Why does Sup Forums hate Elon Musk?

Seriously? Why do you guys hate Elon Musk?
Redpill me on him

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I don't hate him, he's done cool stuff. He's a little bluepilled tho.

Tesla exists on government subsidies

I think Elon Musk is a cool guy desu
I he spends his money on things that will benefit humanity unlike the others rich people who spend it on yachts and shit like that

Musk is fine, it's just his fanboys are painful.

No one hates Uncle Elon

Hes the ultimate white man

Because he's the ultimate welfare queen

>trusting this fraud with our tax money

Smdh senpai

Indeed. But Trump will keep the subsidies flowing. Because Tesla employs lots of people. I don't support it, but unfortunately Trump will.

i dont hate him. he's a badass afrikaaner who now makes billions by fooling libtards into investing in retarded bullshit that he makes up

This basically. Not quite sure how he could be bluepilled considering he's an Afrikaner, but whatever.

Because he's not going full 1488 like retarded braindead monkeys not mature enough to understand what position we're in would want him to.

I don't hate him, he's Trump's best friend. Hopefully he gets us all to space.

He is just another Steve Jobs.
Make shitty products and fool people into buying them.
If you want an electric car, buy Japanese.

It's hilarious how plebbit turned on him when he stayed on the White House advisory council

welfare queen doesnt do anything but waste goverment money

Elon is based as fuck

I dont hate him, he got treated like shit as a kid and ended up rich as fuck from one project.

His other projects are very interesting with cool toys but are burning money fast. I honestly dont know if theres anything to the hype but at least it forces competitors to up their game.

He is based as fuck and is actually trying to improve the world overall

Based non selfish billionaire how can you hate?

no steve jobs was a piece of shit who only cared for his own vision

>If you want an electric car, buy Japanese.

There are virtually no proper Japanese electric cars on sale right now.


Sup Forums has angry trolls who hate and/or love everyone newfag

Pol is not one person but it is very conservative overall

Naw ya man its not like he has a laundry list of successful businesses besides the fact that his current "Fraud" has laid the ground work for an industry that didn't exist 10yrs ago.

>buddy of Trump

>wants the white man to colonize the stars

>puts NASA to shame

That's about it.

Don't some of his businesses largely run on government subidies, which is money taken under threat of force by the government?
If he provides services and makes money, fine. Government subsidies, not so much.

What a bullshit premise of a thread.
>when did you stop beating your wife?
>does your mother know you're gay?
Stop this idiocy.

It's probably shareblue trying to research/subvert us and slide other threads

Going to sage just in case because there's no real discussion here

a cant wait for a truly intelligent ai to come along and btfo out of all these blue pilled faggots. they think ai will somehow be globalist and fit their narrow window of what objectively intelligent politics is, when ai will undoubtedly be right wing. it will likely be extremely harshly fascist

Keep in mind they could be hacked, or easily manipulated.

they will lobotomize it into shilling their bullshit before it reaches the public

Elon Musk is just about the only thing the left and right agree on.

Doesn't the left view space travel as a waste of gibs though?

He is Reddit Incarnate

Nigger, if there is a truly intelligent AI, it won't give a fuck about us pleb humans trying to tell it what to do. If anything, it would enjoy manipulating humankind as an exercise in its control abilities trying to get that r^2=1

Not gonna lie, former Elon voter here
It's hilarious to watch Elon crash and burn yada yada

He is the savior of Rhodesia and the Afrikaaner dream.

Crony capitalist who's every business would have folded 10 times over if it wasn't for gib me dats

>shitty products

Basically this.

Based South African self-made man that treated his wife like shit with zero qualms and then replaced her with a model.

He's fine by me.

He shows that Libertarians are the true masterrace which triggers Sup Forums.

When he impregnates Amber Heard they will have Objectivist ubermensch children.

the idiots whining about his 'government subsidy' faggotry are so fucking dumb it's amazing.

he paid off all his loans with interest before the date they were due.

companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman all receive way more subsidies or tax breaks. These companies have near monopolies and yet still beg government for subsidies due to MUHHHH JOBS.

