting. Well done

But the population size doesn't matter in this case. It's simply the distribution of IQ. The population sizes might as well be infinite

thank you, I'm a fucking downie when it comes to math

>Top 20% of Blacks have over 100 IQ


We need a nuclear holocaust.

Maybe top 10%. Maybe..

That's exactly how I read it.

This means the top 50% of white guys, or the most average white guy is smarter than 80% of blacks.

Statistics is hard,

can I get source for that pic?

do it norway. fucking do it.

Evet. Danke.

Uh. It most certainly does. Try hittin a 98 mph fastball at 60' 6" like all the MEN do in MLB. This is so fucking idiotic. Makes me reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fucking apoplectic autism.

Can't wait for a black refugee to show you how intelligent your womens pussies are with his greasy stinky genius cock you absolute faggot Hans.

I'll take the bait.

Those are percentages Hans. They are already corrected for population size. They are per 100 people.

The small pool of blacks (top 20%) is expected to be smarter than a much bigger pool of whites (or even 20 billion whites) provided those whites score in the bottom 50% of the IQ distribution of whites.
In other words, provided that there are another 20 billion whites that score above the dumb whites.

He understands it perfectly

This would be funny as fuck to troll niggers with. Or shitlibs who would just see the logo at the bottom and agree with it.

How come for the 2.8-3.19 range Whites have a higher acceptance rate than Asians?

Damn this guys looks a lot like a famous Russian nationalist

wondering the same

It's pretty even but things like motivational letters and such might distort the stats

You could also ask why the acceptance rate is higher for asians at the top. Interesting stuff

So half of all whites are smarter then 80% of black people?

Probably just variation, if you took those stats again another year you wouldn't expect them to be exactly the same, I don't know what the standard deviation is for these stats, but it is definitely less than 70% which is all it needs to be to make the point it is making.

I can do this too, look

So the top 20% blacks are smarter than the bottom 50% whites?

Was this picture made by us or what?



Came here to post this. OP is a retard.


>not understanding subversive meming

No surprise there, nu/pol/ took no part in the meme wars

So 50% of whites are smarter than 80% of blacks?

literally spit my tea, thanks for this.

>50% of whites are smarter or as smart as the top 20% of blacks

>the average
Someone has the image of that team of "pro" women, being btfo by a bunch of kids? dont remember the sport, but probably was soccer

No it means 50% of all whites are above 100% of all blacks.

>all these people not getting that it's intentional

Jesus Christ. Are you all fucking new?

>Top 20% are smarter than the bottom 50%
gee willy I never thought of it that way, it's almost like retardation exists everywhere and intelligence is on a spectrum or something!
Now compare the top 20% of black people to the top 20% of white people.

meanwhile over half of all jews are smarter and wealthier than 95% of white people and 99% of black people

still laughing?

and the other half are smarter than all blacks

Obvious fake stats are obvious. Note the lack of any source for the data, making it a pain in the arse for anyone skeptical of the figures to verify them, while the tasteful presentation makes it easy to get taken seriously by the sheeple.

Better fake.

Including the link would make it too easy for the target to tell that it's a 404 - and the infographic can't mention the real URL because ACTUAL DoJ analysis shows that white-on-black rape is a thing that happens.

High quality slide. Of course, it leaves out the millions of whites enslaved by white supremacist governments in Europe, but just getting me to mention that shows skill in trolling.

Nah, train hard enough and your menstrual cycles stop.

Finnish autism for the greater good


>Top 20% of Blacks Smarter than 1 in 2 Whites

Oh dear, that means the other 1 in 2 Whites (50%) is smarter than the top 20% of Blacks?!

So 80% of the Blacks are dumber than 100% of the Whites and only 20% of Blacks are smarter than 50% of Whites?
That means, in the best calculation for Blacks, that maybe only 10% of the Blacks are smarter than 100% of the Whites?
A rate of max. 1:9?

Racists will never tell you this?

What is that, American education?


so you're saying white people don't think blacks are good enough to be raped?

Whoever made this graph doesn't really understand probability or statistics. It's disheartening that everyone here is blindly believe it.
In case anyone was wondering:
Blacks IQ mean 85 sd 15 - call it y
Whites IQ mean 100 sd 15 - call it x

The variable (y-x) follows a normal distribution with mean -15 and standard deviation square root(225*2)=23.45
Zscore of .64 = .7396
Meaning that there is a 73.96% chance that a random white is smarter than a random black.


Nigger Doctors say hating niggers is a mental illness too

Must be why all the best fighters in mma are white.

Conor mcgregor, GSP, khabib, etc.

when white people try to defend their women it's misogynistic

>there are more whites with a BELLOW AVERAGE IQ of 95-99 than blacks.


The top 20% of whites are smarter than all the blacks...

>how will they ever recover?

And racist

That's the point it's a joke image

Why use fake stats when real stats loom just as bad? 200 white men on black women per 16,000?

If you count southern european and irish immigrants as white, which drops it significantly