Bill Nyes new Netflix show is coming soon

Are you ready for cold hard truth about gender, sex, evolution and global warming Sup Forums?

How many episodes in before Trump is mentioned?

I'm betting on the very first episode

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won't be watching anything of Bills but Bills Nye funeral.
which I hope will be soon

Oh boy, can't wait for the propaganda.

>vaccines dont cause autism, goy- I MEAN guys

If you want cold hard truth about gender, sex, and evolution, you should watch this Norwegian TV series. Its name is "Brainwash", which is quite appropriate:

This should help you understand what it's about:
>Each episode featured Eia interviewing Norwegian social scientists about their theories of gender and social constructionism, and then confronting them with contrary data and testimony he had obtained from experts in other fields, such as biology and evolutionary psychology.
>The documentary caused embarrassment for the Norwegian social scientists and generated much public debate in Norway.

Here's the one on gender. It's fucking awesome. Social scientists get completely BTFO.

First 10 minutes of the first episodes. check 'em lads


Nice, thanks.

> Indisputable science

Then it isn't science. Science is about always questioning what is in front of you. Telling people something is science so there is no questioning it is the new """"liberal"""" science.



>Evidence-Based, Indisputable Science
The only people who talk about science this way are Redditors who don't know science is a fucking economic industry that's often corrupt as fuck.

Jordan Peterson/Bill Nye debate fucking when

>(((studies show)))x1000

There, there is your television show.

This too. People need to read "The Merchants of Doubt" which talks about the lies scientist spewed for political agenda.

>left-wing jewish feel-smart psudeointellectual bullshit

these are the fags that think it's progress to be mentally damaged enough to not know if you're man or woman

Why Bill Nye, why did you stoop this low?

My science teacher in the fucking 3rd grade used to play your videos all the time. We grew up with learning how the word lunacy was derived from people looking at the moon (luna) and going crazy, and other random trivia. It was cheeky and fun and it should've stayed in the realm of after-school specials and pop science magazines.

But no, now you have to be a media personality representing the most cringiest aspects of modern liberals. Now you have to be their celebrity, so they can quote your shitty videos on YouTube about climate change when you didn't even used to go in-depth about that topic at all. Now you want people to think you're SCIENCE MAN, the superhero that fights ignorance. As if liberals weren't already childlike enough in their reasoning.

Why did you pursue this course? Was your TV show not selling, and you figured you would hop on the millenial SJW """science""" bandwagon and milk it for all its worth?

You could've been a more serious personality, someone like Carl Sagan who presented science in an apolitical and interesting way for adults. But instead, it's like you never got passed that mentality of teaching children, and simply applied it to the Facebook generation. Or maybe the kids you taught, never grew up.

I'm not watching Shill Nye's propaganda filled, single season excuse of a show. Im sticking to the middle school science guy series.

nah, they need some time to build up the appearance as being objective and factbased first. give them 20 minutes

>In America, climate change is deemed a political issue
It's time to lay off the Sup Forums mate.

Hey guys,

Netflix insider here.

He will talk about Trump and immigration the first episode.

>something they want to use as an excuse to impose more taxes
>not a political issue

get your head out of your ass mate

Choose one.

saving this ravioli

So basically, everything he says is absolutely true and don't you dare question him.

i mean this

This looks awesome.

What? It absolutely 100% is.

>look I wear a bowtie
>it means I am quirky, nerdy and intelligent

No, it means you are a faggot.

Bill Nye once said the disabled should be euthanized. My wife has acquired disabilities. Bill Nye owes me satisfaction - paintball pistols at 10 PACES; my brother-in-law shall be my Second.

This is going to be disputed and refuted so fast.

how does climate change not fit into politics? climate change would mean a lot of issues, from ensuring water supplies when it becomes dryer, resettling people when the water rises, ensuring soil on which you can grow stuff, prepare areas increasingly endangered by tropical storms, enhance sewers to ensure they can get all the increased rainfall out of town etc. climate change is an important issue.

Man-made climate change only exists in politics. No real science in it.

Can we all take a moment and a collective breath to appreciate what a fucking retarded thing it is to call someone a "science denier".

Science is about asking questions, criticising theory and challenging the status quo. Nobody "denies" science, they just question and disagree with things.

Even if it's stupid and incorrect, it's still what you're meant to do.

I fucking hate these meme insults the left pulls out to try and discredit you before you've even had a chance to speak.

God, I hate them so, so much.


Big if true

Let me flip it on its head
>climate change denial
>implying it's not the automotive/oil industry trying to save a buck and hold back innovations that might replace petrol in the long run
See? I can also make up motivations for the opposition!