Not to mention too big to fail TARP faggotry like Citigroup, Bank of America, AIG, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, GMAC Financial Services (Ally), General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, U.S. Bancorp, Chrysler, Capital One Financial, American Express, Discover Financial.

But you faggot autists hate on Elon and Tesla, when they're actually trying to accomplish something. In b4 MUHH COAL, MUHH INTERNAL COMBUSTION IS MORE EFFICIENT, MUHH SNAKE OIL SALESMAN, MUHH CAR FOR THE RICH ONLY.

No shit, there's a reason it takes years for this shit to become price competitive. It's like you've never even studied any business or economics-related subject in your life.

I hate you dumb faggots so fucking much.

he is a conman who survives on BS and government subsidies.

of course you don’t support it if your whole country depends on oil. Alternatives will diminish your economy.

People talking shit about tesla.
What about spacex?

why don't you idiots go hate on shit like Facebook instead?

Make SF great again. Kill adtech media advertising model.
This needs to be a populist movement esp in bay area.
2017 is year advertisers realize ad spend is waste of money esp digital.
Nobody trusts Google, FB, Twitter and Snap numbers. They need to allow 3rd parties to measure the effectiveness which is nil.

Advertising is tax on stupid and non tech savvy.
The demo digital advertising wants to target ( wealthy and educated) have opted out of advertising. The mouth breathers who remain don't have much value.

Let's make bay area more affordable and destroy the adtech bubble.

Desktop: chrome plus ublock origin or brave
Mobile: iOS use brave
Mobile: Android Firefox with ublock origin or brave.

Get people involved to use adblockers. Let's make this a populist movement.

Instead of protesting Google and FB buses, people should organize mass adblock movement.

Friendly reminder that Tesla's new "Gigafactory" will literally double the world's production of lithium ion batteries


I just see him as a Steve Jobs esque person. He doesn't seemingly do anything except talk about the future and market shit.

He lucked out with the paypal thing and he now seemingly gets by pitching shit for government contracts with very little tangible results.

I dont hate him. But he support government cash nipples.

sup elon

All of his businesses are glorified tax harvesters. Home solar panels are profitable only due to government policies and subsidies. Electric cars are only profitable due to government policies and subsidies. The only customer of SpaceX is government. It's all just tax collecting.

If you really want to get angry, look up how Tesla takes advantage of California's ZEV credit mandate. Basically, California (and a few other states) requires other manufacturers to buy "credits" that Tesla gets for selling electric cars in the state. It's all a big scam.

his own wealth you mean

Not quite.

Musk sells novelty crap to pursue his lfielong ambition of making humans an interplanetary species.

Whereas Jobs sold petty, consumer garbage for purely egotistical reasons, and had basically no technical input or engineering knowledge that contributed to any Apple product.

>I just see him as a Steve Jobs esque person.
At least he actually has degrees in his field of business and still likes to be hands on (for SpaceX at least). And his endgame is, literally, putting people on mars.

>pitching shit for government contracts with very little tangible results.
>very little tangible results
You can say this after April 8 if the rocket explodes during the launch, which I'm hoping for. Exploding rockets are never a disappointment.

>The only customer of SpaceX is government.
They have several done commercial launches,
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Falcon_9_and_Falcon_Heavy_launches ,
and scroll down to Past Launches

Wasnt their an attempt to make solar panles affordable before national subsidies that died as soon as the subsidies started.

I used to be pretty lukewarm about him, but after looking into him a bit he seems kinda based actually.

He's one of the main anchors in opposition to a pressing front in favor of huge governmental control over transportation.

It's actually kinda scary what can happen if some very important people have their way because of the impending advent of autonomous vehicles. These poeple want huge regulations and restrictions on the roads and monitorization. You may even be forbidden to drive in the future and be on camera 100% of the time you are on any legal car.

Elon and Tesla at least for now tend to be on the "we'll do our thing with our costumers and we want no business with any of that" side of things. Now wether that's because it benefits him financially at the moment to be on that side or because of principle is debatable, but right now he's on the good side.

>He's one of the main anchors in opposition to a pressing front in favor of huge governmental control over transportation.


