Today in learning. A Puerto Rican woman is white

Today in learning. A Puerto Rican woman is white.

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The ones that are of pure Spanish descent are.

Seriously, why are your schools so fucking degenerate? I live in a fucking lefty third world country and even here we dont have those levels of cancer in our universities. Wtf is wrong over there? Quick rundown would be appreciated


Puerto Rican isn't a race

This reminds me of the anthropology class I took last semester.

Dont question the status quo goyim!

Any funny stories?

JFK is the only white one.

seriously it's not a meme

jews control our fucking education system

None of the above.

For example, the whole transgender pronouns thing blows the mind of every person when i tell them about it, and portugal is generally speaking pretty fucking left wing

And yet in Biology class you will be taught about a species of squirrels, that were separated, at one point, by a body of water, and are now two distinct species. They want their cake, and they want to eat it too.

JFK is the only white one, even if the Irish are the mudbloods of whites.


Kennedy. Everyone else is somewhat arabic.

>Today in learning. A Puerto Rican woman is white.

LMFAO only one "white" person on that page, and even that "one" is debatable

but theyre somewhat white as well are they not?

white, white*, white, non-white.

was that so hard?

Towards the end of the semester I called out my professor on some bullshit in front of the whole class of 300 people. He was lecturing us on how "culture is the primary determining factor for one's gender identity". I reminded him about hormones, testosterone and estrogen and their effects on behavior and the obvious fact that we are a sexually dimorphic species

Got a bunch of useless shit like that in this class. Like "Race as a biological category does not exist" and that "Race is socially constructed based on the social realities, norms, and group experiences within society at a particular time."

This also due to the transatlantic economy in the 1400s apparently.

And not to forget, because a Native American tribe believes in 4 genders, then there simply CAN'T be such a thing as gender.

I seriously cannot imagine having to sit through this utter fucking bullshit

That shit is amazing to me.
Its probably the same shit over here and studying is free so I probably should check it out myself.

Going to a Liberal Arts school means you don't get any good stuff until later. All you get are stuff about the "Gender Myth" and days off because everyone was so emotionally destroyed by the fact Trump won.

divide and conquer shills be gone. do i have to post the screencap with all the italian innovations and the fact that they have the highest iq of europe on average?


If a high iq makes you white then asians are whiter than we are.

None of the above

Kennedy, because as William Zapruder proved, Irishmen are pink on the inside. Just like you and me.

Jeez stop baiting n discuss. Irish is white Italian honorary white but the Jew n the mudblood r not white. Agreed?

there is in fact a relatively clear definition of "white". saying otherwise just makes you look like a moron.

the difference is that theirs is earned by strict parenting and cheating. asians are like little robots; you point them and they go. without a strong hand to guide them, they do nothing but congregate in tribal communities and fight. whites have the spark of ingenuity and creativity in them. we create because we want to. nearly every race on earth has something good in common with whites, but none of them are well rounded or self determined. japs are exempt from the previously mentioned asians tho. im not even a weeb.

Irish are white
Jew is religion
Italians are white
Pueto Rican is nationality

The teacher needs to be corrected. What university is this? I'll set the record strait.

>divide and conquer shills be gone. do i have to post the screencap with all the italian innovations and the fact that they have the highest iq of europe on average?

LOL Itilans we waz Moors, and Sheet


Jews and like 90% women teachers that are happy to brainwash entire generations of kids from k-workplace

I'm in SoCal and was raised here and I've experienced most of the shit Sup Forums used to meme about. The schools are fucked, I'm 23 and putting off college as long as possible.

At least now with my 6 years of Sup Forums and 11 years of Sup Forums in general are about to pay off. These bitches don't know about my arguments.

I'm gonna try to do polsci and run to student government. I'm gonna be honest with you all, I think I'm the next Goebbels.


Literally. Jews.

trust me, afrocentricism is a meme borne out of low self esteem. we wops have contributed so much. i dont even give a care about being considered white anymore.

None are white.

JFK is Irish/Catholic
Einstein is a jew
Italians are Catholic/Arab mongrels

The Italian and the Puerto Rican are white.
The Jew is gray.
The Irishman is orange.

> jew is a religion

Good try sheckleburg.


this is accurate but i always wonder why submissive gays have beards like that. it just seems so counterintuitive

It started in higher academia as a fringe theory of law, then spiraled out of control into a social/racial perspective of society, which eventually trickled down into lower education.

Do note the name Noel (((Ignatiev))) in the first link, he was instrumental in spreading this idea using his Harvard connections.

not him but I had an archaeology class

he wanted us to watch some video about how some tribe kills moose

anyway I never watched it, but when he was describing it he was saying its kind of graphic because of how they eat the organs but then he said

"of course, we're all cultural relativists here, so no judgement"

I always wanted to think he was joking, but I honestly don't think he was

that said, that was the most sjw thing all year other than one paper we had to read

No one on that slide is white. Is that the joke?


Also thanks for allying with communism to fight for Jews and destroy my country when it was the only one in the world to stand up to international Jewry, (((USA)))

lol yeah I had an evolutionary biology class

we got to talking about how traits display themselves over populations, and of course they really quickly made the point about differences in human IQ and then attributed it to "environmental factors", by using some experiment where they grew plants at different elevations on a mountain as their (((evidence))) to that point

Not even joking, of course maybe that's always the point they like to make, only evobio class I took

not saying environmental factors aren't a contributing factor, just saying its a complete copout to say they are the sole reason of differences in IQ in humans


if youre gonna think that way, then i better start writing my reparation checks to former slave families.

