How are some able to resist the homosexuality-causing gasses while others fall victim?

How are some able to resist the homosexuality-causing gasses while others fall victim?

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By fucking your bf hard everyday.

Water can't turn a person gay.

by getting a waifu

If you operate on the gamma level you're untouchable by them

i don't know but we are pretty much fucked. they spray so much in my area. there was a chem trail awareness march like last year or some shit where i live. also when i travelled i saw them in the highly populated/tourist areas

Chemtrails is the worst conspiracy theory. Why would the government spend money on putting chemicals in the air when it would be so much easier to put them into the public water system?

Clouds are not gas, idiot

>unironically believes in chemtrails

I hate you so much. I hope you stub your pinky toe on something

It's hard not to, when you have seen them.

Frogs are people too

It takes longer for some, fast for others. But eventually everyone succumbs. Planes didn't have these trails until the 70's, when the number of gays skyrocketed and has been ever since. The only known counter-agent is Alex Jones Super Male Vitality.

>"what is fluoride?"

I think not all areas are sprayed the same cocktails.

fuck you retard go eat some mcdonalds and check your facebook



Stuff poor countries have to put in water because their system is too corrupt to make clean water plants.

>posts about fluoride
Everything checks out

Chemtrail is such a stupid conspiracy it is baffling.

You've never seen a chemtrail. Never.

Why don't I go stand behind a plane and eat the dangerous black project chemicals they spray on us?

Not possible.

found the kike.

>being this assmad about a meme conspiracy theory

>You've never seen a chemtrail. Never.
The fuck I see them all the time. Especially in mid spring to summer.

Looks like you've attracted the shills. Have you little fucks not heard of geoengineering and cloud seeding?


How do you know they are chemicals rather than contrails?

>WWII "chemtrails"



Gwen Towers Revealed

god damn shill threads

"chemtrails" not the gov name for them

are a mix of aluminum barium and a couple other things turned in to nano particles for control sunlight effects in weather patterns and heating patterns

the US can steer storms easily The Orville damn breaking is an act of treason by some group I don't know who, but they allowed something that could have been stopped

xeno-estrogen chemicals effect sexuality depending on dose like the would transvestites

counter this by eating more bio available sulfur rich foods
sulfur binds to excess estrogen and allows the body to remove it

Nicotine. Which is an estrogen blocker. Not drinking throat cancer causing candida fungus from the vagina. And not generally overdosing on estrogen

>fight the shills
>eat more sulfur


It's genetic. If we mutate into homos then the pile on begins. Nothing is new under sun