The video that saved America

>side of beef

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>looks like me after a saturday night at the deer campfire

Interestingly, she didn't get hit by a plane on that 9/11.

Something's fishy

>those ragdoll physics

A veritable treasure trove that campaign was.



This fella.

>Oy Vey!!! Delete this!!!

Okay, the election is over and still no one has leaked the true story behind Hillary's weird health problems. Does this mean Hillary was basically competent all along, it's just Sept 11 was a terrible day for her?

Is that a gook secret service agent at the end?

She was reenacting the towers collapsing at free fall speed.

The based Czech tourist who saved the country.

She had a blood clot on the brain in 2012.

I wish there were multiple camera angles and closeups of this incident.

she had pneumonia.

if she dies within the next 2 years then it was Alzheimer's or some shit.

Yeah, but people were coming up with theories like she Parkinson's and could barely walk and used drugs and stuff


Healthy people don't just collapse, and elderly pneumonia patients aren't spry as can be after a bit of rest. The entire story didn't make any sense.

What the hell was that thing falling out of her pants leg?

One theory.



That's my favorite hypothesis.

She didn't have pneumonia. She has a history of blood clots and gets tired easily.

Sup Forums actually accused a friend of mine of being Doc Choc.



She just thought it looked cool when Heath Ledger did it in Batman

Makes perfect sense.

even clapping is hard work for hillay cliton

Hey guys, I'm perfectly healthy and normal like you.

It would have been walking pneumonia from the parkinsons or whatever was giving her swallowing problems. It's asymptomatic most of the time and not contagious.

Also one analysis I saw of things like your webm was that when she was without her prism glasses she was wearing a contact lense that blocked vision in her googley eye and that's why she always hesitated going up and down stairs due to lack of depth perception.

Not good, but a lot of old people have those sorts of spatial awareness issues.


Why would it leak AFTER the election you dumbass


I need a quick rundown

Hillary clinton is lower energy than Jeb! bush

That kind of clapping and also the head bobbing could both be techniques to manage what would otherwise be uncontrollable tics, or possibly even to avoid whatever kind of spells or partial seizures or whatever she seemed prone to.

in her defense it was an unusually mild day

never saw that one before


Here's another one.

This is why I'm convinced she's a reptilian

Be honest. Trump won because he was running against Hillary. Could trump win against Michell Obama?


Not just old people but Alzheimer patients specifically lose their spatial awareness as the parts of the brain that process it get destroyed.




with a side of shoe

Guess a normie like me couldnt relate but why push yourself into the most stressful job in the world for 4-8 years knowing you're already pretty fucked up health-wise? Who put her up to it? Why not just take all those clinton foundation bucks and retire peacefully and influence shit from the shadows like her mentor Soros?


I'm so glad I live in the Drudge timeline

Yeah, but you also have to consider the fact that people reflexes/joints/reaction time, it all just stops working so readily for you and you grow to distrust your own body and resultingly balk at thing like small stairways bla bla. I know what you mean though.

Have you tried the cold chai OP?
>Shills have been sliding Aman Brother threads since day one. Big no no the democrats did.
>AMAN BROTHERS were paid by the democrats $4 million for IT and ended up hacking the government servers and DWS iPad, wont prosecute because politicians are afraid of the islamaphobia tag, as they have ties to the Muslim brotherhood and Pakistan

You mean Micheal? Probably. But it would not be anywhere near as satisfying as it was to kill evil granny.

im certain at least several million people decided to vote trump because of images like this

because it was HER TURN!

That was the incident that convinced me something was wrong. Up until then it was just sort of in the back of my mind that something didn't seem right with her.

But if you go back and find footage of her, she'd been doing a more controlled form of the nodding for the past few years -- maybe starting when she had that clot removed? Clot in the lateral ventricle is seriously bad news, and if it leaves permanent damage to the 8th cranial nerve (controlling lateral eye movement) then you can probably make a safe bet that there is additional damage.

She was re-enacting Tower 7

It's fucking baffling. Either she owes someone(s) something, or she's stupid-blind with a thirst for power.

>tfw Trump takes time in a speech to say "And it's not Hillary her!"

This really suggests that she was put up to this. Obviously she would not be doing any of the real decision making, just making appearances and shaking hands with world leaders. Not live, of course.


Shillary wants to throw all the flags on the floor.




"My pills, Hillary!"

Bitch is so motivated by money, one of her aids probably forgot to pop a couple of quarters in her cunt so she'd make it to the van.

Here have a .gif of that, honorable ally.

>that ass grab

I saw it Hillary you dirty cunt

HOLY FUCK! where's the webm!!!!!?

Poor Billary.


When Trump steps like that, the ground rises to meet him.

>Their hands.

>when bill and hillary spot the grim reaper circling above


HirrArryyyy.... mY PiLLs....

>When you spend all your money on shitposters and can't afford decent photoshoppers.

If she gave Bill that much head we never would've had the Monica incident.

who was doc choc and what was his endgame?

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The Holocaust:




Fuck Merkel what a piece of fucking shit i cant even believe shes the leader.


Where are bogposters gone btw ?
Exploring another planet in the bogmobile ?


We're always here friend.
>the call that elected Le Pen

Yeah, doesn't look very fun.

Oh fuck

"Look cute, we're going to redeem you in the media and have you be anti-Trump."


Russians caused the heatwave that gave her pneumonia.


Fucking Bush

It's such an obviously coordinated media push it's almost embarrassing.

This was awesome!