Trump dun tricked Kappy into paying for meals on wheels

Post yfw Trump literally tricked opinionated Hollywood and pro sports douchebags to pay for their own opinions instead of using tax dollars. The man has literally done the Christian Bale after he pretended he killed Harvey Dent even though Harvey Dent was actually an asshole who shot himself in the dick.

>Donates some money
>Got someone to pay for whole program

These mental gymnastics continue to astound me

He convinced a celebrity to donate money to the government, something no sane human should do. I'd say thats pretty funny.

Americans so fat even their meals need wheels to drive up their mouths.

>something no sane human should do


flawless victory



We should invent a robotic arm device to shovel the food into fat American mouths so they don't expend any energy feeding themselves after their Meals on Wheels arrives. I suggest naming it Forks on Stalks.

Noted. This is why I'm not the president.

I say go ahead and extreme vett kaperick, his girl, and both sets of parents


He's actually tricked a nigger into providing the gibsmedat fo' dem programmes. Another fine example of 78D Cluedo from the Emprah.

>trump keeps proving to be a great president

a fine example of the 5 dimensional bingo master

on another note, how do you guys think Sup Forums would react if it came back true without a shadow of a doubt that him and putin struck a deal to rig the election? would you guys be pissed?

trump tricked the rich into paying their fair share, bernie would be proud

Depends on if they nuke Mecca or not fampai.


SOUNDS GR8 M8! I'd pay for a British lad to stuff my chew hole with delicious fried food and then top it off with kfc gravy before he comfortingly pats my man titties to burp me like a gigantic man baby


is this fake news?


He'll need those programs soon.

> if it came back true without a shadow of a doubt that him and putin struck a deal to rig the election?

The media already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not possible to rig the election, and that Trump would even suggest such a stupid thing just shows how hitler-y he is. Also, racism, abortions, and shoahs.

Only on Sup Forums will you find people who legitimately do not want to fund government programs that feed the elderly and veterans and then knock a guy who donates money to that program.

Spin it however you want, that's what's going on here.

Fuck you people are horrible.

not even mad I just got roasted that was funny

Don't forget we want to gas Jewish babies too.


Only on Sup Forums will you find ignorant and malicious paid shills who have no idea how Meals on Wheels actually gets its funding

Protip - it is community based. What ever federal funding it has is being used to line (((someones))) pocket

Why did this have to happen to Spike Spiegel?

On a related note, Community Development Block Grants are a huge nig scam. That's where all the black hucksters - who call themselves "community organizers" - get the money for dem programs. There's almost no accountability, and no substantial metric for success of these programs. It's basically the federally government throwing money into the ghetto and trusting it will be administered properly by unqualified, unintelligent, and unscrupulous black con men.



It wud be like a friend asking if i wanted to go smoke a blunt and im like hell yeah this will be nice but then he is like but my friend is picking us up and im okay with it because i trust him but at that point im thinking about a lot more questions than i had before but i wouldnt be against it

>Trump cuts their budget
uh, what?
Since when?
Isn't the presidential budget merely a suggestion?


you trump folk are miserable humans. like really shitty.

You understand that feel, mate