Really makes you think

Really makes you think

White ppls money

wtf i hate white people now


I don't get it. Did they dye it green so it would be easier to see so people wouldn't fall Into it?

typical dumb nigger

Get a job nigger

Cities with high populations of >muh shamrock heritage dye their rivers green for St Patrick's Day

What is this foreign language? I've never heard about it before. Looks like just gibberish.

Give white people money
>dye in the river
Giver black people money
>die in the streets

The Green River is privately funded

And it results in millions of tourism dollars from people coming to town for the party

And don't tell me it was only whites drinking on St Patrick's day


>ID: dye

Oh kek you work in mysterious ways

>live in Chicago
>see way too many niggers wearing all green on the day of the parade

How much does that day generate in tourist dollars? Probably a shitload, but honestly it doesn't matter. Ignorant negros are helpless.


Checked. How many billions get pumped into Chicago's inner city schools annually?


Muw (muh??)

Also, why us it always whitey that has to bail the niggers out? Don't like it, stop depending on whites.

I don't care enough to look up figures. I'll assume it's a fuckton and this ape is just grumpy because they were born stupid and the media gets them stirred up.

>we need more money for dem programz

>$16k+ per student
> ain't no money for schools

*we need some mo money of dem pograms

>be white
>drink on holidays and special occasions
>be black
>drink every day because you don't have a job or any obligations

I guess I can see why they don't understand why white people drinking one day out of the year is a big deal

But the best part is I'm guessing that most politicians in Chicago are black and I don't believe the green river thing is government funded

>need mo money for dem programs
>fuck whitey havin funs

Trying to understand monkey does make me think.

Many Keks

What the fuck.

At my high school in Minnesota it was 5k per student.

We even had an auto shop and new computers.

>Privately funded barrels of green dye
No way could it be over a few grand
>Publicly funded School funding
Hundreds of thousands to millions

But no it's all about race ooga booga fuck whitey

Top O' the kek to ya, laddy

> we need mo' money fo' dem programmes

>The FY2017 amended budget increases appropriations for capital projects from $338M to an amount not to exceed $945M. This increase of up to $607M will be funded from proceeds of additional bonds. The actual amount of increased appropriation for capital projects will be reduced commensurate with the actual amount of bond proceeds received from the sale of the bonds.
>The FY17 budget for Chicago Public Schools includes a capital plan totaling $338 million for school repair, improvement, modernization, and overcrowding relief.
damn near a billion dollars this year alone

The absolute best.

Cot Damn!

Know how much it costs to constantly remove bullet holes, burns, and dead bodies from a school?

put me in ebin screencap plz


Nugget pretending little niglets could ever graduate 7th grade. Blacks belong in a fucking zoo.

Based nigger is right, should spend the dye money on guns and ammo to shoot niggers.

For those of you unfamiliar with the nakkin, this here be da nakkin.

It's the british duty to support BLM in america and other radical black groups that want to free themselves from white american oppression especially irish americans. Why aren't brits donating to black american groups?

This. Those crime scene clean up crews aren't cheap.

Fine job friend.


I've always wanted to get into this.

I'll just leave this here.

But there are more whites so it's more likely that they would be killed in random crime.

Not really, you can dump all the money in the world into schools, but you can't make negroes behave, and act right. It takes effort to do school work, home work, and work ethic, and they would rather fuck off and act like fools, so in all actuality, all the money in the world would be wasted on their schools. They've been expecting shit for free for so long, that nothing has any value to them. It's over; no more; they can sink or swim, we don't care, we're done baby sitting them. Civil rights wasn't an excuse to fuck off, and hold your hand out, but that's what it has devolved to, so good luck, but not gonna waste a moment on white guilt.

>per 1 million members of the murder's race

a fucking leaf!

Always heard it was high paying, especially for those dealing strictly with biohazard cleanup. Never really looked into how one gets in that field though.

that's funny drunk niggers got arrested for a shooting at a bar in the next city.

Day gud boyz doe.

Sorry we don't get taught math here, just gender studies.


Well we've been throwing money at the education system for years with no improvements. Obviously it's not working.


Fuck. if a company like Pas was smart, they'd donate the green dye for the advertising that would pay off for Easter

>gib mo money fo ah educashun n sheit nigguh
*test grades don't budge*
*rinse and repeat*

Kek. It's kinda true. Who gives a shit though? Drunk white people are still better behaved than sober negroes. Until nogs start acting right, no gibs for them.


> Illinois spends $13k per student a year with fed funds.
> Nationwide average is $9k
> Even CA is $9k with a better system, more tax dollars, more money, and bigger economy dedicated to education

Think again buddy, it's not white people. It's the black people in power that misuse your funds.


system finna racis gain us why only whideys and lil ching chong get ays?

false you're just an idiot, at least gender studies would prepare you with literacy skills


Perpetually this.

They should throw niggers in the river Instead now that would be a party!

Considering nobody on the south side pays taxes, you are lucky to get anything at all.

Like they say. Beggars can't be choosers.


They do it throughout the fucking state too.
Jesus Christ, it still amazes me that Champaign/Urbana can have the fucking UIUC and schools like Centennial and Central in the same goddamn place. Drive by Centennial on a Friday and I swear to God you'll see the little primates hanging from their feet out the windows.

>writing like this

mufugga bix nood sub-90 iq

The operation is privately funded, underwritten by sponsors, including the Chicago St.Patrick’s Day Parade itself and a local radio station.

Yeah but you can't explain that to a mammynun because they think everything is state and federally funded.

This shit right here is maddening as fuck

>"Omg white be slaughtering blacks!"
>Alright, let's look at the stats, hmm..
>Seems like blacks are hardly killed by whites but are 10x more likely to kill a white and 50x more likely to kill another black
>;_; dats wacist, muh systematic oppressun


>how to fuck with a dindu nuffin's mind

That would be one huge dye tablet.

Muh Weave Dye


include me in the screencap

Dat waycis doe!

Gibs me dat


>posting niggers crying on twitter

Might as well fill up this shitty board with more worthless threads about tweets from cry baby niggers. This is all they do, everyday.

>little primates hanging from their feet out the windows

This mental image is so good

Ebin wind

It really does make me think. Im still trying to figure out what this nigger is saying.


Keep blaming white pepo don't ask the jew mayor

hey reddit


>gets people outside buying shit
>what is cost benefit analysis

from a town that dyes the river green st paddy's day, nice

(hint: mexicans)

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Yeah really makes me think that lazy ass blacks in Chicago should get off their welfare receiving asses, get jobs, and pay taxes instead of relying on the white man to do everything for them.

>damn near a billion dollars

Just so niggers can fail out and get their GEDs.

>get their GEDS

Sure user.


I think it's Kira Noir from a scene

>implying the dye wasn't privately purchased with the intent to profit off of all the beer sales


Did they add brown flint water? Think of flint rock. Feels kinda rusty doesn't it. Flint gets rust water. Hrm