>Puerto Rican isn't a race
Actually, Puerto Rican is a euphemism for race-mixed mulatto/mestizo hybrids descended from black African slaves and a particularly nasty version of Caribbean Amerindians.

Italian's are obviously not white, neither are Puerto rican niggers

Jews COULD be white but they themselves decided they aren't, although they love to flop around whenever it benefits them

jews and liberals deciding the public education

No such thing as Puerto Ricans of pure Spanish ancestry -- only mulattoes.

you can be the next Goebbels as long as you let me be the next Hitler.

no she's a mongrel

also there are No races

there are many different phenotypes and ethnicities with varying degrees of usefulness and capability in the modern world

potato nigger
semitic trash
spaghetti nigger
>Puerto Rican
mixed race abomination

Who would I consider white? Nobody. Why? Because they aren't Germanic/Anglo-Saxon.

>Italian's are obviously not white
>Jews COULD be white
just because your grammar is so horrendous, im going to hope you are a frognigger. ill give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are.
italians have the perfect blend of r1b and j2, blending the supremo indo-aryan genes along with ancient mesopotamian populations. italians also have the highest average iq of europe. by the way, i wouldnt play this game if i were you; if italians arent white then some of the greatest achievements of all time are to be accredited to nonwhites. really changes your narrative there, huh bud?

>Insulting best president

>Jew is religion
JEWS: reap all the benefits of white privilege while simultaneously maintaining the ability to play muh minority status card

>Jew is a religion

>divide and conquer shills be gone.

you hit the nail on the head.

>greatest achievements

JFK and Rudy "frisk a nigger" Guiliani are obviously the only two that are white.

thanks bud. usually there are more people calling the shills out for what they are. glad to see someone gets it.
no, limoncello.
in all seriousness, the greatest culinary achievement of italy is prosciutto.

Lel Puerto Rican's confirmed White devils BTFO


>Spanish descent

>Puerto Rican

I also always noticed, Puerto Ricans are the only Hispanic group that calls themselves Spanish. In New York I remember a PR telling me, how one side of the neighborhood is black and the other side (The PR side) was Spanish. A PR girl also told me why dont I date spanish girls when I am spanish myself (I am Mexican) because I had an asian gf at the time. Mexicans will die before calling themselves Spanish, Puerto Ricans on the other hand love calling themselves that. Their neighborhood in NY is called, Spanish Harlem, instead of Lilttle Puerto Rico or some shit like that .Wtf boricuas

As far as I know the only person in the US who was brought to court over whether they were white or not was a Finn in the 1870s or something. The idea that historically nativists ever widely considered Italians, Irish, Slavs, etc. as nonwhite is an absolute lie. Many didn't like them for various reasons but not because they weren't white.

You probably already have it, but take this on the genetic make up of italians vs the romans (who were also white). It's one of my favorites to dispute shills.

Jew is a social construction. They don't exist, thus, don't deserve to remove a native people (Palestinians) from their home.

aw shucks, thanks pal. i just reinstalled mint on my laptop and lost all of my good anti-shill material. youre a gentleman and a scholar.

What the others are saying is true...most degrees, even the BAs that are useful have been hacked. I went BS myself and there are definitely red pills there, but that is only when you get specialized. Still have to satisfy those humanity and global "science" course reqs!

>race is a social construct but white people are inherently racist

our lefties are USSR tier, not hippie bullshit tier...


>jews are white
>whites hate jews
no one is taking the bait right?

If this is the liberal narrative, instead of fighting it show much; use it against (((them))). We can destroy affirmative action and the EEOC by playing the game. Applying for college admissions, financial aid, governepment jobs, etc... just mark black as ethnicity. During the interview just say race is a social construct and you will sue them for discrimination if they don't give you the extras that are provided by identifying as black.

>white people don't exist, so therefore white genocide doesn't exist
Pretty smart, tbqh

Einstein is honorary white.
Everyone else is untermenscht

How would you tell which was which without the text on the screen? White is a pretty broad racial term, filled with different ethnic groups. Comparing irish and italian is like comparing a somali and a south african. Ie, they're both white and they're both niggers at first glance.

Middle left picture is your answer.

white = european

people who say otherwise are trying to divide and conquer

>Native American tribe believes in 4 genders
This is always the most racist fucking bullshit I hear from the supposed "tolerants" on the super-left.

The multiple spirit thing is a lot more fucking complicated than "genders" and as someone who visited relatives who live on a reservation, I can pretty bluntly tell you none of them actually believe in it, which is pretty fucking entertaining given the res I'm talking about is still super traditionalist (outside of the mouthwash drinking).

Jews, Soviet-sponsored leftist subversion, degenerate bourgeois intellectuals and their art, the Enlightenment, etc.

De acuerdo a Sup Forums estandares soy un jodio negro mulato.
t. Puertorrican

none of those people are white

Your teacher needs to take anthropology 101

Hispanics are white you fucktard
Beangoblins are not

You look like one of the few PuertoShitskins without Taino or afro admixture. Congrats, faggot.

Eres un negro hijo de puta das saco y recortate mamabicho

You're a piece of shit nigger you suck and get a haircut dick sucker

JFK is White
Einstein a Jew
Guiliani is a white washed deigo
Tacobender is Beaner

I had this argument with my mother ofcourse she argued the jew and the deigo were white, she is a dummy

but we are all equal and the same

>all men are created equal
it's been cancer from the start

Rudy and JFK. They're both of European ancestry which implies whiteness. Sotomayor is Hispanic or Asian or something and Jews are from the Middle East

Brownskinned/tanned Hispanics are white?? ayeeeeee!
>get some eye surgery, you're colour blind...

You arent even white anglonigger