America is the only industrialized country in the world where climate change denial is taken seriously. Conversely it's also the only country where creationism is taken seriously. The difference is that the latter is just a strange quirk of a backwards people while the former is a great risk. Only China pollutes more than America. If we look at per capita, America is also second if we cut out all the micronations (with the first being Saudi Arabia, America's true gr8st ally).

I wonder how many actual "science guys" wear a bowtie, lab coat and pocket protector.

This dweeb is an actor and should be treated as such.

No its not.

Octane is 8 carbon atoms. When carbon is burned in oxygen it can turn into 8 CO2 molecules.

Fossil fuels come from fossils; ancient rainforests and reefs.
It took hundreds of millions of years for carbon levels to drop to preindustrial levels and we're releasing it in a few centuries.
The atmosphere is only 60 miles thick and we have billions and generations of people running engines and lighting fires in it

i dont deny that, but there also is natural climatechange. ask the frozen poles about that one. they used to be not frozen. in fact by definition as long as one or both (depending on the definition you use) poles are frozen we are in an ice age. this means if that if they werent frozen at some points in time, and are at others, that the climate does change, and does so quite drastically. and politics needs to consider this or else your country might become some desert without any access to any water what so ever, no fertillized storms, or have to deal with floods washing away your city every 2 months.

when leftiessay that gender is not in fact a social construct invented by white colonizers, or that niggers cannot have biological trends that show they have a lower average iq than other races, are they 'disagreeing' or are they straight up denying facts?


leftie here. agree completely.

yes you are very intelilegient
gtfo normie

I always watched Beekman fight me

>Science Men talking about immigration
I wonder if he'll mention that people from 3rd-world countries who move to the US dramatically increase their carbon footprint because they start living like Americans, and that therefore open-borderism is bad for the environment?


"Promise you won't abuse the authority of science to advance sociopolitical rhetoric?"

they disagree with the authenticy of the facts. kinda the same like we deny the "fact" of russian hacking. everything is subject to your own believe, and it always comes down to wether you believe the fact or source and alter your worldview, or deny the fact/source for whatever reason (source not credible, argumentation is bullshit, contradicted by other facts or straight out ignorance) and uphold your worldview.

but the difference is there is no ACTUAL concrete evidence of russians hacking shit and we would have seen it by now if it were true

To be fair the FBI only yesterday stated they'd investigate matters. It's too early to say whether or not Russia was actually involved.

i agree, because it makes sense what you say, and it fits my worldview, and because the sources who say otherwise have nor credible evidence or evidence at all besides some people saying they believe there was something. the sources however are so credible for the other ones that they believe it and dont question the legitimicy of it as it fits their worldview

>men are more likely to rape! End rape culture now! Put all young boys in reeducation camps!
Statistics show black people are more likely to murder.
>booooo!! Racist, sexist, anti-gay!!!! Fascist bully, KKK! Burn the bigot!

>white men are disproportionately represented among CEOs, we have to take action! Affirmative action! No more than 50% men in boardrooms! Stop the sexism!
Jews are 0.2% of the population and 40% of billionaires
>Anti-semite!! Holocaust denier!! Get this guy sacked and ruin his life! Booooooooooo!!!!

He won't talk about Trump because his organisation want's your government's money.

I remember the old show from when I was a kid. He even spoke at my college once, it was alright. I'm not gonna hate on Nye.

This is something I have a natural interest in do to my paleontology hobby.

The history of life on earth is intimately connected to its geological and climate history.
We have birds today because once upon a time, the earth was the perfect place for giant reptiles

Goy, what are you on about?


kek. If anyone ever asks me for a quick rundown on Bill Nye, I will direct them to this post

>Not Beakman and New York Rat


ok a fair point, i can't argue that

I want this to be a gif so badly.

>oh no the water level may rise two feet over the next fifty years and people may or may not have something to do with it it's the end of the world everyone stop using cars!

I misunderstood what you were saying.

Someone who says there are >2 genders is denying facts (WAY less room for debate here compared to manmade climate change). But it's still good for them to say it, because the discussion itself is what science is all about.

How do we know the Earth is round until people offer evidence for it being flat and we pick apart that evidence? It's wrong to say the Earth is flat but it can still be scientific.

