4 arrested in Phoenix area for turning menorah into swastika

4 arrested in Phoenix area for turning menorah into swastika.


Just look at this white supremacist!

made a thread about this when it happened. /pol was right

Fuck Drumph and fuck white people

I was expecting Rabbi Schlomo to be behind it.

Inb4 Jews drop changes because they didn't know what they're doing and can't be responsible for themselves and oh look at these handsome youthful men.

How tf do you turn a Menorah into a Swastika?

lol that's a pretty good prank, especially for blacks.


like dis, white boi.

kinda creative desu

Like this

>Oy Vey!!! That poor oppressed dindu was forced by evil white people to hurt those innocent Jews!!!

That was deserving of many keks.

I guarantee this will be added to the white supremacist tally and become part of a misleading statistic nao

fucking Sup Forumss antisemitism must've done this.

wait, it was a nigger.

That was funny

I don't always like niggers, but when they dindu this I do.

Theres no way a nigger could have made a swastica without fucking it up, they are just fall goys

>Based pavement apes

Of all sad words of tongue and pen,
The saddest are these...

You don't need to be white to be an antisemite.

Implying he ain't

Just 'cus a nigga made a cross outta chandelier, is no bad nigga, he dindu nuffin, he good man!

They were Phoenix Antifa!

this is like when i was younger and some kids vandalized a back coaches office at my school. Swastikas, white power stuff spray painted, the usual. When they caught the three of them guess what? Pedro Garcia, Juan Hernandez, Hector Ramirez, etc. You know 90+ percent of the time these are false flags right? Gotta keep up the false narrative that whites are racist to justify their racist war against whites.

*black coach's office

when this story first broke it was top banner headline news at the WaPo website. in the comments section I told everyone blaming Trump that they should wait for charges bc there have been many hoaxes lately.

I thought the jews pulled the stunt themselves but it was black teens.

I checked for a follow up story at wa po, and surprisingly there was one. No picture of Mr Wilson tho. and the story was buried bc I was on the site two days ago and never saw the story.

had Clive Jamar Wilson been Clive James Wilson it would have been top of the site banner headline news.

Or they're just kids trying to be edgy. That's something I would have done as a teenager just to be a dick, not to be racist






Hail Heckler!!!

I'm sure you did, Jose.

Whew, all these black white supremacists coming out of the wood works lately. Really makes you think.