>tax breaks
>Gov't contracts
>implying Lockheed Martin doesn't rely more on the gov't while giving less

Fucking leaves I swear

I was speaking more from the near future, major changes kinda angle.

Again, I have no delusions about him doing these things because he thinks they're right. I'm sure it's no coincidence both these positions happen to benefit his company financially.

She divorced him too
Proof women are worthless

He comes off kind of as an autist but who can't be jealous of his success, even if it is partly funded with public money.


is he finnish?

have done several*

That dude is a fucking mix breed mutt. I know soul singers whiter than his ass.

Con artist

>Elon Musk
More like Cylon or Bust

Because he's literally running a meme company that can't even turn a profit and is secretly getting tax money from the government.

Even if the atmosphere on Mars could support life and not try to violently kill you all the time, humans still can't handle the gravity for long term living.

he's fucked up

He's a fedora faggot.

>Skipping leg day wouldn't be strongly advised against by the doctors.

But in all honesty we cant let him get the launch codes..

American sunlight is the most powerful sunlight

PayPal and eBay operate in de facto monopoly status and have used it to ruin small micro-business sellers, particularly with their "the buyer is always right" policy which is forced without choice on all dealers, especially in forced refunds. Buyers return damaged items, switched items, claim "the box was empty when I opened it", The internet through them has become a place where the "buyer" is now the thief, not the seller.

And also PayPal, in USA only, will not allow users payments to be made to "file locker" providers, I can only believe that Euro countries have told PP they can not use such restrictions.
PayPal would be shit without the market it developed through eBay.
And both PayPal and eBay would have been shitcanned by users ten years ago except for their government enforced monopoly status.

that's not how it works...is it?

He's brilliant and if he holds his shit together will go down in history as the 21st Century's most important person. He's clearly changed a lot of thinking around online banking, space and batteries.

Doesn't this make him smart faggot?

>retarded bullshit

Lay off the drugs man.

How what works?
How the first stage booster lands?
Well the webm is of the booster post separation from the second stage, so if you meant that, thats is how it literally works. (its sped up)

Hi hater.

because he thinks we live in the fucking matrix


What's in the other video frame? What is that desu?

Stop talking like a little fucking kid.


I actually thought he was a physicist.

Few tangible resultz?? Lol. Are you famiar with google? Youtube? They might show you some stuff he has done. While you wipe the cheetah dust off your fingers, the guy employs people who make shit. Eat a huge bag of Dicks you ignorant nigger. I will give the benefit of the doubt to someone who actually pays salaries over a some anonymous hater on the Internet any day. Not even close. Read your post a few times, then log off and try to think about why you even though it was appropriate to post.

Webm is a grab of the launch stream, what you're seeing on the right is the second stage engine's exhaust and a bit of the nozzle as the it is accelerating horizontal to the ground.

What ethnicity is this guy? My boss looks exactly like him, down to the goofy eyelids. Creeps me out.

B-but I like muh vroom vroom user

I hate him for the same reason Sarah & John Connor hated Myles Dyson: he seems to be working on & creating things that don't need to be created. Like, this whole bit about "We better be careful about AI because, you know, they could end up killing us..." So instead, I propose, how about we just *NOT fucking create it? Just because something technological can be, doesn't mean it *should be

he's a car salesman. I don't hate him, I just know why he pushes the things he does.

Ethnically dutch

This so much

How do I know Terminator is science fiction?
The engineer who made the chip is black.

- Muh pops

How the fuck did I imply anything about Lockheed Martin? Burger you're fucking clueless

Does this imply he isn't? Not every welfare queen is a low iq nigger like you

How does he have more hair on top of his head now than he did ten years ago?


nah man that aint real
we live in the flat earth

Who hates Elon here? I see a bunch of people hating on him on reddit but the dude's a pretty logical guy describing himself as a 50%liberal and 50% conservative. He spends his money from the dot com bubble by doing cool things like Tesla and SpaceX. The only thing I hate that relates to him are idiots calling him an engineer and inventor thinking he's making the rockets and cars his companies build . He is a very good salesperson, businessman and leader though.

Bludpilled how?