>Indisputable science
lol the whole point of science is to dispute and dispute and dispute some more

well, we can also go into the philosophical aspect of the "fact" for example:
What is the universe? The universe is everything we observe right? But everyone observes something different. Maybe he lives somewhere else observing another region. he lives in another time observing another age. Or even more directly. You walk through the woods at night. There is some noise in the bush. You think there is a cat in the bush and you walk on. The next guy goes the same route, heres the same noise, but thinks there is a wild beast in the bush, a monster even, and runs away scared. So one guy observed a cat, the other one a monster. How do you know which one is real? You would say the cat one I guess because monsters dont exist. But they do for the other guy. What about people with hallucinations? Is their reality less worth because they see things you dont. But maybe the issue isnt with them seeing it, but with you not seeing it. Now we observe things, and interpret our observations. And this interpretation is our reality. Since everyone interprets stuff differently we all are experiencing different realities. The reality can enhance or alter itself by observing new informations. Some people dont like that. They like their current reality, so they dismiss anything changing, or for them damaging the reality. Thats when ignorance happens. However how can it be that everyone is living another reality? Doesnt science say there are multiple universes? That they all inhabit basically the same space but are still seperated somehow? And informations somehow being able to cross those dimensions?
We are the universe. Everyone is a universe by himself. By talking and communicating we exchange data with other universes. We live on the same planet/same place but still are somehow seperated (by our body) but still connected through communication.

I'm enjoying this thread.

How long until a mod arbitrarily deletes it?

no idea. i feel like all good threads are getting deleted or the bumping gets locked


That was great.

>"Researcher" 1: The brain is not affected by sex
>Researcher 3: The brain is literally the general contractor of the body -- telling stem cells to turn into penises and testicles and breasts and ovaries at specific times. If *it* wasn't affected by sex, then NOTHING would be.

Yeah, bad harvest being the fault of a witch used to be 'indisputable, evidence-based science as well at one point.

>social """scientists"""

He's going to start the episode off by screeching DRUMPFFFFFFF

Will he explain chemtrails?

Lets try to guess the names of the episodes
Episode 34:Proving That Israel Is Gods Chosen Land WITH SCIENCE

What did Russia even do though? They didn't hack Podesta as he simply fell for a beginner's phishing scam. Guccifer didn't even provide any new info. And they most likely didn't hack the DNC either as it was likely leaked by Seth Rich.

He has a B.S. in engineering

>What did Russia even do though?
I don't know, how about we fucking wait until the FBI investigation tells us what they did?

>muh grapes

Nah, I think I will stick to do research on ancient civilizations.

Let's destroy him like we did with Shumer. Debunk his propaganda in the reviews.

>indisputable science
I hate this (((pop-sci))) fedora-tipping meme bullshit so much.


Social Science proven to be utter bollocks as I suspected for all my life.
De-fund all their studies.
I think some of the social scientists in this film are literally hypnotised, you can see it in their blank stares and utter disbelief when confronted with plain facts.
De-fund, de-fund.

>indisputable science
Do people know what words mean?

there needs to be a new term for science like gender, evolution, and global warming.

I suggest Fake Science. Like Fake News is presented as real, but is not based, so is Fake Science.


Netflix shill thread #728819925517399193


that's a really great point user

I thought they said they have had the investigation open for 8 months?

ugh, that webm reeks of reddit

Science isn't science to lefties its the bible. You can't question the infallible truth of the bible. Global warming is the eschatology of this new cult.

>because the discussion itself is what science is all about.
debating genders is like discussing gravity again

>Indisputable science
I hate people who know jack shit about science trying to use prevalent theory as a replacement for God. This is straight-up worship of a mediocre engineer, for Christ's sake.
Uneducated and unthinking idolators, the lot of them.

>lel I'ma meme lord Reddit karma whore XD XD
>member bill nye the science guy Le nostalgia
>bill nye confirms my bias and he's bill nye from our childhood member Le nostalgia XD XD
God damn I want nuclear fire more than ever right now

and a BS in science.

Dear World,
Our apologies for releasing Bill Nye, the High Fiven White Guy, from the Puget Sound area. Our bad.


so we all agree its political now. good

>I have what you would call a theoretical basis
>There's no room for biology in there for me
Hahaha, wow. What a sack of shit.

skepticism != denial
Bill Nye believes climate skepticism is "extreme skepticism" and said you should be locked up for it.

How can we turn his SJW fans against him? Can't be that hard, they love to cannibalize themselves.

He is "Fucking a white male"

Just tell everyone he's whitesplaining

As someone who grew up watching Almost Live, it's sad to get Nye sink so low.

Also glad to see another Puget Sounder on Sup Forums

it would be pretty simple to write a review from this viewpoint... if it caught on...

>indisputable science
>understanding that the entire history of science is based on questioning preconceived notions of truth

Pick one and only one