Christcuck Hate Thread

Christcucks who like niggers and race-mixing will get triggered and I don't give a shit

I honestly don't understand the hate that these people get. Like what talk shit about them? If they came to that decision and wanted to have three black kids, then that is ok. You have to ask yourself this question, do you really want someone like this guy to raise a white kid?


Read This.

I looked into this story. She was a surrogate mother that got impregnated trough IVF.

Kids are black and neither hers or his biologically.

No racemixing or active cuckoldry here. Just two miguided people thinking they did the christian thing.

>white couple adopts black kids
>race mixing

Are you serious bro?






>only norse paganism exists

i d i o t

Christianity is under more attack than paganism by (((them))). Some are cucked, but most aren't. Besides, this was never about religion, always about race.


the equivalent of bbc posting for christians

Why are neo-pagans such degenerate scumbags

They are basing their ideology of teachings of satan. What do you expect?

Say what you want about Islam, but show me the Muslim man that would subject himself to this. Not even an Atheist, but Christianity is a cancer.

In the bible adultery was published by stoning. It was illegal; to commit adultery in the us until """secular believes""" were put in place by atheist and agnostic faggots. if anyone is to blame for this degeneracy is atheists.

Blame the Atheists
Show me the Muslim family that looks like this.

They aren't christian you faggot.


They are

>then that is ok
More niggers is never ok

>star of david
>crazy demon goat head

No true Scotsman

Every black child is just one more nigger that we have to deal with. Birthing them is like spreading cancer.

Christians need to all be fed to lions

Look at his eyes compared to her eyes. It definitely wasn't a "we" decision.

Most of this looks like it was written to fill a word quota. Who was it copypasted from? Reads like a Kathy Shaidle piece.

He looks thrilled if you ask me. Hes just being a good Christian.

>fret over minor physical imperfections (e.g. teeth)
>realize I could have been born this faggot

Guess my life isn't all that bad.

Thanks for your input (((friend)))