Is Sup Forums a creationist or evolutionist board?

Is Sup Forums a creationist or evolutionist board?

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pool is a christian board

Still majority evolutionist. Redpill takes a while to digest.

I think it's an proof based board, where evidence triumphs over opinions tbqh.

There is simply far more to evidence for evolution occuring (and continuing) than any other explanation. Soz, creationist cucks.

>that pic
there are literally fish that walk around on land



You can believe in God and Evolution at the same time too



You mean pic related?

>what are mutations

Evolution is obviously real.

If I am born with a genetic mutation that impairs me (Such as retardation) guess what? I am more likely to die than those born with beneficial traits, such as strength.

As such, a species changes, as the strongest reproduce and the weakest die.

Its really not that hard.

That being said, it is still possible a god placed animals here. But that wouldn't change that evolution happens.


so Sup Forums, where do you fit in?

But what if both theories are bullshit?

Only when somebody is really up their own ass about believing in evolution. I'll gladly be a creationist for an hour if somebody feels the need to break out the "uhmm actually"s.

but yes, I believe in evolution, climate change, the earth is orbiting the sun, you're way more likely to be a victim of a crime in a majority black neighborhood, etc. all the scientific consensus subjects.

Dude they just grew a complex apparatus that would allow them to live on land and breath in air. Nevermind all the unique and specific genetic information needed for even the smallest increment of change to a living things fundamental structure. Or the fact that it seems almost impossible to change in complex function all the while maintaining a survival advantage at every step of the way. It's not like a perfect seamless transition from a clock to a motor is totally impossible or anything.

Not Christianity tho

retard alert
good goy. good good goy.

>not believing in evolution

stop larping


What you describe is just natural selection tho. Which is basically just things that aren't fit to survive don't survive lol. You don't need a theory to explain that

Yes yiu can you nigger newfag

Read the Language of God by francis Collins, also lurk moar


The earth isn't perfect though.

Evolution is definitely not perfect.

are you a fucking moron? who said you can't? is that just another strawman i see there?

Most atheists on Sup Forums would be Supportive of a Christian state religion if it came pachaged with a new right wing status quo (ethnostate)

It doesn't really matter if Sup Forums believes in Christchan, because when push comes to shove we will all be on the same side.
But evolution bit different.
Denying evolution undermines our arguments about race realism.
People can believe in the fucking Easter bunny if they want to, but if we are going to have a redpilled society we need to teach evolution correctly and completely.

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you're retarded even darwin didn't believe in what has become modern evolution.


Evolutionist. We couldn't have popped out of fucking nowhere.
>OP's pic
There are fish that can walk on land and breath air.

creationist obviously, do you think that nothing produces matter in a big bang?

If you do not believe in evolution you likely believe that all people are "god's children". This mindset is why Christians have been strong supporters of "civil rights", mass immigration, and race mixing throughout history. On the other hand, someone believing in macro evolution and natural selection must also believe that humans are inherently unequal.
Does loving niggers and abos seem like a normal quality for the typical Sup Forumsack?

Thanks to you fuckers we can't even bring up the topic of humans being unequal because it will offend one of "god's children".
You do not belong here if you are a "creationist".

Is this the Christian version of those retarded tranny comics?

>Durrrr hurrrrhrhr going no against what people are taught in schools is a Jewish plot

Pretty much

Eugenics and survival of the fittest is pretty much the basis for the alt-right.

>70 million

0.2 mya --> present day

You creationists would have a lot stronger arguments if you knew how evolution is believed to work, but keep beating down those straw-men you construct, it will at least convince fellow creationists.

Christian board. Soon to be a Mormon board.

Of course it had to be Brazilian

Creationists are as fucking retarded as SJW's who think biology isn't real
>muh magic book says evolution isn't real
>muh cultural Marxism says gender and race aren't real

Creationism is a modern idea. No serious theologian took the old testament literally until 1800.

Yeah okay the story of creation didn't literally happen which means there was no original human pair and thus no original sin which means Jesus died for a metaphor. You're so clever

Gods non existence seems to be a hard redpill for pol to swallow. Like how do you believe in magic over reality?

>If you do not believe in evolution you likely believe that all people are "god's children"
Yes, that's what we are

We're not Lamarckists anymore.